Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thank You

Emersyn says, "Happy Fall!"

Wow, what an incredible emotional roller coaster yesterday was. Looking back it seems like a dream. I'm so grateful for everyone's sweet comments, facebook messages, texts, etc. I truly have a wonderful community of friends and I treasure each and every one of you.

Last night my brother and his wife came over and we had a nice evening of just being together. I've never experienced any grief like this before, other then when we had to put our dog to sleep, but this obviously has a much more emotional impact. The hardest part for me to process is that my Gigi wont get to see any of my future kids or my brother's kids. I can't dwell on that though and I need to just be SO grateful that her and Emersyn got to spend two wonderful years together and I know Emersyn will never forget her. My parents get into town tomorrow and I have been able to stay busy. I went to Bible Study this morning where I got my butt kick and heart challenged by the study we are doing. :) Afterwards I went to lunch downtown with Brett. I am taking the week off for bereavement leave and I'm so grateful.

The exciting news that came yesterday regarding Brett's promotion seemed so anti-climatic and I felt bad for him. Brett was wonderfully supportive though and offered to come home but since they are still ironing out the details of his promotion, I thought it would be best for him to stick around. We are still waiting for the salary proposal but I know that God is faithful. If everything goes as *planned*, I will be able to stay home with Emersyn by Christmas time. Wow.

Yesterday before any of this happened, I had mentally composed a blog post about how I was at peace with whatever decision that the Lord had regarding the promotion. Just as I have to encourage my various friends to accept the place that the Lord has them, I too need to do the same thing. I HAVE to be okay with the fact that I *might* need to work part time while my kids are little. Once that acceptance comes, freedom accompanies it. It's not an easy thing to accept, just as I once had to accept that I *might* not ever get married, *might* not ever own a home, etc. And as usual, my God is faithful. I know that being a SAHM mom isn't a vacation. I know that I am lucky that when my current job is slow, I am essentially getting paid to read blogs and surf the internet. I know that a toddler can be far more challenging then any co-worker I have ever encountered. I am challenged to be a good steward with my time and learn how to do that. I might need some of ya'all's advice...I've never been a SAHM before. :)

I'm so excited to see my parents. I hope we can make some fun memories, head out to the pumpkin patch and take some pictures and just enjoy each other.

Thanks again to each of you who took the time to express both your sympathy and congrats. XOXO


Melissa said...

i am so excited that you get to be a SAHM now. And you know what? It encourages me sooo much. I think, 'see? God could do that for us, too.' B/c right now i don't see how that could happen (& i'll be fine working part-time, i just do NOT wanna work full-time!). But i know that God is faithful! I'm so happy for you!!!!

I'm so sorry about what you are going thru w/ your Gigi's going to be with Jesus. I will continue to keep y'all in my prayers. I'm glad you have the week off.

sister sheri said...

I love you... have a great time with your parents. You are in my prayers. I think you are one amazing lady.

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