Thursday, July 11, 2013

Catching up

Is anyone still there? :) I really need to get a new header...I don't even recognize those children!!

A sweet friend of mine texted me the other day and said she missed reading my blogs and it made me smile. I miss writing blogs! The last blog I posted was about how I wanted to blog more and have more content and now here we are months later. It's not that my life has lacked content {entirely} but I am kind of over the blogging about daily life. Ain't nobody got time for that! :) I love looking back on blogs like that though and remembering how I spent much of Emersyn's much younger years. There's not much hope for remembering Everett's toddler years other than Facebook. Maybe there's still hope for him in the blog world if I can just get back into it. I also always think, geez...where do I start?

Here's a recap of life since I blogged last:

*The kids and I went to Sacramento in April for my Grandma's 80th birthday. It didn't work out for Brett to go but I decided to go anyways, braving the plane and 4 nights in a hotel sans Daddy. Thankfully my parents were there and were super helpful. I'm so thankful I made this trip a priority because it was the last time I saw my grandpa. :( He passed away in June from cancer and some complications from kidney failure. I got a very special picture with my grandparents and my kids that I will cherish forever....

My grandpa was a pretty reserved man. But I love his hand on Emersyn's shoulder in this picture. He had a tender heart and he always thanked me so much for the pictures that I sent them of my kids. He was very into photography and liked seeing our pictures.

*At the end of April we did our annual trip to the tulip festival with some of our besties who appreciate a good tradition as much as I do! Their daughter is two years younger than Ems and one year older than Everett. She's the cousin my kids always wanted but never had. :) We had all sorts of fun....

 I mean, are you kidding me?!? They are just too darling!

Rachelle (Sophia's mama) and I didn't even plan on them both wearing white. We are just that in tune with each other. ;) 

*Our family was blessed to be able to go to Hawaii in May!! My generous parents offer to let us come and stay with them in their timeshare and the kids even sleep in their room since it's a one bedroom. My dad works so hard and deserves a nice and peaceful vacation and yet, they let us and our chaos crash their party. So sweet. We had an amazing nine night adventure that included lots of pool time, beach time, a one night getaway for Brett and I (hey-o!!), snorkeling, eating out, and having a ton fun enjoying the beautiful scenery. Hawaii is one of God's best creations in my opinion. I always feel closer to God in Central Oregon and Hawaii.

*Right before we left for Hawaii, Emersyn completed her second year of preschool in the 4's class. Next year she will be in pre-K. She could *techincally* go into Kindergarten but only makes the cut off by two days. After some prayerful consideration, we decided to start Kindergarten next year. We feel this is the best choice for our girl! Emersyn is looking forward to pre-K though very much and will be going 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday. I'm going to miss her being gone so much but it will be good for her. I am looking forward to some time with Everett too and hope to do some swim lessons with him or something like that.

*Last weekend Everett spent the weekend in Albany with Nana and so Brett and I had some quality one on one time with Emersyn. After we dropped Everett off on Friday afternoon I told Ems that we could either go to a special lunch or get pedicures. She picked lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory and we sat in the trolley. Going to a resteraunt with Everett is possible but not always the most enjoyable experience. ;) We had a fun lunch and then went and did things that aren't as fun to do with brother, like shopping!  Fri night we went out to dinner with Daddy, then home to watch "Wreck It Ralph" and stayed up late. Saturday morning we went out to breakfast (are you sensing a theme for the weekend? ha) and then to see Monsters University which Emersyn loved but she did get a little restless. Saturday night we went to our first Hillsboro Hops game! Our hometown just got a new minor leage baseball team and it's very exciting. Naturally we all had to get team shirts. :)

We went to the game with Brett's Aunt and Uncle, and Papa too! 

*Summer has been fairly uneventful. Our days consist of playdates, trips to the library, trips to the fountain, story time at our favorite toy store, playing at the park, going on dates to Starbucks, you know...the usual. :) We go to the Farmer's Market nearly every Saturday, some Sundays and often times on Tuesday nights. The other night there was a disco cover band and Ems and I had so much fun dancing. She knew all the words to "Dancing Queen" and so many people were impressed that she knew them! She's a big "Mamma Mia" fan which is how she knows the words. :) Brett and I are heading down to CA for 5 nights for my Grandpa's memorial and leaving the kids behind. We're driving.....should be interesting. I know it's kid free but it's still TEN.HOURS. I got some audio books much to my husbands dismay so hopefully that will help keep my attention. I wish I could read in the car but alas, I cannot! 

 *Emersyn has been taking a ballet class on Fridays this summer. She loves it and it's so cute.

Okay......I think I'm actually kinda caught up now! Lots to look forward to this summer....including a trip to the beach for Everett's birthday weekend and Emersyn's 5th birthday party which is a rainbow/dance party theme! I love parties!!