Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentines Day

This post is a little after the fact but I wanted to document it anyways! :)

For Valentines Day this year I was sick, boo. I was sick last year too (and pregnant). I had planned a Valentine's Playdate lunch after preschool and had to cancel because I was sick and Everett was under the weather as well. Bummer. Still though I wanted to make the day special for my family. I made Ems a heart shaped sandwich for lunch and bought her strawberries as a special treat. I also decided to start a new tradition of getting her a personalized cookie from Beaverton Bakery. I got the idea from my friend Dara; I've seen her do it year after year and loved it!

We also decided to get crafty with something I saw on Pinterest and give it to Daddy for his present. Him and I normally don't do VDay presents, probably because it's so close to my bday which is a total anniversary is near Mother's Day too...I try to insist that these holidays be celebrated entirely on their own but it usually doesn't work out that way. ;) Anyways though, gifts aren't a huge love language of ours but celebrating in a fun way is!

On the top are Emersyn's foot and hand prints and then Everett's footprints. This will be a cute VDay decoration for years to come.

Emersyn got a cute card from her Grandma Inglis!

Everett got a fun turtle toy from Mimi and Grandpa!

Personalized cookie from Beaverton Bakery.

Cute shirt from MiMi.

We had a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphys and then had red velvet cupcakes and sang "Happy Valentines Day". Ems got to blow a candle out, which is essential for any and all holidays around our house.

In the past I've always assumed that Valentines Day is all about love and ooh la la romance but this year we really enjoyed celebrating with our kids. We got to go on a date the weekend before and that was a fun way to celebrate our own love but on the actual day it was fun to beat the crowds and stay home to enjoy our family.

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