Thursday, January 29, 2009

You can do it!!

This evening I was doing some laundry upstairs so I set up Emersyn's playmat in the middle of the hallway so that I could keep an eye on her while I went back and forth between the laundry room and bedrooms, etc. Emersyn hasn't been a huge fan of rolling over but I try to make sure she gets tummy time and then encourage her to roll over, which usually involves me tucking her little arm under her chest and giving her a head start. I decided to not do that anymore though, she needs to learn. Today I look over and see that she is still on her tummy trying to roll over but her arm is pinned to her side, thus creating a large bump for her to get over. Immediately my instinct is to rush over and fix her little arm, after all, rolling is hard work. But I decide not to. Instead I watched her struggle for about ten minutes, her making noises I hadn't heard before out of frustration. Up until now, her life hasn't been that frustrating and that is a good thing. :) But I just encouraged her and she would try try try to roll over, then lay her head down in exhaustion but still smiling at me. Finally, she did it after about 10 minutes of trying to figure it out. I clapped and got teary eyed and she kind of game me a look like she thought I was nuts. I should probably get used to that look. :) I learned a good lesson today. It is very much my instinct to run over and help her, do anything she needs. But that isn't going to teach her anything and that is what matters. I see myself in the future, always wanting to fix things for her. But that isn't going to do her any good. Of course this lesson doesn't apply to all areas. I certainly won't let her fall off the couch so she learns not to roll on it. :) But I am going to try really hard to be her biggest cheerleader in life, watching her accomplish things through her own efforts, using the tools I have given her. I just love Emersyn, I can't believe how much you can love this tiny little person. She truly completes me.

On another note, every single time I put Emersyn on her tummy, she lets out a long toot. What's up with that?!?! It makes me laugh hysterically every time and Emersyn just looks up like, "well, what did you expect???".

Such a tooter-magooter.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 5 Month Birthday to Emersyn!!!

I have been missing these two people a LOT lately..... I am so blessed with great parents. They are coming to visit again in March and we just can't wait!! Grammy even gets to stay an extra week and we are really excited for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emersyn is 5 months old today. I get teary eyed just thinking about it. I am just so blessed that she is such a happy and healthy baby. My cup truly overflows.

This has been a big week for Miss Emers. As you saw below, she cut her first tooth on Monday. In honor of such a "big girl" step, we decided to try feeding her some rice cereal last night. She LOVED it!!!! I only gave her a tiny bit but am going to give her a little more tonight. It is so fun to feed her.

Yesterday we woke up to more snow! Such a crazy winter that we have been having in Portland! In honor of the snow, we dressed Emers in her little snow suit that she got from Grammy around Christmas time. She looked so darn cute in it!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

FIRST TOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emersyn has been a little fussy lately and normally, she is a pretty chill kid. Last night we went to dinner and she fussed almost the whole time, very unlike her. Usually if you put her in her carseat with a binky, she is a happy camper. I assumed it was just gas or something.

Today when I got home, Brett said that he had noticed her gums seemed kind of swollen and he said she had been really really fussy today. We figured, she must be officially teething.

Tonight her and Brett were cuddling on the couch and she was chomping down on his finger when Brett went, "ouch!". There was definitely a sharp tooth peeking out!! I can't believe it!!! I must admit, I am fearful of how nursing is going to go but I know that lots of women nurse babies with teeth, I can too.

Here are pics of the big event tonight!!

I can't believe how fast my baby is growing!!!!!

Almost 5 Months.....

You looked sooo pretty in your dress on Sunday!

This is us playing our new favorite game. You lay on my lap and I pull up your arms and give you a kiss and you give me a big smile in return!

Look how long your lady legs are getting!!!!


On Wednesday you are turning 5 months old!! Where is the time going? I should apologize in advance, you are going to hear mommy and daddy say that a lot because we just can't believe how fast you are growing up!

We had a fun week last week! Monday evening we got together with all the Jensen’s and had dinner at OSF. You got to see your Aunties: Kris, Renee, Rochelle, & Janet as well as some Uncle’s and cousins too. Everyone thinks you are soooo cute and no one can decide who you look like yet. Most people say you are a good mix of both Mommy and Daddy. We have to agree. The one thing that everyone agrees on though is that you are ADORABLE!!

Tuesday we went and did something that Mommy and Daddy used to do a LOT before you were born, look at houses! We found some neat million dollar houses to go look at in Lake Oswego, Mommy’s favorite city in Portland. Your favorite house was on the lake itself. You liked looking out the window at the view. You love looking out windows, especially on sunny days. Oregon is a very pretty place. It was fun to drive around with you and show you all the fun places that we are going to take you to when you get older.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. We did have a fun coffee date on Saturday morning with Miss Emily downtown! She is going to have a little buddy for you to play with in July. We are excited to find out if your buddy will be a boy or girl next month. Saturday afternoon Uncle David and his friend Jenny came over and we went to happy hour at Sonic. Mommy is obsessed with Sweet Peach Iced Tea. It is soooo good. Anyways, after we went to Sonic, we came home and watched Arrested Development and Mommy made corn chowder for dinner. Sunday we went to church. Mommy and Daddy are taking part in a Sunday school about learning to be a good parent. I think next week we are going to let you hang out in the nursery, as scary as that is to your mama. You are just getting so big and like to be chatty when we are supposed to be quiet so we will see how you do in there. It won’t be an easy morning for me, I will miss you! Yesterday afternoon we had fun going through your clothes. I already have a large tote full of clothes that you have outgrown. I really wouldn’t mind if our next baby was a girl because then she could wear all your cute clothes!!! I organized your drawers, re-folded everything and organized your closet too. Organizing your things is one of my favorite things to do. You played on your playmat and we chatted about life.

Last night we got home from being out and I witnessed such a special moment between you and your Daddy. He was changing you on the changing table in your room and just the little lamp was on in the room so it was very dimly lit. You were looking at him with the most adoring eyes and had just a sweet smile on your face. Daddy was just smiling at you and rubbing your cheek gently and you had the most genuine smile I have ever seen and you just looked so happy, which is amazing since you were SO tired. You have such a good daddy and it is clear that you adore him. It was just so cute and special and words can’t really do justice to describe the moment but it was precious.

Okay my little sweet pea. I better get back to work! I just love you so much and am so blessed and honored to be your mama. I hope you are having a fun day today with your daddy. I can’t wait to see your sweet smile when I get home!

Love you,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Update :)

Morning cuddles with Mama. My favorite!!

Sometimes the best way to keep your binky in is to just hold it there while sleeping. So precious.

Victory over the swaddle, she got out!

Rolling over. Pictures in her nursery give off a strange light because of the green!

Reading with Mama before bedtime. This is our favorite book, "Sweet Dreams Mimi".

My little cutie at the park.

Future Senior picture. (Minus the binky)

So delighted to see me in the morning!

Watching football with Daddy. Sadly, Daddy's Patriots and Grandpa's Broncos did not make it!

These smiles make my day.

Playing on her jumper like a big girl.

" Can we webcam with Grammy Mommy, can we can we???"

Playing at the park on a beautiful but chilly day. Don't worry, she had a coat on we just took it off
for a photo op. :)
Emersyn is growing and changing so much. Last week I had one of those moments of realization that she is getting SO big. It was funny, I had her in her car seat with a blanket on her lap. When we got home, I took the blanket off to get her out of her car seat and I was literally taken aback at how big she has gotten. It was almost as though she grew while she was in her car seat. Emersyn used to be a little angel in her carseat but lately she has been letting us know that she would rather be out playing then strapped down in a carseat! And for some reason at night, she gets really lonely in the car. If we run errands in the evening, I will usually sit in the back with her because otherwise she gets really frustrated. She just holds my hand and stares at me back there, melts my heart everytime.
Here are some fun updates about our Emers:
*She has started busting out of her swaddle. As much as I hate to admit it, her swaddling days are numbered. I just feel like she sleeps great swaddled but it seems as soon as we lay her down, she is struggling to be free. I guess I can understand, the swaddle is kind of like a baby straight jacket but it is for her own good!!!
*Emersyn is enjoying playing a lot. She LOVES her jumper. I am able to put her in there when I am downstairs and since the chair spins, it is like she has 4 different little play stations on it. I have been recording some live concerts on TV to play in the background while she plays. It is so cute, I will look at her and she will play with something, then look up at the tv, watch a song or two, then go back to playing. She is turning into such a little girl before our eyes, it is hard to believe. Her favorite concert to watch as of late is an acoustic Kelly Clarkson one. That’s my girl! Emersyn still enjoys her bouncy chair but mainly just for webcamming with Grammy. She will be too big for it soon though.
*Emersyn is enjoying her “Bumbo” seat. I took it to the park the other day to capture some cute pics of her playing outside. She was really into looking at the Bumbo seat so I didn’t get too many great shots but that is understandable. J
*Emersyn officially rolled over from her tummy to her back last Monday evening. She is not a big fan of tummy time but we have been trying to “practice” with her a lot and each time she rolled over, we cheered for her so she started to think it was a game. I can’t really see her rolling onto her tummy for awhile, like I said, she isn’t a big fan.
We are looking forward to celebrating Emersyn’s first Valentine’s Day in Sacramento, CA! We are going down to visit some family and are very excited. Emersyn is my little travel baby. I am excited to have some fun time off with her and her daddy.

We are still praying for baby Harper, the baby of a blog mama that I read. She is in stable but still critical condition with some heart issues. I read of so many stories of babies with so many problems, it makes me treasure my little girl even more. Thank you Lord for her health and heal baby Harper!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prayer Request!!!

A lady in Arkansas whose blog I follow needs prayer! Her baby girl, Harper, was born yesterday evening and has had trouble breathing. The dr.'s have indicated that she might not survive and the baby was transported to a children's hospital in Tulsa. As of this morning, things are better but I know most of my blog readers are mommy's who can only imagine how this new mom must be feeling. Pray pray pray!!

Here is a link to her blog:

She is just adorable and I know God has a future for her baby!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I love you in these little thermals!!!!

Oh Emersyn, could you be any cuter??

You love eating your rings!

Your hair is starting to grow a little! How fun!!

Seriously, how are you so darn cute?!!??!
Dear Emers,

Something has come to my attention and I think we need to have a chat about it. Today when I called your Daddy, he informed me that you had been sleeping for over TWO hours during your nap today. I got to thinking and realized that you did this for him last week too! AND for your Nana. Now when I am home and put you down for a nap, the most you will sleep for me is about an hour. Why is this little girl?? Do you know how much Mommy could accomplish if you slept for TWO hours? It's not that I don't miss you when you are sleeping, I do! It's just that there is lots to do around the house and I try to do it when you are sleeping, rather then cutting into our playtime together. I guess you must just not like sleeping long for Mommy because you are sooooo excited to get up and play with me. That is okay too.
I had a very fun weekend with you! On Friday we went to Clackamas Town Center to hang out with Ellie and her Mommy. It was fun, you rode around in our strollers and we made a stop at your favorite place to eat, the Nordstrom Women's Lounge! You and Ellie looked awfully cute together on the couch, Mommy had to take a picture of course! You and Ellie both have reddish hair and people always comment on how cute you both are. We also ran into Estella and her Daddy! So fun!
Saturday you and I hung around the house. We had some fun on your playmat and then we went to your Nana and Papa's for some dinner and to watch "The Biggest Loser". We had split pea soup, which ended up being a bad idea. You were up several times that night and it actually might have been our "hardest" night with you to date. You are a pretty easy baby girl so it doesn't take much to have a hard night. I think that you were a little gassy from the soup. Mommy's sorry!! Sunday morning we decided not to go to church because of our tiring night before but we did go to church in the evening. You saw lots of our friends who all think you are so cute and wanted to play with you. You even sat with Miss Shaya at Red Robin after church and let her play with you. You were perfect during church too, sitting on Daddy's lap like a little angel.
Today I started my second week of work. I am okay with it, I really am. It is fun for you and your Daddy to have time together and I think Daddy is starting to really understand that being home with you isn't the piece of cake that it appears to be at times. He loves you sooo much though and is such a good Daddy to you. I couldn't have asked for a better Daddy for you!
On Saturday night I read a blog about a lady whose little baby girl died shortly after she was born. I cried as I watched a video tribute to her short little life. I was reminded of how precious life is and how I never want to take you for granted. I am so thankful for your health and every single day I thank the Lord for such a perfect child. Nothing you ever do or say will ever make me feel any different towards you. Your Daddy and I loved you long before you were ever in my tummy, long before you were ever born. God picked you just for us and becoming your mommy has been the greatest thing ever. I want you to live your life knowing how much your Mommy and Daddy love you and how blessed you are to have been born so healthy and perfect.
Alright, time to wipe my eyes and pull myself together! My cubicle at work is wall papered with your little face and sometimes I am so overcome with love for you, I just have to blog it out. :)
I love you so much little lady. It's okay if you don't take long naps for me. I miss you too.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

4 Month Appointment

Yesterday Emersyn had her 4 month old appointment. She weighs 14lbs, 1.5 oz which puts her in the 50th percentile for weight. She is a whopping 26 1/2 inches long however, which puts her off the charts for height!! She is our tall baby girl! She has very long limbs too, like her 3 month old clothing still all totally fits, except if it has long sleeves. In that event, the sleeves are always too short. I have gotten out a lot of 6 months clothing for her though and it is so much fun, almost like she has a new wardrobe! :)

She got three shots yesterday and I felt so bad for her but she didn't cry for long and then just sucked on her binky, whimpering a little. Today her Nana tells me that she has been very sleepy and I bet that has to due with feeling under the weather after her shots.

I am at work again today. I had a really easy morning since I didn't have to be at work until noon. I got up, fed Emersyn, put her down for a morning nap and then had time to get ready, eat breakfast, etc. It was nice. Today she is at her Nana's house and tomorrow she is at our house with her Nana. That will be an even easier day! Then, three day weekend, whoo hoo!! :)

Brett and I are trying to plan a trip down to Sacramento in February to visit some family. We are trying to debate whether or not to fly or drive. We'll see. Flying is very tempting because of how quick it us but there are extra costs associated with it obviously. I think we would have to rent a car down there too to make visiting people an easier task. Anyways, if we do fly, it will be Emersyn's 3rd plane ride before she turns 6 months old! What a little traveller! I am very excited to see my grandparents, aunts and uncle and cousins!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to work!

Dear Emers,

Well, today Mommy went back to work. I can't believe that 18 weeks has come and gone since your birth. I am so blessed to have a job (and FMLA) that allowed me to take a nice long leave after you made your grand entrance on August 28th. :) We had so much fun, didn't we? It was especially nice to be off during the holidays and get to enjoy every moment with you. I tried to soak it in as much as I could, knowing that time is so precious.

I had very mixed emotions about coming back to work. On one hand, I knew I was going to miss you so very much. On the other hand, I knew that getting a paycheck is always a good thing and also, in a way I am sacrificing so that you can spend some quality time with some of your favorite people.

Today you are hanging out with your Daddy for the day. Daddy was sooooooo excited for this day to come. I think it is precious that you and Daddy will get to have a very special date every Monday. Oh the fun you will have! He loves taking you places and showing off his little girl. When I called him today, he had just given you a bath which I bet was fun for you both. Your Uncle David came over today too and I bet you had a fun time with both of them! Mommy wishes she could be home with you all the time but Daddy and I are working hard to build a good future financially for our family and luckily, I will only be gone three days a week. Like I said, it really is just a sacrifice I am making so that you can have Daddy dates. :)

On Wednesday and Thursday, you will get to hang out with your Nana! One day you will go over to her house, which will be fun. Nana has two dogs and two cats which are always fun to look at. One day Nana will come over to our house and you can play with her there. Maybe sometimes you will also have playdates with other babies on these dates, we'll see. I just want you know that there are so many people in the world that love you so much, it is only fair that I share you with them. So I will go to work and you can be my social butterfly. :)

It wasn't easy saying goodbye to you this morning. You were swaddled like a little burrito in bed with your daddy. I gave you a kiss and told you that I was going to miss you so much and I asked you if you were going to miss me. You gave me a HUGE smile and that did it, the tears came flowing. But that is partially because Mommy has been super emotional lately due to something called hormones. You will learn about that later in life. But the day is almost over and guess what? We both made it! Daddy has kept me updated through the day and he even said the most wonderful statement during my lunch break today: "I have taken you for granted". I think Daddy thought you and I just sat around all day, watching tv and hanging out. But hanging out with you and keeping up the house is a much more involved job and it was fun to hear Daddy recognize that!

I can't believe you are 4 months old already. Time is going by so fast and you are growing and changing so much. You are starting to talk a lot and make a screeching noise. It is so cute and sometimes when you are "talking" I will cover/uncover your mouth so that you make silly sounds and you think that is pretty funny. You are definitely teething too. You usually have your fingers in your mouth and you have started whining a little bit but not naughty whining, just whining because your teeth hurt and that is a very valid reason to be unhappy! You have your 4 month old check up tomorrow and I am looking forward to what the dr. has to say about your teething and such.

You are trying to sit up which is very cute. You don't have any interest really in tummy time, nor do you appear interested in rolling over. You will get there though.

I love you so much and I can't wait to see you when I get home. Thank you for being my sweet baby, I am the luckiest mama ever!!!!!!

Hugs and kisses,

Friday, January 2, 2009

Emersyn's Dedication

On December 28th, Emersyn was dedicated at our church, Portland Christian Center. It was such a unique and special service, we are so thankful that Pastor Ray and Linda put so much time and effort into looking up the meaning of her name. This is what Emersyn's name means:

"Emer"": The Industrious Leader
"Syn": Heir of God
"Grace": Lady of Grace

Emersyn was perfect on the stage. I was really nervous about her crying or spitting up. It is hard to find a balance. I didn't want her to be hungry and fussy, yet if I fed her close to the time of the dedication, it would almost definitely result in some spit up. I didn't want her to wear a bib on the stage so I decided to not feed her until after the dedication. It all worked out, even with Pastor Ray held her and prayed for her. She was so cute, looking around at all the lights.

Our former Senior Pastor was there, Bill Wilson. He said a prayer during the service and commented on what a special day it was for our families. He reminded my dad of the day that he accepted the Lord and who would have known that years later, he would be sitting next to his family, getting ready to dedicate a baby. It was a very special reflection for our family. My dad did not believe in God for most of my childhood, even though he was still a very kind man like he is today. Through many years of praying, my dad accepted the Lord when I was about 9 I think and I am so grateful that he did. God is faithful!

Here are some pics from our special day. Thank you to Max Monty for taking these pictures, you are a blessing!!!