Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday we had a great day! We went to visit Uncle David at the mall; he works at the Apple store. Emersyn wanted to show him her cowgirl costume. We met David on his lunch hour and Ems at her peanut butter sandwich with him. What a big girl!

Uncle treated Emersyn to her first time riding one of these rides at the food court. I love how they are both making the same face in this picture! :)

Then, off to Pottery Barn Kids to play!

After we said "see ya later" to Uncle, we headed to our church's Harvest Party! Brett and I volunteered to help since Emersyn is still a little too young to really enjoy these kind of activities. It was a carnival like atmosphere with different games and a bouncy house. Very fun to see all the kiddos in their costumes!

This handsome Dallas Cowboy is Miss Sheri's precious son, Christopher!

Him and Emersyn are best buds. Whenever Emersyn sees him, she goes and gives him a hug, it is too sweet!

Second Halloween as a family of three. Thank you Lord for my family!! Side note: I am lovin' my handsome husbands new glasses!!!

My big girl, just walking her little heart out.

Emersyn, taking part in some of the activities and games. :)

Daddy's little cowgirl.

I already know what she is going to be for next Halloween....can't wait!! I love the challenge of making her costume, not buying one that she won't ever wear again. Fun fun.

Happy November!!


New England Girl said...

Lovely photos! :) I'm glad you guys had a wonderful and memorable Halloween weekend. :)

sister sheri said...

What a fun evening! BTW Christopher was so excited to get his thank you note from Ems today. They sure are cute together!

Matt and Brianne said...

oh she is just too cute for WORDS!

Jessica Turner said...

she looked so cute!

Jessica Turner said...

what a sweetie. so cute

Cherish This Life! said...

She is an adorable cowgirl!!!!

Carley said...

You look great Patti! Little Miss Emersyn makes the cutest cowgirl!