Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tulip Festival

Last Friday we headed down to Woodburn for the annual Tulip Festival. We've been going to this festival since the first year we were married. I took my business card pictures here in 2004. :) Every year these sorts of festivals only get more and more fun with a little lady to share it with! :) Here are some picture highlights.....

Totally not happy about this picture opportunity.

Bribing her with my lip gloss: success!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This is how we found Emersyn last night sleeping....

I love how this girl loves her baby dolls!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

What a crazy weekend we had! It started not too pleasantly with Emersyn's stomach bug on Friday night but by mid afternoon Saturday she was feeling much better. My day of productivity that I had planned for weeks was not a success though, except for Brett. He completely cleaned out and reorganized our garage which looks amazing now. He also did some work in our backyard. I had planned on deep cleaning the house in preparation for Easter and my parents visit. This didn't happen as planned until later so I ended up staying up until 1am.

Easter morning we woke up and Ems went downstairs to find her Easter basket which I always put by the front door. We didn't get any pictures but it was really cute. There wasn't much in it, this year I just didn't go too crazy, but I put some stickers, flash cards, pots & pans, and her little Bible that we had already given her a couple weeks ago but was intended to go in her Easter basket. It was so funny when she found the Bible in the basket. She pulled it out, looked at it, and goes..."uh...whoopsie!!". Either she figured out that the Easter bunny regifted the Bible that she already had or she thought it was accidentally in there. Maybe you had to be there but it was a really cute moment.

We had a fun leisurely morning since our church service didn't start until 11am. I couldn't stop thinking about how next Easter we would have TWO kiddo's to take pics of and get ready. And when Emersyn threw a fit over getting her hair done, I was so thankful that this baby is a boy. Only one little girl to get ready on Sunday mornings sounds pretty good to me. :)

While I finished getting ready, Brett took some pictures of Ems in her Easter attire.

Emersyn never likes new shoes...they always freak her out when she walks in them but she gets over it.....eventually. She would wear Crocs every day if I let her. And I do most of the time. :)

Apparently Emersyn thinks taking pictures is boring. :)

Looking for the Easter bunny.

Trying to negotiate wearing these shoes instead of her new Saltwater sandals.

I wanted to get a little crafty for Easter and make the table look festive. This proved to be a challenge given the fact I only had a couple days notice. I had made those flower puffs for Brett's grandma's birthday a couple weekends ago, and decided to make the napkin ring version for Easter using leftover tissue.

Do you want to know why I have an amazing husband? Because after working his buns off ALL day on Saturday, he let me work on these for over an hour while he cleaned up the downstairs. He totally could have been frustrated that he was having to do all this cleaning while I was sitting and doing something that wasn't exactly necessary but he knows that a pretty table makes me happy so he enabled me to make it that way. I like him. A lot.

We had a great Easter dinner with ten adults and two kids.

After dinner Uncle Brock did an Easter Egg hunt for the girls. Ems LOVED it!

Emersyn opened one of her eggs and a bunch of jelly beans fell out. "VITAMINS" she yelled with the utmost joy. Ha ha. She loves her gummy bear vitamins and must have thought the Easter Bunny hooked her up. :)

We had a lovely Easter holiday and I was thankful to have it in my home. Emersyn also was feeling 100% better which made my heart happy.

Yesterday morning I woke up and didn't feel very well. I had that pit in my stomach that says that all is not right with the digestive system, if you get what I mean. I threw up and was pretty confident that I had caught whatever Emersyn had. I was so thankful that I wasn't sick on Easter though. I threw up probably once and hour and just felt horrible. I looked online about being pregnant with the stomach flu and there were many cautions of dehydration and how dangerous it is for the baby. At about 2pm I told Brett that I thought I was getting dehydrated because I couldn't keep anything down and wasn't retaining any liquids. He took me to an urgent care where I waited 30 min. just to find out that they couldn't treat me there because they don't have IV's... FAIL. Then we went to an ER where they escorted me up to Labor and Delivery (which FREAKED me out initially) and I was put into a triage room to be treated. The dr. that saw me was a young guy, and the resident on call. He examined me and said that judging by the moist surface of my eyes that I was well hydrated. I was totally feeling silly for coming in at that point. Then the nurse came and took a urine sample and then came back with an IV of fluids and said that according to the sample, I was off the charts dehydrated and it was a good thing that I came in. I was glad to hear that in a way, rather then having wasted an entire day seeking treatment for a condition that didn't exist. Because I was so dehydrated, the nurse couldn't find a vein to stick my IV into so she called in an anesthesiologist. It took them SEVEN pokes to get a vein that would work. I originally thought it was six but then I was counting holes this morning and there are seven. My arms look really pretty today, needless to say. They even tried the tops of both of my hands too. I wasn't frustrated though, I believe they knew what they were doing and they were SO apologetic but it was really painful.

I got two bags of fluid, some anti-nausea medication and then got sent home at about 7pm. My MIL came and picked up Emersyn from the hospital and took her home for the night which was a blessing. She's still over there playing while I get some rest and try to get ready for my parents visit on Friday! I feel really good today though thankfully but am trying not to overdo it as I have a tendency to do when I feel better right away. I missed Bible Study this morning which I hate doing but I made myself stay in bed until 9:30. I woke up pretty alert at 7:30 like normal but knew I needed the extra rest. I remember the days of sleeping in until 11 and not batting an eye. That is not the case anymore.

Everett is kicking up a storm. I told Brett that he is my little Riverdancer, or at least that's what his movements feel like. It's reassuring to feel him in there and I just know he is the sweetest little boy already.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bug :(

Well, my little bug has a little bug! Yesterday we had a fabulous time at the Tulip Festival in the afternoon and then Ems threw up in the car on the way home. I thought at first it might just have been something she ate but then she threw up three more times in the car and then once this morning. She always feels better once she's thrown up but then eventually feels crummy again. My poor girl. I'm praying it's a 24 hour thing. If we have to stay home from church tomorrow, that wouldn't be the end of the world but I just hope she's feeling better by then. I had thought about taking her to an egg hunt this morning but it's clear to me that the best thing for Emersyn is a day of rest.

Today Brett and I had planned a major work day around the house and Ems was going to go out to breakfast with her Nana and Papa and cousin. Obviously that plan got cancelled. Now Ems and I are on the couch, watching "Monsters, Inc" and Daddy is working in the garage. Emersyn and I did spend a little time outside earlier and it felt SO good. It's the warmest day of the year so far and the high is supposed to be 68!

Say a prayer with me that Ems feels better as the day goes on!! Thanks and Happy Easter weekend!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Faith Building Friday - Stagnant

This week in Bible Study I came across a question that stumped me. And funny enough, it reminded me of the last "Fill in the Blank Friday" that I filled out, where I was asked what my *claim to fame* is.

Our study has been talking about ownership versus management and God is essentially our *owner* and we are the managers of the giftings that God has given us. The first question asked me to explain the difference between an owner versus a manager. Easy. The second question said "what type of giftings has God given you?".

I was stumped.

**Disclaimer....this is SO not a fishing for compliments blog post.**

See, I kind of have this fear that since entering the ranks of motherhood, I have become *stagnant* in the development of who I am as a woman, not a wife or mother. I'm not positive that this is the case, it's just something I can kind of sense happening and I'm trying to be proactive about it.

I've written plenty of blog posts about balance and we all know as women in today's society, it's easy to over do it. But I often wonder if I under do it in a sense.

Example: there is a new mom at our bible study table who is struggling with the balance of motherhood and ministry, on top of other transitions that have taken place in her life over the past year. One one hand, a friend of mine (who is a high high *doer* temperament) encouraged her that motherhood is a time to stretch, be challenged, figure out the balance and go for it. Then on the other hand, there is me who feels that motherhood is sometimes a time to *be* and sometimes that means saying no to things for the sake of our children and the place where God has us. The time when our children are little and not in school is SO precious and such a sliver of time in our life story.

I don't think that she is wrong and I am right, nor that she is right and I am wrong. But I think there has to be a middle ground and that's what I'm pondering these days.

Many of my friends expressed concern over losing their identity as a woman when they had their first child. I never felt that concern...I was happy to lose myself in being Emersyn's mother. But now as she has gotten older, I am realizing that the love I have for her, if not guided properly, could turn me into a smothering, overbearing mother who's life revolves around her children and once they are grown and gone, I will be left with nothing. That's not fair to my kids, my husband or myself.

As I came to the question, "what type of giftings has God given you", I was saddened that I couldn't come up with anything quickly. The girls at my table were so sweet as I totally got emotional and expressed my feelings and I do know that I have giftings, I'm just not sure what exactly they are and how I can fine tune them and truly manage them for God's glory and for the benefit of my family.

I had a meeting with my mentor the day after bible study and it was great timing. The gals at my table encouraged me to talk with her about this concern and I'm so glad I did. We wrote out some goals and areas that I can maybe expand on. Anita printed out a list of the gifts that the holy spirit gives us and one of them for example is the gift of encouragement. I feel that I am a positive person and good at encouraging others. However, when my friends become overwhelmed with life, I just don't know what to do or say. I can channel this gifting that God has given me into praying for the right words to say and actions to take. I think that when I get so caught up on ME and MY talents, that's where the failure occurs. I need to be seeking God's will for my abilities, continually asking Him for guidance and listening when He speaks.

I want my children to look back on their childhood and be able to say great things about ME, not just as their mother but as a woman. I want to be an incredible example to Emersyn and Everett of what a Godly wife and mother looks like. Proverbs 31 is something I want to study more, such a great outline for the noble woman. I know that by being involved in ministry and blessing others, I will reap what I sow. I want to be committed to using the talents God has given me both inside and outside of my home.

I am grateful for a God that cares enough about me to continually remind me that I can't do it without Him. Motherhood is an incredible expedition...I just need to remember who holds the map and not try to find my way on my own because my instincts STINK sometimes! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I don't have much to blog today. I'm kind of in a funk this evening. I miss Brett, he was gone Monday night, he's gone tonight, and the two nights he has been home he's either been watching a Blazer game or working. :( It's all good, that rarely happens and I'm thankful that Brett has a job that allows me to stay home but at the end of the day, I miss my hubby. Tonight he is over at my brother's house watching a playoff game and I'm happy they get to hang out together. I would have gone but the game will go until 10 and Ems just can't be out that late, it's not fair to her, especially since she's been waking up at the CRACK of dawn lately. By crack of dawn I mean 7am, I know that isn't early for some of you but she normally sleeps 'til between 7:45 and 8:30 so that's a big change for me, especially when I stay up too late the night before. :)

Let's not focus on the funk though, let's focus on something positive!

*Tomorrow I get my hair cut and colored while Ems goes over to a friends house!
*I get to host Easter dinner this year. I just found out about it today due to last minute circumstances. My in-laws are not planners. This is really hard for me, as if it were my choice we would have all of our holiday's planned a year out. :) It's okay though, we are all different and that doesn't make anyone right or wrong. I'm hoping I have enough time to throw together a pretty table. We'll see. I may be making more tissue pom poms since they're so cheap and easy. :)
*Whenever Emersyn puts her baby's to bed in their playpen, she always prays with them three times, just like we do with her when we put her to bed. It's absolutely precious I would love to figure out a way to video her doing it without her noticing. She whispers the sweetest prayers too..."thank you Jesus for our friends, for all the blessings in our lives, etc.". It's crazy how much she mimicks us and it's such a huge responsibility as a parent to remember that those sweet little ears are recording what they hear.

Okay, it's gonna be a great weekend! Happy Thursday night!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

How often do you do laundry?
Well, if I were abiding by my April goals it would be daily or as needed but alas, I am not succeeding with this goal. It's about once every three or four days which wouldn't be a big deal if I could just get caught up! :)

What is your favorite type of cookie?
Sugar cookies and/or snickerdoodles

What would you do with an extra $2000 a month?
Well, first I would put this towards our credit card (which isn't much) and car debt. Once that was paid off, I would save it like crazy until I could do something like pay off our house or buy a new one!

What is/was your favorite subject in school?
I liked English and Creative Writing and Band. I was a Band geek. :)

Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?
NO and I have NO desire to!!!!!

What was your high school mascot?
We were the wildcats.

If you had the chance to go into space, would you?
No, for the same reason that I said no to number five. Fear of heights!! (And death for that matter!!!)

How often do you go dancing?
Just at weddings.

Would you rather fly or drive?
Depends on where we're going! I don't *love* flying but it's obviously the quickest way to get to most places.

Have you ever been caught re-gifting?
Nope but I've totally done it! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Traditions

I'm not really sure why but I am obsessed a big fan of annual traditions, especially now that we have a daughter of our own. I always loved doing things with just Brett and I before we became parents but now that we have a little one to make memories for and with, it's just even more fun!!!

Al's Garden Center in Sherwood does this "plant your own" hanging basket event annually. Brett and I did one the year that I was pregnant with Emersyn and thought it would be a great family tradition and such a great spring thing to do. The hanging baskets are really affordable too because you plant your own, you don't buy them already bloomed and full. That's fine by me. :)

I remember the first year that this event came around when Emersyn was about 7 months old. I was kind of sulking that weekend because Brett had to work both Saturday and Sunday which meant that we weren't going to be able to make a basket and I was really sad about it. Then, on Sunday afternoon I looked at my precious baby and decided to just take the plunge and head out to Al's, just the two of us. It was such a memorable day for me because I remember making the decision not to wait around to make memories until all the conditions were perfect, like Brett not working on the weekends, etc. It was a big day for me emotionally.

This year (and last actually), my dreams had come true and Brett went with us! :) Ems was excited to roll up her sleeves and avoid getting dirty!

I love the look on her face....she's thinking "let's do this!".

Picking out plants. Note how gingerly she is holding it, totally avoiding touching any dirt.

This was another one of those "aha" parenting moments. Ems took FOREVER to fill up this pot with dirt. But she did it and I totally resisted the urge to get in there and help her. Sometimes you have to just stop and let your kids do things at their own sweet little pace. Why rush through these fun memory making events? Emersyn was SO proud of herself too and it was so fun to see her scooping the dirt.

Here's Ems with her basket this year and last. I can't believe this is the same child in only a year's difference! I can't bear to think of how grown up Ems will look this time next year and she'll have a little 7 month old baby brother to help as well!

After we made our hanging basket, we headed to a really neat park that isn't too far from the nursery. We went there last year around sunset to take some pictures and figured we'd carry on that tradition as well. :)

I'm so thankful for a husband and a little girl to make memories with and can't wait to see her with her little brother in these pictures next year.

Do you have any fun Spring traditions as a family? :)