Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Trip and Trusting

For the past month I have had something looming over my head. Back in November we bought airfare to go see my extended family in Sacramento. We got a killer deal on Cyber Monday and even though Brett hadn't officially requested the time off, we knew that it wouldn't be a problem. We bought tickets for the first of March. Last year we went to Hawaii during the same week so again, it didn't seem like getting the time off would be a problem. Also, Brett's manager had never denied a vacation request....why should she?

Well, when Brett went to officially ask for the time off after the first of the year his manager said no. I could go into a lot more ugly details but basically she had decided to deny his request for vacation for no good reason. (I'm hesitant to share more in case somehow she finds my blog!!) Brett was extremely upset and then through a series of other conflicts at work, he found himself feeling discouraged and defeated. Ever been there?

Brett called me back in early January to tell me that he wasn't going to be able to go on this vacation and I was sick to my stomach. This vacation was very important to me because this side of my family hasn't met Everett yet and my grandpa is having kidney problems and you just never know how long our loved ones have left on this earth. I didn't want to go by myself at all. Traveling alone with kids is stressful. I told Brett that he should just let his manager cool off, keep doing a good job and honoring God at work, and then he could ask her to reconsider. We decided that he would ask her to reconsider in February.

If you know me, you know I am a planner. I was day dreaming about my kids first birthday parties long before they were ever even in my womb. In my perfect world, all holidays would already be planned out as to where they will be spent and with whom, what is going to be served, what special touches to celebrate the holidays will be done, etc. My calender on my iPhone is my trusty side kick and it failed me once, causing me to fah-reak out. The thought of not knowing whether or not my Sacramento trip was going to happen for a MONTH was enough to drive me crazy with worry and anxiety. It seems silly I know, but it meant a lot to me. Our airfare was non-refundable and to change the ticket would cost more then the ticket itself did.

During this season of not knowing (and other stresses that related to Brett's job), Brett and I have been really pressing into the Lord. And not because we wanted this trip to happen so bad, but because this whole situation was obviously the Lord's way of trying to get my attention and Brett's too. I have learned during this season that my husband needs my encouragement, needs me to spur him on to walk closer with the Lord, and needs me to be strong for him when he is feeling weak and defeated. I've been doing the 30 Day Shred again and one of the things that Jillian Michaels said really struck me. She said that in order for change to occur, you have to inflict stress on your body which is why the Shred is so stinkin' hard. But I got to thinking about our lives lately and realized that this stress is the Lord's way of stirring up some change in our lives and I'm grateful for that. We've gone through far more stressful times in life and I'm always grateful for the lessons that have come out of them. I know that I am truly a better person for the truths that I have learned as a result of trials.

I have a prayer journal that I have been writing in for the past couple of years. I go through phases of being more consistent then others. As I've been writing in it again for this past month I realize that it is more of a crisis journal. I have tended to only write in it when I'm stressed or praying for something. The pages of this journal read, "Lord, please give Brett that promotion"..."Lord, please allow me to stay home with my kids"...."Lord, restore my friends marriage"..."Lord, heal my friends mom with cancer".."Lord please don't let me be pregnant when I just had a baby two months ago" (ha ha).....and while those prayers aren't bad by any means, there needs to be more written in there then just specific requests....there should be praises, thought of gratitude and thankfulness.

Out of my desperation for this trip to happen (I feel like I'm sounding crazier and crazier but this trip just meant a lot to me and I wanted Brett to have the time off), I found myself taking time of out my mornings to write in my journal and have truly enjoyed the refreshment that is found in God's presence. I've been so challenged by this stress in my life to seek God more on my behalf and on the behalf of friends who are going through challenges.

After a short time, I was able to have a peace about this whole thing and even kind of mentally gave up hope regarding Brett's manager reconsidering. I had decided that I would just take Everett and we would just forsake the other two airline tickets. I contemplated taking Emersyn too but decided it would be just too much. She's in this delightfully whinychallenging age and I just didn't think I had the energy to deal with the two kids on my own. Then Emersyn got a sweet Valentine's Day card from my Grandma that said "we're looking forward to lots of hugs and kisses in March" and I had this pit in my stomach and felt TERRIBLE. I started to get all worked up again but instead, channeled those fears into prayers. I also found myself on my best behavior. You know, like when you were a kid and really wanted to go to your friends house so you made sure your room was clean and took the extra time to do an additional chore or two so that your mom would say yes? I feel like I have subconsciously been doing that, making more dinners at home, not going to Starbucks as much *sniff sniff*, working out, etc.

I had to come to the realization though that despite my best intentions for this trip, sometimes God says no. I have a friend whose husband left her and her two small children and she and hundreds of people including myself were in prayer to God for weeks and months about his heart changing but now the divorce proceedings are underway. Surely if my friend can stand tall despite the verdict in this situation, so can I if I can't do something as insignificant as take a trip with my husband.

The end of the story is that Brett does get to go to California. His manager reconsidered and now we can breathe easier. The weather is supposed to be nice and I cannot wait to introduce Everett to our extended family who already love him so much. I cannot wait to see Emersyn run around the paradise that is my grandparents back yard, that is a dream come true for me. I have such fond memories of exploring my grandparents backyard and playing at their house. It is going to be a great family trip.

Still though, I'm grateful for the growth that occurred in this past month and believe that God is calling us to a new season of trusting Him in our lives.

"But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me." 2 Cor. 12:9

Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentines Day

This post is a little after the fact but I wanted to document it anyways! :)

For Valentines Day this year I was sick, boo. I was sick last year too (and pregnant). I had planned a Valentine's Playdate lunch after preschool and had to cancel because I was sick and Everett was under the weather as well. Bummer. Still though I wanted to make the day special for my family. I made Ems a heart shaped sandwich for lunch and bought her strawberries as a special treat. I also decided to start a new tradition of getting her a personalized cookie from Beaverton Bakery. I got the idea from my friend Dara; I've seen her do it year after year and loved it!

We also decided to get crafty with something I saw on Pinterest and give it to Daddy for his present. Him and I normally don't do VDay presents, probably because it's so close to my bday which is a total drag....my anniversary is near Mother's Day too...I try to insist that these holidays be celebrated entirely on their own but it usually doesn't work out that way. ;) Anyways though, gifts aren't a huge love language of ours but celebrating in a fun way is!

On the top are Emersyn's foot and hand prints and then Everett's footprints. This will be a cute VDay decoration for years to come.

Emersyn got a cute card from her Grandma Inglis!

Everett got a fun turtle toy from Mimi and Grandpa!

Personalized cookie from Beaverton Bakery.

Cute shirt from MiMi.

We had a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphys and then had red velvet cupcakes and sang "Happy Valentines Day". Ems got to blow a candle out, which is essential for any and all holidays around our house.

In the past I've always assumed that Valentines Day is all about love and ooh la la romance but this year we really enjoyed celebrating with our kids. We got to go on a date the weekend before and that was a fun way to celebrate our own love but on the actual day it was fun to beat the crowds and stay home to enjoy our family.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

6 months

Everett David, you are 6 months old!! Despite my daily pleas to quick growing up so quickly you continue to grow grow grow. I am so thankful for your joyful demeanor. The Lord truly blessed my soul when He gave you to me. You are the light of my life and I love you in a way I didn't know was possible!

Here are your stats:
*You're holding steady at about 16.5 pounds. You had a stomach bug this past week that caused you to lose a little weight (lucky, ha!). When I took you into the dr. your weight seemed to have stayed the same since I took you in for your 4 month appointment (which was when you were about 5 months).
*You wear a 6-9 months size in clothes and a size three diaper.
*No teeth yet, though you are teething like crazy!!
*You enjoy rice cereal and we'll be introducing some solids this week.

Here is a picture of you and your big sister at the same age, do you think you look alike?

I don't really see it as much as I did when you were younger. You guys definitely have the same nose and mouth but very different eyes. One thing is for sure, you're both so darn cute!!

This past month of your life has been an exciting one! You experienced your first Superbowl, the NE Patriots (Daddy's favorite team) against the NY Giants. Sadly, the Giants won.

I bought this Patriot's onesie for your Daddy's first Father's Day when you sister was in my tummy. It was fun to see you wear it again, just like Emersyn did for her first Superbowl. Only for her first Superbowl, the Patriots weren't even playing! I like your tough guy face in the picture above you. It looks so silly on your normally jubilant face.

I loved your little football socks.

You are quite the ladies man, almost always surrounded by beautiful girls. We had some friends over for dinner a couple weeks ago and took some cute pictures of you and Emma. Emma is only 6 days older then you are!

You two are sure to be good friends.

Your favorite person in the world (other then mommy of course) is your sister. Whenever I even say her name your eyes light up. We usually call her "sister". I wonder if you'll call her by a nickname the way my brother did when I was growing up. To this day when David calls me Patti it gives me the creeps....he has called me Sis for nearly 25 years, why change it up now??

You and Emersyn have such a special bond. I love watching you both become better friends and playmates.

Here you are looking darling as ever in the bathtub. You got a LOT of baths this past week with your stomach bug.

You celebrated your first Valentine's Day! Your great grandma Inglis sent you this cute card.

You still love being swaddled and have started falling asleep to your special lullaby CD that says your name in the songs. You like personal space when falling asleep and prefer just to be laid down to fall asleep instead of cuddled. Emersyn was the same way. I miss the days of you snoozing in my arms.

You are so unbelievably handsome.

Mommy nearly blacked out when she saw how darling you were in this hat at "Crazy 8" at the mall. I just had to get it for you and you will wear it for Easter. You haven't had any hats really other then your cute beanies. I need to not try hats on you because I'm pretty sure I will have to buy whatever you try on due to your cuteness!!!

Here you are hanging out with Daddy and laughing at your sister.

I took you to the Dr. this past week for your stomach bug. We had to wait an hour to see the dr. since they were running behond. The dr. was so apologetic, especially since once he finally saw you and determined there was nothing they could do for you since this is a virus. I told him that I didn't mind waiting since I got some cute pictures of you checking yourself out in the mirror. Sometimes you smile SO big that I think your face is going to explode from joy!

I booked the park for your first birthday this past week. I can't believe in 6 months that big day will arrive, wow. I am excited to plan a special celebration for your party. The theme will coordinate with your nursery, just like Emersyn's first birthday party will. I wonder if Miss Rachelle will help me design custom birthday invitations like she did so cutely for your baby shower (just putting that out there early Rachelle!!). :)

I am so excited to introduce you to some of your extended family in California next month. I am sure you will bring them the same joy that you do to your daddy and I. This will be your first trip on an airplane!

I thank God for you every single day and pray that He uses me to be the best mommy I can be for you and your sister. I love you sweet boy!!!

Love, Mama

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I sure love being their mama....

I got some really nice responses about my post yesterday about Lent, thank you! I am really excited to see what God has to show me as I dial in and focus on Him.

I believe our God is loving and merciful. I never feel like He is mad at me for not spending time with Him, more like it is my own loss. I don't think that God thinks I am a sinner for not finding time for Him in my day, again, He is there whenever I need Him and I have lived long enough with and without Him to know that He is SO worth my time. I have been good about drinking a cup of coffee and having a quiet time (well, it might not actually be quiet since I've two little rugrats making noise) but I've been dialing in to the Lord on the days when I am home in the morning and feeling closer to God as a result. It's my advantage to hang out with the One who has the road map to where I'm going. I've learned that after a lot of pointless wandering on my own.

My dear friend (and former mentor) Sheri posted in reply to my Lent post that she is taking part of "Experi-lent" as described in Mark Batterson's blog. I love it!! Here's what it says:

We have a core value at National Community Church: everything is an experiment. My favorite kind? Experiments that are based on the Bible. I think of as them holy experiments. So here’s the scoop. We’re going to circle II Chronicles 7:14 during Lent. I guess you could call it an experilent. What would happen if we circled this promise in prayer for forty days? I intend to find out.

If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my faceand turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven. I will forgive their sin and heal their land.

What if all of us hit on knees everyday at 7:14 AM? Honestly, the time isn’t the issue. I just think 7:14 is a nice trigger. It can be 7:13 or 7:15. It can be 6:37 or 8:22. AM or PM. So it’s not about the time per se. It’s about establishing a humble habit of kneeling before the Lord on a daily basis. You can hit your knees when you get out of bed or when you get into bed. And it’s not about bowing the knee. It’s about bowing the heart. There is nothing magicalabout kneeling, but there is something biblical about it. I’ve found that my heart postureoften mirrors my physical posture.

Are you in? Would you be willing to kneel everyday for forty days? For two or ten or thirty or sixty minutes? If you want to be part of the 7:14 experiment, text the word LENT to775.237.4364. We’ll send out a short text message at 7:14 AM everyday during Lent. Just a daily reminder, a daily inspiration. We’ll kick off on Ash Wednesday, February 22. We’ll end on Easter Sunday. Spread the word…

Let’s not seek blessings or miracles or opportunities. Let’s seek God. And if we seek God, blessings and miracles and opportunities will seek us! If we get on our knees then God will extend His right hand on our behalf.

Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all of these things will be added to as well.” Matthew 6:33

I am SO in! In addition to fasting sweets, I will be seeking God on my knees each day, hopefully at the 7:14am time frame. That is kind of perfect for my schedule.

God has been at work in my life over the past few months. I feel Him stretching me to achieve new things, being called to intercede like crazy for friends that are hurting, and also reminding me of how vital it is that I be in prayer for my own little family. There's nothing that gets me on my knees quicker then my husband or children being hurt or struggling. I was on my way to my retreat last weekend (which went fabulously by the way) and I felt really emotional. Leaving my family is never an easy thing for me, especially my little Everett. I was praying to God and wondering why I was SO emotional, near tears. I felt God gently show me that He was just softening my heart for what was to come which ironically is what I had prayed for earlier in the week.

While at the retreat I was waiting for an "aha" moment of clarity as to what the Lord wants for me. I kept waiting and waiting for it but nothing came to me. During the last session we had communion and I prayed to God, asking what He wanted me to learn at this retreat, what divine message He had for me. I felt Him so clearly saying, "I can tell you all the promises I have for you but I'd much rather show you...but that requires an action on your part". Hmm. Not what I was expecting. I was expecting this divine revelation of God's plan but instead of giving me the entire map to where I'm headed, He's giving me step by step directions. He has taken me far enough on this journey to let me go ahead and step ahead of Him, with Him behind me, telling me where to go. I am at a place where He is no longer leading me by holding my hand; He's gently nudging me from behind. It's kind of scary but exciting too.

I've been emailing my husband most mornings some scripture of encouragement to help start out his day with God's word. Today I emailed him this....

"Consider it pure joy my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kind because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish it's work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking in anything." James 1:2-3

I thought this verse was encouraging this morning. When I look at our lives I don't see you and me going through life now as Brett and Patti, I see Emersyn and Everett's mommy and daddy. I pray that the lessons we learn in life can speak to our children, that we will have real life experience of how God can make even the unlikeliest people successful, "mature and complete". I look at trials as ways of God preparing us to be used in our kids lives. You and I long for wise people to speak Godly wisdom into our lives and we WILL be that for our kids, I'm certain of that."

I believe that God intends to use this season of Lent to show me more of Him. I am grateful for the trials that the past few months have brought because I think it got me to a place of being willing to listen and obey today. If God hadn't been softening my heart, I think I could have brushed aside this season of Lent and thought, maybe next year. But I'm in a place that is desperate for God's hand in my life and for wisdom and direction for my family. From what I can see, God's got me right where He wants me. And there's no place I'd rather be.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This year I've decided to do something to observe Lent. I like the idea of fasting something to focus for the 40 days before Easter. I was pondering what to fast and sweets came to mind. I feel like my sweet tooth has somewhat gotten out of control since the holidays. There is always junk around my house for some reason, usually not even purchased by me. Candy, cookies, sweets...it's like a universal gift, especially for Valentine's Day.

Last week I was preparing for my retreat and was feeling very overwhelmed and inadequate as a leader. Wednesday I felt really oppressed by something and hated the way I felt. On Thursday I decided to fast all sweets which may not sound like a big deal but a friend of mine had just given me some ah-mazing sugar cookies (I had one Wednesday night) and there were several left just waiting to be enjoyed. Sugar cookies might be my favorite dessert ever. Also my mom had sent a BUNCH of candy in her Valentine's Day care package which was thoughtful but so not something I need around my house!! Something about having sweets lying around my house makes them hard to resist, especially during the day when I'm home. On Thursday I decided to not give in to any urges to eat sweets and I had a great day. I did the same thing Friday before the retreat and I just felt better overall. Go figure, right? :) Since then I have had one piece of candy for dessert one night after dinner and it didn't even taste that great and gave me a mild headache.

This may sound silly and petty but it's working for me. I'm going to continue to give up sweets for Lent and pray that it honors God. What's more significant though is I'm not going to indulge in a "one last time" binge session. Do you ever do that when you know you're about to give up something? Over indulge just because you can? I think that kind of defeats the purpose.

Here is an article on Lent I found online by Damien Parks, a Christian blogger.

What is LENT?

Since the earliest days of the Christian church LENT has been a season of searching, repentance, and reflection. This forty day period (excluding Sundays) imitates the forty day period spent in the ark by Noah, the period of time spent in the wilderness by Israel and it is through this period an individual also imitates the time Jesus spent in isolation in the wilderness.

These forty days are an invitation to renewal. LENT is not simply a time to give up a vice or make a simple diet change but rather a call to preparation as we approach the celebration of resurrection. It is on Easter that one experiences renewal but through this season of preparation an individual experiences the giving up of everything. This season can take on many forms, social, personal, internal, external. For it is through this forty-day season we are called to truly experience what the human struggle is all about. Throughout the course of this time spent time each and everyday focusing on a few of the following:

- Time of solitude each day.
- Keep a journal reflecting on some of the things you are reading, learning, etc.
- Read a book for inner reflection and growth.
- Focus on the other instead of the personal ask in prayer.
- Make a list of people what you need to be reconciled with.
- Forgive
- Let go of a grudge
- Say “no” to something that is a waste of money, time, etc.
- Find and be a voice for those that have no voice
- Ask others to join you in this season.
- Love.

Are you ready to enter into a season of renewal? What are the next steps for you?


Are you giving up anything for Lent?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Miscellany Monday

{1} Emersyn is sick. Again. This makes round three for just this year. We had gotten lucky and avoided most sicknesses last fall and early winter but this year has been brutal so far. And guess who she decided to share her cold with? Me. The thing is, I don't have time to be sick. This week is a big week for me....my women's retreat is this weekend, Ems and I are hosting a Valentine's lunch tomorrow afternoon for some of her preschool friends, I'm singing a solo at church on Sunday morning and have to rehearse for that Wednesday night, the list goes on and on. I'm taking deep breaths, drinking lots of water, and trusting in God. And Zicam.

What a difference 5 months makes!

{2} Speaking of being sick, does anyone else ever peruse the aisles of drugstores or Target in hopes of a miracle cure? I did that this morning and $60 later I left with Zicam, some homeopathic flu remedy, a homeopathic kids cough syrup, an all natural fruit smoothie that is supposed to boost immunity, and a Marie Callenders frozen chicken pot pie. I'm hoping that one of those things will provide the cure I am looking for.

{3} I started watching "Downton Abbey". I'm not sure if you noticed but I'm always trying to follow the cool girls and what they are doing. The thing is, I never like the stuff the cool girls do. I thought "The Notebook" was silly and cheesy (Caitlin, I hope this doesn't jeopardize our friendship), I thought "Twilight" was lame, I can't even remember the name of the alleged hottie in the "Twilight" movies but he does not make me swoon like Michael Buble my husband does, etc. Downton Abbey is intriguing-ish but so so not my style. Historical thees and thous and lordships and ladyships are so not my cup of tea but for the sake of trying to be cool, I am on episode 4. I have been watching it while putting together folders for our women's retreat so between the two activities, I'm entertained enough. Any "Downton Abbey" fans out there?

I realllly want to find him a cute onesie that says "smiling's my favorite" because it is seriously his favorite thing to do!!!

{4} Brett and I went on a date Saturday night and discovered that we now inhale our food. We spent like 30 min at the restaurant and weren't even rushing. I think we're in this "oh my goodness eat while we have the chance" mentality with little kids but it's not a good thing!

{5} Brett has learned the hard way that our daughter is no longer oblivious to *secrets*. She told me all about a surprise birthday dinner for me at the Spaghetti Factory last week and even dug out a card from underneath the seat in her card that Brett had stashed there. She said that her and daddy had bought it while I was cooking dinner and Everett was taking a nap and her and daddy ran an errand. Her memory is amazing, ha! We had a fun extended birthday celebration with my brother and his wife that night!

{6} We are so ready for warmer weather here in Oregon!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. I started my blog because I wanted to have an online journal in lieu of a detailed baby book for my kids. I am not a scrap booker and when I was working, it was so much easier to write out a blog post then it was to try to find the time to make scrap books to track milestones. My blog turned into much more then that though. Yes, a large part of it is about my kiddos. But it's also a way for me to therapeutically vent and write out lessons I'm learning as a wife, mama, friend, and woman involved in ministry.

2. One thing I love seeing on other blogs great pictures, inspiring stories based on real life situations like marriage and parenting, easy DIY projects.... My favorite thing to read on my friends blogs are just how they are doing in their day to day life. It's so hard to keep in touch with so many different people and it's fun to read up on their lives.

3. Something I love about blogging is how I can write out a blog post and have a friend or follower comment on how it impacted them. I also love re=reading blog posts and being encouraged by them. I like the randomness of blogging and how I can be bored and go back to a year ago today, or two years ago and relive a memory that I had forgotten about.

4. A favorite blog post of mine is probably oh man, that's hard/impossible to say. I love blog posts with pictures of my kids and happy memories. :) Vague, huh? I also like re-reading the posts when I was going through a challenging time and seeing how God brought me through it.

5. Something my friends in real life know about me that I've never before mentioned on my blog is mmm...this is tough!! I am kind of an open book on here, ha! Is that bad? I seriously can't think of anything!!!!

6. My new favorite blogs to read are I feel like Pinterest has somewhat taken the place of my leisure blog reading, what little that I do. But seriously, my favorite blogs are on the side bar of my blog! I also follow a couple great ones that are private.

7. Some things I tend to avoid doing on my blog are going on and on about how awesome I am. Or as my friend Caitlin likes to put it, "write as though I'm addressing all my fans". I also don't like to be a debbie downer. Life is full of real issues but sometimes things are better left unwritten. That's not always the case for sure and I've written my fair share of posts that are complaining about different situations, but I like to focus on the positive. :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Miscellany Monday

{1} I am almost done with "The Hunger Games" trilogy. I started book one while we were in Sunriver last weekend and got hooked after some initial reservations. It's very entertaining, I must admit. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the third book and it's the slowest book so far. It's probably good it's not as gripping as the other two though. I may or may not have sorta neglected my home and family to read them a few days last week. ;)

Staying entertained at the Superbowl

{2} Saturday was my birthday! Do I sound older and wiser to you? I am officially in my early 30's (thank you for the reminder Caitlin). I had a nice day on Saturday, enjoyed the sunshine with my family, both kids slept in AND took long naps at the same time (a gift in and of itself!!!), and then went to dinner with Brett. It was low key but great. Last night I went out with some girlfriends to continue the celebration and indulged in a pomegranate martini (I can actually hear my mother gasping out loud in MN as she reads this) and it was delicious, every last drop.

{3} I made alfredo sauce from scratch on Friday night for approx. 20 people and it turned out great. I used this recipe here: Chicken Fettucini Alfredo Who knew there was so much butter and cheese in alfredo? Kidding.

{4} I am in complete denial of how old my son is. He is nearly 6 months old....I can hardly believe it. Where is the pause button?? He is teething like cah-razy and I keep waiting for one of the little teeth to bust through.

{5} A friend of mine gave me two big bags of hand me down clothes for ME and I'm jazzed. She is way cuter and more stylish then I am so this really works out for me. I've never really enjoyed the benefits of hand me downs as an adult. I promise to pass the clothes on to someone else someday too....as long as they aren't stained with spit up, snot or some other childish bodily fluid. :)

{6} I wish Brett and I could have a date night every week.

Ems at her first Superbowl. Everett wore the same onesie!

{7} My house smells weird right now and it's bugging me. It's either (1) the trash (2) the fireplace (3) the garbage disposal. Last year when we turned on the fireplace for the first time, apparently a little critter had gotten into the fireplace filter area outside and met a fiery death. My house proceeded to smell like a dead little critter which is possibly the worst smell ever. The remedy was to just have the fireplace on a lot so you can essentially cook the smell away (totally just threw up in my mouth, so sick to talk about and possibly blog post inappropriate but whatever). I'm hoping that it's just the trash and once Brett's get home, he can figure it out for sure. He's a lucky man.

{8} I'd like to apologize for #7 of this post. So gross but so on my mind and it's MY blog so there.

{9} I'm sorry if #8 sounded rude, that wasn't my intention. :)

{10} New favorite show in the world: New Girl. HILARIOUS.