Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thursday Tidbits & Random Pics

*The other night while my mom was in town we went to Best Teriyaki for dinner. We didn't order Ems her own dinner, figuring she could eat off our big portions. When my mom tried to give her some rice, Emersyn said, "It's cheese-bare-ger (cheeseburger) is coming!". I think she grew a little too accustomed to cheeseburgers while my mom was visiting!!

*This week I am feeling a little fried. It's an adjustment getting used to a new schedule with Brett's work weeks. I am realizing the importance of being prepared for the week by the time the week starts on Monday morning. This week I was not prepared, thus we have eaten out every night and my fridge is BARE. I need to be better about scheduling time at home. What can I say though, I'm a social girl. :)

Emersyn and her cousins....
Genevieve, Annabel and Penelope...Uncle Brandon & Aunt Marcy's new puppy!
*A couple nights ago Brett was driving too fast around a corner and Emersyn exclaims, "Oh! Daddy tipping Mommy over!"

*My mother-in-law told me that the other day Emersyn told her "Gigi in Heaven with Jesus on an airplane....Mommy crying...Mommy miss her". How precious is that?

*The other day I was extremely irritated mildly upset with my husband regarding a particular issue (don't get me started....) and expressed my concerns to him on the phone. After I hung up Emersyn goes, "ohhh....Daddy naughty!". Hahahaha.

Emersyn and Estella enjoying the leaves!
*I am making THIS yummy pumpkin bar recipe this weekend for a get together. It's not so much a bar though, it's more of a pumpkin cake but it's YUMMY!

*After years and years (literally) of offering, I am finally going to take my neighbor up on her offer to let me clean and organize my house. I am stoked. Sherrie is an amazingly clean and organized person. I know a lot of people give her a hard time about it but it's only because we are all J E A L O U S!! I think that we all have our talents in life and organizing is NOT one of mine. I'm hoping we can make some progress before the holidays but I'm not holding my breath. Life is busy for both of us. :) You know I'll be taking before and after pic and blogging through the progress!!

Emersyn and baby Sophia

*I am really wanting some grey nail polish. It's all about grey it seems this fall. Is it gray or grey??

*This might be my favorite quote EVER……A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. ~Herm Albright

I love my girl.

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Tidbits

*Yesterday was our last morning of gymnastics! It was a fun class but I don't think we'll re-enroll until Ems is a little older. She was the youngest of the bunch (along with her buddy Emery) and some of the moves they wanted the kids to do were a little advanced for their age. They had fun running around though and it was fun to see the sheer joy on Emersyn's face as she ran around. I took this picture (above) on my phone right before we left; doesn't she look like a little gymnast in her warm up suit? My mom got it for her at Gymboree, LOVE IT!!

*Tuesday morning I was having a bit of a rough time; I can't remember why exactly. All I know is that when I went to Bible Study and got to hold my precious little Sophia Rose, all was right in the world. :) It surprises me how much I LOVE my friends' kids. I mean, duh, of course I like them and am happy they are friends with Emersyn. But I truly LOVE them, like a family member. I am so proud of Sophia's mommy too. You know those women who are just natural parents? She is one of them.....Sophia is so lucky to have her!

*This week has been a little crazy and Emersyn has gotten to spend some good times with my mom due to me working and having various other commitments. Normally I get really sad when I don't get to spend as much time with E but since I know she is with her MiMi I am okay with it. They are such little partners in crime together and it makes my heart SO happy to see and hear them play together.

*This morning I had a meeting for the ladies retreat that I am helping plan at my church in February. It was refreshing to spend time with older Godly ladies and come up with our theme. I am excited to be taking on a bigger role in women's ministries at my church and it's very timely seeing as I will have a little more time on my hands after the first of the year. I am really praying that God will use me in this ministry. I am a fairly confident girl but whenever I leave these kinds of settings (like my meeting this morning) with women who I don't know incredibly well, I get so nervous afterwards and thoughts flood my head like "I hope I didn't say anything stupid, offend anyone, etc.". I know that my confidence needs to come from God and through Him, I can be assured that I am doing the best that I can.

*Three weeks from tomorrow we are going to Sunriver with some friends for a couple nights. I cannot wait!!!! Sophia and Stella, two of Emersyn's besties, will be there with their parents and it's going to be so fun. Just thinking of the cute picture opportunities is enough to make me squeal with excitement. :)

*I am thinking that I am going to overhaul my blog after the holidays. I think I need a new title, especially if we are thinking of adding to our family in the not too distant future. ;) I'm excited, it will be a new chapter in my life as a SAHM and deserves to be commemorated with a new blog title, etc. :)

*This Saturday night we are having a family night, just Brett, Ems and I. I am missing a dear friends birthday party but because of the crazy emotional weeks that I have had, I need a night OFF. Not that having my mom here is stressful or anything, but I definitely need a night to re-coop from the chaos of the last few weeks. I just hope Vanessa can forgive me. :(

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family time

This has been one of the strangest weeks of my life. Both Brett's promotion and my Gigi's passing seem so surreal. My parents got into town on Wednesday and we have been enjoying each other's company so much. This is uncharted territory for all of us in regards to grieving. I had no expectations for this visit, wasn't really sure what it was going to look like. Thankfully, my parents and I share the same hope and faith and that's really what gets you through these tough times.

In honor of Gigi we are spending time together and making new memories. On Thursday we went to the Pumpkin Patch and on Friday we headed out to the beach. Luckily, none of us are the type to sit around and be sad. Yes, we all have our moments of sadness but overall, we try to live as Gigi would have wanted us to....with the joy of the Lord as our strength. My dad goes home on Monday and my mom gets to stay another week which will be nice.

Brett was blessed to have his new role as property manager start on Monday so that means he had a 4 day weekend with my parents. So amazing. We are going to church tomorrow morning as a family and I'm so excited. I know that as I worship in God's presence, my Gigi will be up in heaven singing along.

Thanks again for all your well wishes and prayers....they are really helping. My biggest concern has just been being there for my parents and taking care of them. Emersyn just loves her MiMi and Grandpa and it brings me so much joy to hear her laughing and playing with them while I am doing various things around the house.

I'll post more pics later but here's one of my favorites from yesterday. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010