Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello November??

I cannot believe November is tomorrow. Where did this month go? I've tried to sit down and blog many times but either words escape me OR one of my children needs me. Here are some October highlights for my own memory keeping:

 *Emersyn got to go see Veggie Tales Live with her Nana. I was a *little* sad that I didn't get to experience her first live concert with her but was happy for her that she got to go. Her Nana said she had a fun time and was her usual people watching self. She doesn't get too crazy in public, more takes it all in. I had fun getting her all ready and she picked out a very colorful outfit for her special date!

*We went to the pumpkin patch. Sadly, we only went ONCE this month! Last year I think we hit 3 or 4 of them but this month was just too crazy. We had fun going with some friends though this year and managed to enjoy the pumpkin patch in between torrential downpours. Note to self, go earlier in the month next year while the weather is still beautiful!!!

*I got to go to Wisconsin for nearly a week and meet this little sweetie....

Elise Adelaide 

Isn't she precious?? I enjoyed snuggling with her SO much during my time in Wisconsin and also playing with her two brothers, Riley (4) and Aiden (almost 2). I can't believe my BFF has THREE kids!! They are each so sweet in their own way and they are truly a blessed family. I loved getting to chat with Tiffany and enjoy great conversation and venting about this crazy season of life we are in.  It's always interesting being submersed in someone else's *culture* as a mommy. We all do things differently, mainly because we are each different and our kids are different! There are always things to be learned from each other and I so wish that Tiffany and I got to do more life together, not just on visits. I wish our kids could play together and be friends! Someday maybe they can be Skype buddies and maybe even old fashioned pen pals. :) While I was gone Brett (and some dear friends) really stepped up and took amazing care of the kids. So blessed to have a wonderful husband and community that loves my family. I also had layovers in MN on my trip so I was able to have lunch with my mom on the way to WI and then have a long breakfast with my parents on my way home. They greeted me at the gate with a Venti Iced Coffee....they know me too well. WI was seriously lacking in the coffee department. Don't get me started. ;)

*We are getting ready to paint our downstairs and install new hardwood flooring. Our carpet is's a very low grade carpet and it's nearly 7 years old. It needs to be replaced big time. I would have loved to do new carpet but with kids, carpet is just a breeding ground for stains. Brett found an amazing deal on hardwood floors from a clearance outlet and we were able to purchase them with the extra money that I have been earning from real estate and watching the little guy I watch now three days a week. Thank you Lord for provision! I'm not looking forward to the remodeling process. We need to paint in the next week and then I am headed to Sunriver with a friend while Brett installs the floors without us and the kids around. It's going to be a process but we have a goal of getting it ALL done by Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy the holidays in our freshly painted, new floored house! :)

*I'm considering doing a blog a day in November but I fear I would lack content! I'm wanting November to be a catalyst of change. I haven't been as diligent on my diet as I need to be due to traveling and then coming home sick (excuses excuses I know!). I also am wanting to get into the habit of getting up earlier, which I've said a million times I know. I actually started doing it before my trip and it was amazing how much of a better day that I had when I started out my day right. I want November to be a significant month for me this year. Who's with me? :) I'm also wanting to stick closer to our budget and be more diligent with our finances. I know that God will be faithful to us as we are faithful to him!

*Today is Halloween! Emersyn was very excited to wear her Oregon Ducks Cheerleader costume to school! She looked adorable and she'll get more use out of it during football season, yay for double duty costumes! Everett is going to be a Ducks Football Player and tonight we're headed to our church for a Harvest Festival. It should be a lot of fun! I'm thankful for a party to go to since our weather is icky and rainy!

Enjoy this last day of October and I'm excited to see what November brings!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday - Live from Wisconsin :)

1.  My favorite feeling in all the world is   feeling like I was the best wife and mom possible at the end of the day. This means a happy husband and children and a clean house. :) 

2.  My favorite smell is  freshly bathed babies, my husband's cologne, fresh laundry with Downey fabric softener, and new leather in cars. :) 

3.  My favorite taste is   carbs. Ha ha. Okay, not really. I love love love fresh fruit though!!! 

4. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen was   my babies being placed on my tummy after they came out. They were so perfect and just amazing. 

5. The best sound ever is  my kids belly laughs. 

6. A smell that reminds me of my childhood is  
playdoh? I can't really think of anything! 

7.  My favorite of all the senses is  touch. Love me some cuddles. :) 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mt Hood Railroad Excursion 2012

Last weekend we headed up to the Mt. Hood Railroad which is about 90 minutes from our house. We were ready and in the Starbucks drive thru by 8am..I was pretty impressed! :) 

We got to the train and it was a bit more *rustic* then I was expecting. The train car that we were in was from the late 50's and I'm pretty sure the seats and flooring was all original, hee hee. I slowly began to understand why the tickets were so cheap on Groupon.... ;) 

 We rode the train for F.O.U.R hours with one 15 minute stop at this *fruit museum* (that had rat traps all over the outside of it, eeew) and lunch stop. We glanced in the museum and then decided to take advantage of the fact that we were near cool railroad tracks and take some pictures of the kids instead. It was the highlight of the trip for me, getting the pictures!

 After the lunch stop we went and sat with our friends who were randomly on the same trip that we were. It was fun getting to chat with them on the way back and made it more bearable. The train went at a top speed of about 15 mph, no joke. I had envisioned more of a real train ride.

Emersyn and Mattea had fun playing with our phones. Normally I wouldn't let Emersyn be on a phone and have her enjoy looking outside but I was so stinkin' bored; I figured she was too. ;) 

It was an adventure to say the least but definitely a once in a lifetime experience for the Jensen's! :) 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fill in the blank Friday

1.  My favorite flower is   tulips, peonies, roses....I love wildflower mixes too in bud vases throughout the house. :)
2.  You should never talk about  bodily fluids or functions at the dinner table. The other day we were out to dinner with my husband extended family and for some reason my mother in law was talking about dog poop and how it gets all over the lawn mower wheels. Emersyn was horrified, ha ha. She whispered to me, "why is Nana talking about poop at the dinner table??". I told I wasn't sure, ha. 
3.  My favorite discovery as of late is  Marshalls. I'm slightly addicted...I've found so many great bargains there. My normally brand snob husband will wear clothes from there! I've gotten him several "Paper Denim and Cloth" brand shirts there for $14.99. This is amazing!! This is the man that usually spends $60+ on a shirt. (Though he doesn't buy them very often). I've also found cute shoes and clothes there too!

4. This fall you will probably find me wearing    jeans, hoodies, cardigans, TOMS, and yoga pants at home. 
5. I wish I were  more organized!! And craftier. And more motivtated. Okay, I'll stop there...I could go on and on.

6. My favorite TV show currently is made me cry this week!! Such a well done show, great acting and realistic plots. I also love me some New Girl. Schmidt is my favorite. CRUSHING IT!!! Hahaha.

7.  This weekend I want to  make wonderful memories with my family! Tomorrow we're going on the Mt. Hood Railroad.......SOOOOOO excited!! My kids are going to love it and I love that just my little family is going. We're going to have a blast.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


October is the one month out of the year that I wish I could extend by a few weeks. There is just so much fun stuff to do! I'd go to a different pumpkin patch every weekend if our schedule allowed it but alas, it does not!

The weekends get booked the quickest but we've got lots of fun to look forward to. We do have a trip to the pumpkin patch planned on the 20th! Another weekend we're heading up to Hood River to take the Mt. Hood Railroad on an excursion with the kids. Emersyn is going to LOVE it, it will be her first time on a train! I'm hoping Everett likes it too. It's during a tricky time of the day for naps but hopefully it goes well. We got Everett his own seat where we can strap in his car seat so hopefully that proves to be a good move.

We've got a few birthday parties to attend, including a grown up birthday party that is at an indoor race track! That will be kind of like a date night since it's kid free.

I've joined a bunco group that a friend started that starts this month. I'll only know one person there, so fun to meet new people!!

I've got two extra Christmas concert choir rehearsals to attend. I am so excited to sing in our church's Christmas concerts!!!

I also have some travel in my October....I'm headed out to Wisconsin to meet my BFF's baby girl and see their new home in the midwest. I'm a little nervous about all the details back home with the kids but I know that it will all work out. I get to see my parents on a layover on my way back home which will be fun! I think I'm going to have time to go see their new house and have breakfast with them.

Don't blink.....October will be here and gone before we know it!