Monday, March 30, 2009

Grammy & Grandpa are here!!!!!

Hooray! On Wednesday, my mom and dad flew in from Minnesota for a visit! Emersyn absolutely remembers them and that really warms my heart. We talk frequently on the webcam so Emersyn knows their voices and even their faces too. My dad got here first on Wednesday and Brett's mom dropped Emersyn off at home right when I got back from work. She gave Emersyn to my dad and immediately Emersyn snuggled up and smiled. I am pretty sure my dad's heart melted into a pile of goo. :) Later that evening we picked up my mom from the airport and Emersyn was equally excited to see her as well!

It is so fun having my family stay in town. Luckily, we are blessed to have a three bedroom home so my mom and dad can stay with us. I love waking up in the mornings and have my dad be the first person to greet me, drinking coffee and reading the paper. As much as my heart aches for them to live near us, I am so blessed that they at least have the means to travel often to see us.

Wednesday night we watched Idol as a family. We usually are pretty unified in our likes and dislikes when it comes to this show but not this season! They are Scott fans, we are not. We like Matt Girard, the piano guy, they do not. Clearly we are right, they are wrong. :)

Every week during American Idol, we love to dance with Emers. She usually dances to fast songs with Mommy and to slow songs with Daddy and sometimes Mommy too. She loves music and dancing, it is too darn cute. Here she is with Daddy…

After Idol, Emers got to open a present from Grammy & Grandpa…

There were jammies inside, yay!!! Emersyn was happy just to get the bag though, it was so bright and sparkly too.
Hanging out with Uncle David and digging this empty red cup......

Emersyn pretending to be a big girl, drinking on her own. :)

Saturday we went to the beach for the day. The weather couldn’t have been worse but we braved the elements and had a really fun day!!

Daddy wore Emersyn in her Baby Bjorn carrier for the first time at the Tillamook Cheese factory, he loved it and so did she!!!!!

Here is Daddy trying to talk Emersyn into sharing his love of pepperjack cheese since Mommy doesn’t like it.

Family pic in front of the famous cows.
Grammy and Grandpa in front of cows with Ems.
Say CHEESE!! (Literally)

Uncle David and his girlfriend, Jenny.

Smiley girl. Grammy picked out her bib for the day, can you tell? :)

After Tillamook we went down to Lincoln City to the outlets where Emersyn got blessed (not spoiled!) by her Grammy and Grandpa!! After the outlets we headed to a family favorite for dinner…..MO’S!!!!!!!!!

Eating baby food at Mo’s while we chowed down on clam strips (don’t judge me) and
clam chowder…..delish.
We headed back to Portland at about 8pm and got home at 10ish. Emersyn slept the whole. ride. home. not. good. Needless to say, Saturday night was awful, if not the worse night we have ever had with Miss E. She didn’t want to go to sleep, was unusually extra hungry, etc. We didn’t get to bed until close to 2am and then missed our Sunday School class on parenting at church, which I hate doing. I couldn’t drag Emersyn out of bed that early though. We went to the later service instead and Emersyn had fun singing and clapping with Grandpa during the worship. Grammy had fun showing her off to her friends as well. I am really praying that my parents find a good church to plug into in Minnesota. Belonging to a body of believers is so important. My parents are such great people too, they have a lot to offer a church.

Looking forward to a fun filled week! I wasn’t able to take time off for their visit, I need to save up my vacation for Hawaii in September (!!!!!!!!) and Minnesota at Christmas (!!!!!!!). It is kind of a mixed blessing though because it gives my parents a chance to spend some alone time with Emersyn and bond with her.

Tomorrow we are getting Emersyn’s pictures taken in her Easter dress, I can’t wait! I am also crossing my fingers for nice(r) weather, I wanted to head down to the Tulip festival with my parents for some fun picture opportunities. We’ll see.

Happy Monday!

P.S. Keep praying for this sweet baby. Lord, heal his heart!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shout Out

A couple weeks ago I ordered this onesie from etsy. The profits are being donated towards a playground in this little munchkin's memory. The onesie is so stinkin' cute, I wanted to show you all. I love anything monogrammed or personalized for Emersyn, although she doesn't have very much like that yet. I am wanting to get my craft on and learn to make her things. We'll see.

The Etsy seller, noodlesandmilk also has a little girl named Emerson! Too fun! If you seek any darling handmade goods, check her out!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miracle in Progress

Prayers for Stellan
God is working on this little guy's behalf today. He has a heart condition that I posted about a couple days ago and he has been very touch and go. I am absolutely inspired by this woman/mom's faith and trust in the Lord. I can't even imagine how she is feeling. Every day I hug and snuggle my beautiful and healthy baby girl and just thank the Lord for her. If you need some inspiration, click on the link above. Oh, and keep praying for this little one. If you scroll down on her blog, there is an interesting post on prayer that I found to be inspiring as well.

7 Month Stats

Took this with my phone the other night, her shirt got stuck on her head. So cute.
Emersyn had her 6 month dr. appt yesterday. She is 28 inches long, if you can believe it, 96th percentile. She is just shy of 17lbs, which puts her in the 50th percentile where she has been for awhile now. Her little noggin is not so little apparently! Her head is in the 95th percentile which now confirms for sure that she is a Jensen, they have big heads. :) I love her big little head though, I don't think she looks disproportionate or anything. Poor Emers had to get her immunization shots and also a flu shot. She cried but stopped immediately afterwards when I picked her up which made me feel good. I love being able to comfort her.
Grammy and Grandpa arrive today, I can't wait to see them!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Update: New Friends, New Food!

Emersyn and I had a very fun filled weekend! On Friday I decided to officially hire Emersyn as my assistant and we ran errands to get my listing ready in Hillsboro. She helped me take pictures, went to Lowes to get a lock to attach the lockbox to the front porch, and we went to Sonic for happy hour although I guess that is not technically work related.

Three bedroom townhouse listing in Hillsboro, OR. Listed for $219,000.

Friday afternoon I went over to my friend Amber’s mom’s house which is actually across the street from my parents old house! Amber, her husband and their 4 month old baby were in town from Australia and we got a change to meet each other’s baby’s. It was fun chatting with Amber and getting caught up on the last 5 years or so. Amber and I met in Jr High, weren’t huge fans of each other initially, but then got to be great friends later in high school. She was often my partner in crime later in high school when sometimes the idea of going to lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory sounded far more appealing then going back to class, hee hee. Yes, I skipped school in high school, don’t judge me.

Emersyn meeting Indi.

Emersyn has no concept of personal space.

Poor Indi's!!

Friday night we had a fun evening at home. Emersyn likes to watch me while I am in the kitchen, it is really cute. She likes to peek over the couch and see what I am doing. I thought I would take a picture of her peeking at me with her daddy.

Saturday we had lunch over at my friend Amancia’s and Emersyn got to play with Sanjana…here are the girls the first time they met, Emersyn was about a week and half old and Sanji was 4 ½ months old.

They have both changed quite a bit!
It so fun now that Emersyn is sitting up, she can play so much more now. Speaking of sitting up, I sat Emersyn up in the tub for the first time this weekend. She thought she was pretty sassy. It is so nice to wash her hair and back this way.

Sunday we missed church in the morning because Emersyn had a tough time falling asleep due to a tooth she is cutting. She didn’t finally fall asleep until close to midnight which is very unusual for her and I knew that if we woke her up to leave at 7:30, she would have been miserable. I generally don’t plan my life around a schedule for her, she is very flexible and adaptable. However, Sundays are usually tough on her because they start so early for her so I decided to let her sleep in. She needed it too, she slept until 9am and then went back down after eating until almost noon.

Here are some more fun pics from our week/weekend, including Emersyn’s first experience with jello at “Sweet Tomatoes”.

"Ooh this looks interesting!!"

" is tricky to pick up, perhaps I will try sucking it off the plate...hmm...the plate is not jello flavored, how misleading..."

"Thanks Mama"

"I can take it from here...."

Blue jello induced sugar coma. I love it!

I love these, Emersyn got another wearing out of her St. Patrick's Day headband!

Jump jump jumping!

Molly sulking by her vent as we proceed to take 1000 pictures of her "little sister". She goes to the vent when she is stressed out, no joke. I think the flash irritates her, hee hee.

Thank you Lord for my happy little bugaboo. I am so blessed.
Grammy and Grandpa are coming THIS WEEK on Wednesday, we can't wait!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pray for Jonah

I have been following the blog of a sweet little boy named Jonah. He was born this last February with an extremely rare genetic skin disorder that causes him to have to live in the NICU for now, completely bandaged and unable to wear clothes, diapers, etc. My heart just breaks for this little sweetheart, and for some reason I just fell in love when I saw him. Having a healthy baby is a miracle and a blessing, the least I can do is pass their names along and ask for you to pray for him if you think about it. God is big and so capable of miracles.

I can't wait to post a blog someday about how God healed this little baby!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

First of all, thank you to those who already commented on my blog below about losing our kitty. It is nice to hear people who understand and don't think it is silly to blog about a cat. :)

Despite the sadness that this day held, we were determined to still celebrate Emersyn's first St. Patrick's Day in style! I had bought her a little outfit from the Carter's outlet last year when I knew I was pregnant but didn't know what I was having so it was gender neutral and only $2. Score. I found a darling headband at Target for a dollar, thus completing Emersyn's $3 festive outfit! We aren't needing to put bibs on her as much these days, her constant spitting up has ceased for now, whoo hoo!

We went over to our good friends, Caleb and Jonette's for dinner. It was a good distraction and we had a great time eating dinner and watching Biggest Loser! Their little girl, Estella, is 8 weeks younger then Emersyn. We were able to capture some cute moments with the girls....

I love how snooty the girls look in this picture, as if they are annoyed by all the pictures!

Emersyn was digging Stella's toys....I need to find a book like this, Emersyn really loved it and it was a great teething toy.
And one other cute pic...the other day I went into Emersyn's room about 10 minutes after she had fallen asleep for a nap and this is how I found her.....

Now don't panic! This is an afghan which has numerous holes in it so she won't suffocate. At first when I saw her, my heart stopped but then I saw her chest rising and was relieved. It was really cute though and I had to get a picture to show her daddy. It seemed so intentional though, I mean, she knows how to kick the blanket off, move it, etc. I think she just wanted to shut the world out and take a snooze. Don't we all have days like this? :) I of course fixed the blanket and she proceeded to nap.
I love her. :)

Jack Jensen - Beloved Kitty- 3/04-3/09

Yesterday we came downstairs and our sweet kitty Jack was laying on her side and meowing. Upon inspecting her, we realized that she couldn't move her back legs and they were cold, as though they had lost circulation. I did some research on the internet and it seemed like she could have a blood clot. I called the vet and we took her in. They diagnosed her with a heart disease and a blood clot with no hope for treatment. We could elect to treat her, which would cost thousands of dollars, but there would be no guarantees and since she had a heart condition, eventually it would take her life. I really like our vet and asked him what he would do if this was his kitty and he said that he would put her down.
We have never encoutered this sort of situation before, thankfully. I was just devastated, it is such a sad decision to have to make. We did an x-ray that confirmed the diagnosis and that really reinforced the fact that our sweet kitty was suffering and we needed to put her to sleep.

We said our goodbyes to Jack and it was just too sad of an afternoon. :(

We got Jack and her sister Bailee right before our first anniversary. We have a dog, Molly Brown, and at the time we were living in an apartment that wouldn't accept Molly. We had to let Molly go live with Brett's parents, who were only 20 minutes away, yet I cried the entire weekend before we had to send Molly to "foster care". I was very attached to Molly and at the time was in real estate school and so I was home all day and she was my little buddy. Since I was so bummed about Molly, Brett decided to get me a kitten. I really wanted an orange one for some reason, I just like them. Brett's dad is a Fed Ex driver and he was out in Gales Creek, a teeny little town outside of Forest Grove. He said that a country store out there had two kittens that they were giving away and one was orange. We drove out there and looked at the kittys. One was all orange, and one was white with orange spots. I was mainly wanting the orange kitty, but the white and orange one had such a sweet personality. I couldn't decide so I decided not to and we took them both! We named the orange kitty Bailee and the white one Jack, our first boy animals! Or so we thought...a couple years later, they went into heat and we soon found out that they were indeed girls. I couldn't change their names though. We had so much fun with our kittens, though they proved to be more work then we thought with the joys of litter boxes and such. They were our first pets together as a couple since Brett got our dog when he was in high school.

Shortly after we got the kitties at about 6 weeks old.

Poor Bailee is going to miss her companion. We have been giving her lots of love.