Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Last night we decided to let Emersyn sleep without a swaddle, preparing ourselves for an evening of fussing. We put her down to sleep at about 9:30 and wrapped an afghan around her that her Nana made for her long before she was born. I figured the afghan was a good option because it has holes but is warm. If she decided to sleep with it over her head, she would stay warm but be able to breathe through the holes. She normally doesn't fuss at all when we put her to bed, she sucks her binky, we wind up her birdy mobile, turn on her cd and then don't hear a peep. I am so grateful that we haven't had to do the "cry it out method" too much so far. Last night she did fuss for about 5 minutes, which is to be expected. She was probably pretty confused. Then she was out, that was it. We went and checked on her before we went to bed and she was passed out and so stinkin' cute, we could hardly stand it. She had the blanket up around her face like she was snuggling with it and looked like an angel. I stare at her and make sure her chest is rising and falling and if I can't tell, I put my hand on her stomach to make sure she is breathing. I do this at least once a night. :) Anyways, she has been waking up more then usual in the last few weeks, usually around 1:30-3 and last night she slept through until 6:30am!! Hooray for a full night's sleep for Emers and Mommy and Daddy!!!! :) I fed her at 6:30 and then put her back to bed where she slept until 9:30 which was kind of late for her. Normally she wakes up again at 8 and then goes to sleep again until 10 but this morning since she slept in, I kept her up with me, rather then putting her back down after that feeding and we had some girl time before her Nana got to our house to watch her. Emersyn loves hanging out with me in the bathroom while I take a shower. I think since our shower is glass doors, but like an etched glass so you can only see blurry figures, she keeps pretty entertained. I sing to her and play peek a boo and she is a happy little clam. I just adore her.

In other news....last night we were pretty disappointed at American Idol's performances. We did like these few though....

Liked her rendition of the Train's "Drops of Jupiter".
Thought this gal was confident and had a great voice with an interesting texture. I love the Heart song that she sang too, one of my favorites!! Carrie Underwood sang it during her season of Idol.

Okay, I gotta admit, I think he is hysterical. Seriously. I do kind of think he is making a mockery of the show but I look forward to his performances and hope he goes forward. He's got a good voice too, on top of the silly-ness.

I was not a fan of Adam before tonight, I didn't really love his theatrical feminine voice. His rendition of "Satisfaction" was great though and we were entertained.
Worst performance of the night: Jeanine Vailes...the girl with the teeny tiny shorts that sang the Maroon 5 song. It was almost too unbearable to watch. *shudder*
Looking forward to seeing who gets through tonight. I am making homemade sloppy joes for dinner tonight, along with some sweet potato fries and a spinach salad, yummy. I made pork chops last night and Brett thanked me about 100 times for them. I think I need to make him dinner more often, poor thing. He was just so sweet and grateful.
The weather is beautiful today which is strange considering we woke up to SNOW!!! I hope it is a nice day tomorrow. Emersyn and I are meeting our friends/neighbors at an outdoor shopping area tomorrow for some shopping fun. It would be nice if the weather cooperated.
Happy Thursday everyone!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Girl

I am in love.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Free Quizno's!

Who doesn't love a freebie?

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Dear Ems.....

Hello sweet girl! It has been awhile since I wrote you a letter, Mommy is sorry!!! I do enjoy updating your blog and it is fun to keep track of all the fun memories that we are making but it is important that I take the time to tell you how much I love you and all the ways that you make my life better!

We had a fun time in Sacramento last week and wish that we lived closer to all our relatives that love you so much. You were under the weather, you poor thing, but still remained in good spirits like the darling angel that you are!

Last week we had Uncle David and his GIRLFRIEND over for dinner!! You have played with her once before and liked her. I get the feeling that you approve of Uncle David's choice which is good because you are the most special girl in his life other then her. We had fun eating slow cooker BBQ pulled pork fajita's, which were delicious and super easy to make. After dinner we hung out and you got to play and show off those sweet smiles.

This past weekend you and I were able to have some quality time together which I have missed. Everything is better because of you. Even tasks that I used to resent, like grocery shopping, have become fun just because I get to look at you. I am sure people think I am nuts because I chat with you as we shop. I like to show you what I am buying, ask your opinion on what is a better deal, see if you think Daddy will like my choice of cereal, etc. You have the most expressive little face too, never a blank look to be seen. Your little eyebrows go up, you smile, you are just an absolute doll. At the checkstand you were starting to get fussy so I showed you a stuffed bunny that was on a shelf for sale and it made you smile. I made the bunny kiss you and you smiled even bigger. It was the first time I that I noticed a toy made you smile. You love your toys and have for awhile but usually when I show you a toy, you get your concentrating look and your eyes get wide with excitement, you might even squeal in delight. But yesterday you smiled. When we got home we webcammed with Grammy and Grandpa and I was making your Mallory Monkey kiss you. You had the best time and were all smiles.

Friday night Mommy and Daddy went on a double date with Maddie and Ashlin's mommy and daddy, our neighbors. It was our first time leaving you in the evening. I missed you so much!!! Your Nana and Papa watched you and had fun taking care of you. We were out pretty late and had a good time. It is good for Daddy and I to have some time together because we love each other very much.

Your Daddy and I love you so much and every decision that we make in life now is all about you and your future. We are trying to do the right thing in every area of our life to ensure that you have a wonderful life that is blessed. We ask God every day to keep you healthy and help us be good parents to you. We know that God picked you to be our daughter and for that we are so happy and thankful. Words can't express how much I love you and how much being your mama means to me. Someday when you have a baby of your own, you will understand, but until then you will just have to trust me. My mom always told me how much she loved me but I never really understood until I looked into your sweet little face.

You really are a Daddy's girl which I think is pretty cute. I love that you love your Daddy. Whenever he is in the room, you just stare at him and smile bashfully. He loves holding you and snuggling with you. If you are eating and Daddy starts talking to me, you stop eating and just lovingly stare at him. Sometimes I have to wrestle you into turning around and eating again and have to tell you "Emersyn, focus!!". Hee hee.

Here are some pics of you and Daddy playing when he gets home from work.....
You talking to Daddy about how fun your toes are.

The look of love. :)
I love you so much my little love bug. XOXO.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby Girl

My little girl is getting more and more independent, much to my dismay! I know I should want her to grow and gain new skills but I am having trouble letting go of her "newborn/infant" stage, which is long gone, considering she will be 6 months old one week from today.

This afternoon Emersyn went down for her nap and I swaddled her. She would have nothing of it, which is funny considering I had just swaddled her for her morning nap. I listened to her fuss for a couple minutes and realized that she wasn't just fussing, she was unhappy. I go in her room and she has one arm out of her swaddle and is pitifully whining about not being able to get her second arm out. So I sigh and proceed to rescue her arm and just wrap the swaddle around her middle. I gave her her precious baby doll that her Great Grandma Gigi gave her, thinking she would probably play with it and then toss it to the side, much like she does with pretty much any toy. However, when I went to check on her, this is what I found....

I guess she just wanted to snuggle with her baby for her nap. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Emersyn's First Valentine's Day/Trip to California!

We had such a lovely time in Sacramento this past weekend. My dad’s family is all there including my Grandma and Grandpa; my dad’s sister; my dad’s brother and his wife and his kids, including my cousin Michelle whom I am very close to and her two kids. Needless to say, we had a lot of people to see in a relatively short period of time! We had such a blast though.

We left on Friday morning and got into Sacramento at about noon. My Grandma and Grandpa picked us up and took us to lunch at Applebee’s. Emersyn did great on the plane and we were fortunate enough to be able to take her car seat on board with us so that she got her own seat. Score! After lunch we headed over to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Elk Grove. They have a beautiful home and a yard that looks like it belongs in a magazine, it just stunning. Emersyn met her Great Uncle John and got reacquainted with her Auntie Marti. Marti had come to visit us in October when Emersyn was still tiny. *sigh* I miss her tiny days. Anyways, we had fun just lounging around their house and meeting their bird, Beazer. Emersyn was very intrigued by the bird, it was really cute. Beazer knows how to say a variety of phrases and was very entertaining to watch. Emersyn had fun playing with her Auntie Marti on the floor too and gazing out the windows at the beautiful scenery.

Saturday was Emersyn’s first Valentine’s Day. Could she be any cuter?? Thank you Grammy for the darling VDay outfit with matching bib, of course!!

We started off the morning right by enjoying a Starbucks with Uncle John and Aunt Marti. Then we headed to the Folsom Outlets where we exchanged a darling little outfit that Marti had gotten Emersyn that was too small. Since it was a nice sunny day in California, it was only fitting that Emersyn get her first pair of sunglasses, which were actually Uncle John's idea!

My little California girl. :)

We had a delicious Valentine's Day Lunch at the Claim Jumper where I got my favorite lunch in the world, the BBQ chicken pizza and spinach salad combo. Amazing!!! My cousin Michelle joined us for lunch. After lunch we said goodbye to Uncle and Auntie and went with Michelle to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" which was cute and clean, a great combo. Emersyn passed out on Brett during the movie which was very cute.

Valentines Day dinner was originally going to be some salmon at my cousin's house but we decided to do something more laid back....In'N'Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good, probably a good thing that there isn't one nearby because it is my favorite! I asked for a hat to take a picture of Emersyn in after we ordered our burgers and they said that they don't give out the hats anymore because of the waste. I begged and pleaded and in the end, they let me borrow one. Yay!

Emers and Daddy, looking very festive on VDay!

That night we stayed with my cousin at her house in Roseville. The next day, Sunday, we had breakfast and hung around her house, played the Wii, and then I was treated to a belated bday pedicure!!!!!! Amazing!! Brett and Emers went and had a Starbucks date while we were getting our nails done. That evening we went to my Aunt's house in Roseville which is also beautiful, could be a model home with it's gorgeous decor. I have so many fun memories with my Aunt Debbie growing up, it was so fun to be able to share my daughter with her. She had bought a sweet toy for Emersyn to play with at her house, a darling blue Elephant that had lots of fun parts to explore and of course, chew on. We named the elephant "bob" since that is Emersyn's favorite thing to say as of late, "babababa". Emersyn went to sleep at we stayed up with my aunt, chatting and watching TV. She has like every celebrity gossip magazine known to man so I was in heaven. We went into the guest room to find a very comfortably sleeping Emersyn....

Monday we went shopping at a really cool mall called "The Galleria" in Roseville. Aunt Debbie spoiled Emersyn at "The Children's Place" and "Gymboree". She also got Emersyn.....

....her first pair of Converse!!!!!!!!!!!

The cute thing is, Aunt Debbie got me MY first pair of Converse when I was in Jr. High. Very special and they are so stinking adorable. They are a little big on Emers right now but will be fun to watch her grow into!!!

Monday night we went over to my grandparents house where we had a lovely dinner and some fun taking pictures with Emersyn.

My Grandma is so cute and stylish, like much of my family really!

We took lots more pictures but this is all I have had time to go through so far. Tuesday we had lunch at a mall and then headed to the airport to go home. Brett's mom picked us up and then came inside our house to hang out with Emerysn when we got home because she had missed her so much. We got this cute picture of Emersyn's ever growing hair...

To all our family in California, thank you so much for allowing us to stay with you and share our daughter with you. Thank you for the meals, the special treats, and for spoiling us all! I so wish what we lived closer but luckily, you are just a plane ride away. Come visit us!!!! Emersyn, Brett and I miss you already!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We're back!

After a lovely 4 1/2 day visit to Sacramento, California, we are back! We had an amazing time seeing family and introducing Emersyn to so many people who love her SO much! Unfortunately, she caught a little bit of a cough on the airplane travelling to California but she didn't let it bring her down too much. I hate hearing her cough, it just breaks my heart. It is pretty darn cute though, she sticks her tongue way out when she coughs and it is just precious but in a sad way, if that makes sense. I will post a good and detailed account of our trip later this week. It might not be super fascniating to all of you but remember, this is my blog and I can do what I want! :) Plus, this is Emersyn's keepsake so it is important to document it all so I never forget. Stay tuned....

In other news, American Idol has me a little confused this week. I don't really get how they are keeping and eliminating people. Brett has explained it to me but it was late when we watched it last night and I couldn't really wrap my brain around it.

My thoughts....

*Stevie....poor thing. Horrible song choice and it seemed like she was trying to be "young" but it didn't work out.
*Danny are great. Great rendition of "Hero" even though I usually think that song is kind of cheesy. If someone with his story can find the bright side of life, we all can.
*Alexis Grace.....didn't love the song choice but I am still rooting for her. I liked her hair before it was pink though.
*Ann Marie...the "natural woman" rendition didn't work for her. Kelly Clarkson sang the crap out of that song and you can't top it. That is a fact!
*Casey Carlson.....oh. my. The winks. The hip shimmy's. The shoulder shakes. Enough said.
*The oil rig guy that sang Gavin Degraw. I liked it but was hoping to be swooned again by a country love song.
*Tatiana....still not a fan. And come to find out, her obnoxious character was nothing more then that, a character. Turns out, she was just trying to make a name for herself and that she did but not in a positive way. I have to admit, she is a good singer but I don't care for her at all.

Those are my thoughts! :)

Pics of our fun Valentine's Day/President Day weekend to come soon!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear American Idol....


Last night I was half tempted to turn off my tv and never watch American Idol again. But let's be honest. I love it too much. Darn it.

One of my favorites, the best friend Danny Goeke, didn't get through. :(

Tatiana Del Toro got through. WHY. I am seriously annoyed by this.

I like Alexis Grace, the cute mom with the questionable pink hair. I think she is sassy and her voice is unique which I can dig.

I really like the oil rig guy. I have to admit, when he did the "sing for your life song", I swooned along with Paula and Kara. He is pretty charming and I would love to listen to a country album of his.
Not a huge fan of Anoop. I think the Danny Goeke friend was WAY better. I wish I could remember his name though.

I am a reality TV junkie. We love Biggest Loser, American Idol, Wife Swap, Supernanny....never really gotten into Survivor or the Amazing Race. DVR sure changes your ability to follow shows.

Tonight: packing and cleaning. We leave tomorrow morning for Sacramento, whoo hoo!!! I hope I can get it all done and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Emersyn has been sleeping good the last couple nights, going to bed at about 9 and sleeping until 6, yesterday she even slept until 7:15, it was amazing!!

Have a happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today is the first day we have ever left Emersyn with anyone other then Brett's mom. Honestly, we haven't had the urge to really go out much since Emersyn has been born. We really enjoy being with her and when she goes to bed at night, it leaves us with a good amount of time to be together and have some mommy/daddy time. This week, however, Brett's mom is in San Diego visiting Brett's brother and sister-in-law so today, Emersyn is hanging out with "Auntie" Colleen, a dear family friend. I am sure they are having a good time. It will be fun to hear how Emersyn did when I go pick her up today. Tomorrow Emersyn and her Uncle Brock are going to hang out.

Friday morning we leave for Sacramento! :) Lots to do in the meantime....

Yesterday my parents celebrated THIRTY years of marriage, wow! That is quite an accomplishment in this day and age. Congrats Mom and Dad!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tha Hazards of Blog Reading

I have become quite the blog reader as of late. I found Angie Smith's blog about a year ago and since then have really been challenged and inspired by so many wise women's whose blogs I have had the priveledge of stumbling onto. The only problem is that often, those with the greatest wisdom have gone through horrific trials and tribulations usually involving some sort of loss, which is my greatest fear in life.

Today my heart is broken for this family: I found their blog through Angie Smith who requested prayer for them via her Twitter status.

I can hardly believe their story. Their little girl went to the dr. three weeks ago for what seemed to be a chronic ear infection and left the dr. with a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer on her kidney and liver. On Friday they were waiting to go home after chemo and surgery had been successful. Yesterday their sweet baby girl went to be with Jesus. She was 10 months old.

I am broken. This is not a good state of mind to be in at work, FYI.

I have to try really hard to not be so emotionally invested in these blogs, yet that is one reason that they are so compelling. I have been tempted to stop reading the sad blogs because of how affected I become. But that would be a cowardly thing to do. I can be strong and pray and intercede for these families and choose to find joy in the situation. I can go home to my own sweet little girl and thank God for her health. I can thank God for entrusting me with her and realize that she isn't mine, she belongs to Him and I merely look after her.

Thank you Lord for the precious gift that Emersyn is to me and thank you so much for picking me to be her Mommy. Please be with the McClenahan family and give them peace when I am sure they have so many feelings of mourning and heartache. Let their faith and this little girl's story touch lives and bring people to You. Help me appreciate every single moment and have faith to not worry about what life can bring.

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear..."Psalms 46:1

Reflections...A Belated Birthday Blogging

Well, it's true folks. I am not getting any younger. As my 20's are rapidly dwindling, I decided to make a list of reflections, goals and random thoughts in general to commemorate my birthday last week, which was sadly spent battling sinusitis. :(

.....I am smitten with a little girl named Emersyn. Even though she kept me awake for most of the night last night because of her teething and being gassy, she is still my sweet pea.
...I love Emersyn's Daddy. He makes me laugh hysterically without even trying and that is an accomplishment. I don't consider myself easily amused.
......I want to be a wife/mama worth looking up to. Having a daughter of my own really challenges me and makes me want to be more, be better.
.....I want to take time in life to enjoy cooking. I love the idea of cooking or rather watching it on the Food Network. But when it comes to going to the grocery store, doing all the prep and clean up, I don't have the patience.
...I want more patience. I can hear my mother saying "oh no she didn't". She always told me to never pray for patience because then God will give you trying situations to be patient about. I have plenty of those situations going already so I am not worried about it.
.....I want to read more and watch TV less.
....I want to be consistent.
......I want to be good at updating this blog as a journal for Emersyn to look back on and write meaningful entries that convey how much I love her and how I long for her to have a blessed and prosperous life.
..I want to get involved with music again at church once Emersyn is done nursing, which won't be for another 6 months or so.
......I want to be a good example to my brother.
..I want to create a warm home, rich in laughter and happiness.
.....I want to make my bed every day.
...I want to be more relaxed and less uptight about things.
....I want to WANT less and DO more.

I am determined to my my 28th year of live one worth remembering and celebrating!

I will leave you with some pretty darn cute pictures of my little lady.
"My play mat is SOOOO fun!!!"
Emersyn playing Sunday after church.
I love how she plays with her legs sticking straight up and out.

Thank you for the adorable sweater dress Auntie Lou!!!

Playing with Daddy.
Emersyn will suck on anything that gets near her mouth, daddy's arm included. I don't think Brett realized that this would happen, judging from his expression! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Such a bummer. Yesterday, on my BIRTHDAY no less, I started to feel pretty icky but thought it was merely some allergy related congestion. Last night I decided to go to bed early and try to get some extra rest to feel better. I had horrible chills and no matter what I did, I couldn't get warm. It was awful. I woke up after finally falling asleep and was burning up, took a temp and it was 102. I didn't know if I could nurse Emers with a fever and she was awake fussing (as she has been this entire week about every 2 hours or so) and so I called the advice nurse and she said it was fine to nurse her. I went to the Dr. today and got a prescription for a strong antibiotic and am hoping to recover soon. I got to take a nap this afternoon, haven't done that since Emersyn was born. She is at her Nana's while I am resting. I had a to take a sick day which is a bummer but at least I have a job with paid time off at part time.

Seems like everyone I know is sick or battling sickness. We all need to wash our hands more or something!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday's are my favorite day....

Yesterday we took Emersyn to see a million dollar home in Lake Oswego for fun. It was vacant so we weren't distubing anyone. Being a Realtor has it's perks. :) The view alone was worth a million bucks. Look how excited Emersyn is in the pic above, when she flails her arms and legs, you know she is a happy camper. :)
Emersyn and Daddy enjoying the view, don't worry, he is holding her tight.

"Umm..I don't think this house is in our budget Mommy!"

Having a birthday eve dinner with Mommy at her favorite place, Pastini's.

Poor Emers, you can tell she is feeling under the weather in this picture.
Yesterday we took Emersyn to the dr. to make sure she didn't have an ear infection and sure enough, she is healthy as a horse, just feeling under the weather because of her TWO teeth coming in. We adore Emersyn's pediatrician. She is always full of good info, lets us just sit and chat with her and has a great cheerful attitude. Emersyn gained one whole pound since her 4 month appointment so she now weighs 15lbs exactly. She has just eaten when the weighed her so that might not be 100% accurate but close. She is still in the 50th percentile for weight.
We have continued feeding Emersyn rice cereal at night and she loves it. The other night we decided to feed her in the living room, not worry about the high chair. She was sitting on my lap and when Brett came into the living room, stirring her cereal, Emersyn nearly leapt out of my lap in excitement. It was adorable. She was kicking her arms and legs and could hardly wait until Daddy spooned that first bite into her mouth. I just love her.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Fun!

Yesterday was Emersyn's first Superbowl!! We were rooting for the Cardinals and were so sad to see them lose!! We went over to some family friends' house and had a great time. Emersyn wore her New England Patriot's onesie that I got Brett for Father's Day this year. She looked pretty darn cute I have to say!!

Daddy with is biggest/littlest fan! :)
Emersyn and Estella playing with Estella's Daddy, Caleb.

Emersyn, Rachelle, Shaya and "Auntie" Tori

Shaya holding Estella, Jonette (Estella's Mommy) holding Emers

So cute!

Estella and Emers playing.

Emersyn trying to hold hands with Stella, hee hee.

Face to face encounter. They are probably talking about how much they dislike tummy time! :)

"GO Cardinals!"
After the Superbowl was over, we watched a very awkward episode of the Office. Dwight is OUT OF CONTROL!! :)
Emersyn is such a big girl now that she eats cereal! She even like to grab at the spoon and make sure she gets every last bite....

Sometimes she gets the spoon too far into her mouth though, and it makes her gag.

"I want more Daddy!"

My sweet girl is growing up!!
At this point, we can see her two bottom teeth both emerging at the same time. I wonder if this is common, I thought they came in one at a time but there are definitely two on their way out. Poor baby, teething is no fun. On Sunday nights, Brett is in charge of Emersyn because I work all day on Monday and have to get up early. Last night Emersyn seemed to wake up like every hour or so fussing. Brett would go back and swaddle her and stick her binky in but she would still wake up. I don't know who I feel worse for, Brett or Emersyn! :) Today I am sure they are going to sleep in and they both deserve it!
Tomorrow we are going down to Albany to see some family. That will be fun and I am sure I will have pictures to post.
Wednesday is my birthday! 28, I can hardly believe it. I am sure it will be the best year ever, my first full year of life as a mommy. I already got myself a little birthday treat, Old Navy was having some MAJOR clearance and I was able to get like 10 shirts for $30. Score! Most of them are around the house/runninge errands casual but it is nice to have new things to wear. A lot of my clothes got so stretched out and worn during pregnancy. Yay for Old Navy.
Happy Monday everyone!!