Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Boo-Boo :(

Poor Emersyn experienced yet another first yesterday.....her first real boo-boo. Brett and I had an appointment to go to so we left Uncle David to babysit. Right before we left, we put Emersyn down, hoping she would take a little nap since she hadn't had one in the afternoon like normal. Well, being the naughty girl that she is, she decided that taking a nap didn't sound like fun but pulling herself up on her crib did! We got a call as we were trying to figure out what to for dinner (our appointment had gotten cancelled) and David let us know that Ems was bleeding pretty bad and that we might want to come home. He felt SO bad, which made me feel bad because this was in NO way his fault. We got home and her upper lip was bleeding pretty badly. We got our things together and got in the car to take her to urgent care. I called an advice nurse just to confirm that we were doing the right thing in taking her in and she said that Emerysn most likely tore the little piece of skin that connects your upper lip to your gum and that it will bleed quite a bit because the mouth is a moist environment, thus making it hard to coagulate.

We took Emersyn back inside the house and let her have a popsicle which she enjoyed very much. While I was giving her a bath, Daddy lowered her crib hoping to avoid any such injury again. Once we got her all ready for bed, we looked in her crib and saw that Twin, her beloved stuffed monkey, also bore the pain of our sweet girl....

Into the washing machine he went!

The good news is, Emersyn slept great last night and was a happy little clam this morning, calling for Mommy and Daddy. So cute. :)

Monday, June 29, 2009


This weekend was full of fun firsts for Miss Emersyn!

FIRST picnic at the Hillsboro Library park. Pasta...yum....not very picnic-ish but it's what I made for her that afternoon.

Playing in the grass after lunch. And by playing, I really mean sitting and looking skeptical. :)

We wandered into the family story time at the library. Emersyn's FIRST story time!

"This is AWESOME Mommy!!"

After one story, Ems decided she wanted to stretch her legs a bit.

No story time is complete without refreshments!

After the library, we went home and Emersyn took her FIRST good nap in a couple days. I took advantage of her nap and started my summer Bible study that I am pretty excited about, Mommy's FIRST Bible study in a LONG time!

When Daddy got home, we headed to the happiest place on earth...oh wait, wrong tag line. I meant to say that we headed to a place where a kid can be a kid!

FIRST ride during FIRST visit to Chuck E. Cheese's!!!!!!!!

Having a discussion with "Bob the Builder". I think they were discussing the impact that the economy has had on the building industry. We like to think that Emersyn is a highly intelligent child. Even if she doesn't quite know how to go from standing to sitting. That will come. Maybe she should have asked Bob?

This was a darling little "ride" that basically just lifted her up in a circle, clockwise. She loved it and I know she thinks that she is such a big girl.

I am not ashamed to look like a goon to make my daughter smile.

Fearless Ems, chillin' on the "roller coaster" ride.


Riding on a "jet ski" with Daddy. I am not sure who had more fun at Chuck E. Cheese's. It might be a tie between her and Daddy. :)

FIRST mini carousel ride.

FIRST ride while caressing the cheek of a plastic mouse named Chuck.

NOT the first time Daddy has sacrificed his pride so that Mommy could capture a fun picture. What a good Daddy and husband. :)

I think she liked it!

We actually met up with a friend and his 2 year old daughter. Emersyn's FIRST playdate with Chloe. We split a package together with pizza, drinks and tokens. The pizza wasn't bad actually AND Emersyn had a really good time. There was more there for her to enjoy then I thought. If we hadn't split the package, it would have been a little to pricey in my opinion. BUT since we split it with another family, it was a perfect way to introduce the girls to the childhood dream land that is Chuck E. Cheese.

Looking forward to many many many more FIRSTS with this little lady!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

10 months old

Emersyn, you are TEN months old today!! You make my life better in every way!

Here are some 10 month old fun facts about you:

*You pretend to be shy when people say hi to you and you give mama or daddy snuggles. It is so so cute. But in five minutes or less, you warm up and start waving or sometimes even reach out to give a hug.

*Often times, when we walk into a large room of people, you do this beauty pagent wave, almost as if you are announcing to everyone that you are there. You did it today at church and you do it often when we go into resteraunts.

*You are starting to really move around. You don't get easily frustrated at crawling, even though you can only do an army crawl. You have figured out how to go from laying down to sitting up and that upper body is getting strong. You have also learned to pull yourself up.

*I mentioned that you know how to pull yourself up...but you aren't sure how to sit down once you are up. :) Yesterday I put you down for a nap and you were babbling away, nothing unusual. Then I hear you start screaming "dadadaddydaddydada". I ran upstairs to your room and you had pulled yourself up on your crib but were shaking in fear because you didn't know how to sit back down. Adorable. I helped you, even though I should have made you say "mama" first since you were calling for daddy!!

*You are a major people watcher. You don't just give out smiles or giggles freely to anyone, you try to figure them out first and if you like what you see, perhaps a smile will occur.

*You are OBSESSED with Jason Mraz. Naughty mommy deleted his SNL performance off our DVR so we were Jason Mraz-less for a couple weeks. But I ordered the DVD for you off Ebay and when I put it on for you, you nearly passed out with joy. You started screaming and waving frantically at the tv. Just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. You.love.him. It is our favorite song for sure.

*We have been listening to some fun Veggie Tales CD's in the car (thank you garage sales) and you seem to want to sing along, talking and making noises. We sing along too so that you hear our voices and you seem to like that.

*I think your favorite place to eat out is Sweet Tomatoes. You eat SO much there and it is funny. You get really really excited when we are there and as soon as we put our tray of food down, you grab a handful of whatever you can. The last time we went you ate kidney beans, peas, cold spiral pasta noodles, mac & cheese, a banana wheat muffin, a teeny tiny ice cream cone, and more that I am forgetting, I am sure. This last time we went you threw your head down suddenly and banged it into the table and started screaming. Your daddy was nearly in tears, he grabbed you and made you feel better. We even offered to give you more ice cream to numb the pain but you weren't intersted, I think you were SO full at that point. :)

I can't believe you are going to be ONE years old in a couple months!!

I love you,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gardening Update

My plants are alive and growing!! I am so impressed. Wanted to give you all an update because I am SURE you have been on the edge of your seat, thinking to yourselves...."I wonder how Patti's plants are doing?" 
This cherry tomato plant is a little cranky because I forgot to water it in the last couple of days. I think it is going to forgive me though, been giving it some TLC this morning. 

This is the larger tomato tomato plant. :) You can see the large tomato starting to grow. 

Cherry tomatoes. I can't wait to eat them!!

More cherry tomatoes.

Emersyn and my hanging basket that we planted together. I just love it!! 

For all you master green thumbs out there...do you need to protect tomato plants from anything? Do you need to fertilize them? 

Thank you for being a part of my journey to become more domestic. :) 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Early Morning Bargain Hunters

This morning Emersyn went on her first garage sale-ing adventure. Doesn't she look excited? It was an early morning for us, met up with our friends at 8:30am. Emersyn, like her mama, isn't a morning person. But we made it with a little help from our friends at Starbucks. 

Upon arriving at the neighborhood garage sale, I realized that I didn't have my stroller, doh!! Amancia was a SAINT and had her husband borrow a stroller from their neighbors and bring it over. I was relieved, we walked around for about 10 minutes with me holding Emersyn and my back and arms were starting to feel the burn. 

After Amancia's husband dropped off the stroller, I had him snap a picture of us to commemorate the moment. We can never get pictures all together, someone is usually chasing someone else or behind the camera.

I didn't score too many great deals, although I did get some Veggie Tales CD's and a Sesame Street CD. I popped one in on the way home and Emersyn liked it so much that she decided to get a second wind and resisted her morning nap. She is so naughty. :) 

I am looking forward to more garage sale-ing. I just need to get to bed earlier!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Banana Pancakes

My friend Tiffany gave me the idea of making banana pancakes for Emerysn. Banana slices can be so hard to grasp and this seemed like the perfect solution....Brett made them the other morning for Ems and I have to say, they turned out delicious and adorable!!! He just sliced the banana into disc shaped pieces, dipped in pancake batter, and voila!

Needless to say, they were a hit!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

300 Days

For the past 300 days I have woken up to a sweet baby girl's voice each morning.

For the past 7200 hours, I have thought of how blessed I am pretty much continually.

I have spent a total of 432,000 minutes feeling my heart overflow with

the love I have for my daughter.

25,920,000 seconds of maternal bliss. Every single one of them.

Happy 300 day birthday Emersyn.
(If you are wondering how I know how many days old Emersyn is, I had a countdown on my phone for Emersyn's due date and when she was born, it started counting forward. Kind of fun!)

Swimming Lessons!!!

Yesterday Emersyn had her first swimming lesson!! She was sooo cute in the pool. She is in the "Angelfish" class, with 6 other babies of similar ages. We decided that Daddy is going to be in the pool with her on Tuesdays and Mommy gets Thursdays. SO FUN!!!

Getting ready for the class!

Listening to the teacher.

Baby noodle!!!

Chasing the ball.

All done!! How cute is that little terry cloth swimsuit cover up?? I got it for $11.99 + 25% off at Baby GAP. It was too cute to pass up and will come in handy all summer and in Hawaii too!

Wordless Wednesday- Sassy Scooter

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brett's First Father's Day!

We had a busy and fun weekend! On Friday, Emersyn and I went and signed her up for the Summer Reading program at our library! I am commited to reading (at least) one book a day to her. It is fun to keep track of our progress on the little chart.

When we got home from the library, we web cam chatted with Grammy and Grandpa in Minnesota. Emersyn wanted to show Grandpa her baby "Cheetos". Normally I am not a fan of junk food for babies but these have some nutritional value and we really got them in honor of Grandpa.

Daddy came home and they played "soccer" together.

On Saturday, Ems and I ventured out to go Father's Day shopping for Daddy.

Emersyn picked out a cookie dough scoop for Daddy. He makes the best chocolate chip cookies and has often said that he would like a scoop. We decided that it would be a good gift from Emersyn. Mommy got daddy a shirt.

I wanted to be a little creative, so I decided to decorate the gift bag with Emersyn's hand and foot prints. It was a messy project to say the least. :)

The handprints were almost unrecognizable and a little frightening. Red may have been a bad choice. :) My brother said it looked like a scene from "The Shining".

The footprints turned out a little better.

For dinner, we decided to go try out a brand new resteraunt in our area, "Famous Dave's BBQ". It was a TWO hour wait! We picked up Brett from work and headed down to Tualatin. Emersyn did SO good during the wait. We walked around the shopping center and then headed back to the resteraunt to wait. We had to take some fun pictures while we waited, of course!!

Dancing on Daddy's feet. :)

A nice guy waiting outside with us offered to take a family pic. Yay!

Clearly, we aren't entirely past Emersyn's spitting up issues. :)

"Hmm...what should we get?"

Opening presents with Daddy after we got home!

I love this picture. Emersyn looks so proud of her card. She did help pick it out!

I think Brett had a really good Father's Day and felt celebrated. Mission accomplished!