Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I am excited about!

Things that I am excited about in no particular order...
*Oregon strawberries and corn on the cob.
*Emersyn growing into her adorable Summer clothes. Teeny-tiny-spaghetti-strapped-chubby-thigh-exposing-itsy-bitsy-shoulder-baring-mostly-pink-super-cute clothes. She is a stylish kid, seriously. But let's be clear on ONE thing..she is BLESSED, NOT spoiled! You got that?? :)
*Evening walks with my family.
*Pursuing new hobbies, like the tomatoes growing in my backyard! Is watching something grow a hobby?? I say it is!
*New Summer Bible Study that I am (hopefully) going to be a part of,
pending that scheduling all works out!
*Playing the Wii Fit more. I am DETERMINED to be my sister-in-law's
freakishly good score on the Super Hula Hoop.
*Emersyn's first 4th of July...I hope she likes the fireworks!!
*Watching more LOST with my husband
*Playing "Puerto Rico" with the Polits' sometime SOON!!!
*Having a fun badminton party at the park with friends this Summer
*Getting to know my brother's girlfriend better. We have had some fun chats and I have grown to really really like her.
*Seeing "The Proposal" and "UP"
*Emersyn's first birthday party in August
*Emersyn growing more fingers are itching to give someone pig tails!!!!
*My hanging basket starting to bloom
*Grilling grilling grilling
*Playing "Raving Rabbids" on the Wii with friends and laughing hysterically.
*Helping more friends find homes this Summer!
*Helping some really good friends move into their house in June, God willing!!!
*Choosing to be happy and delighting myself in the Lord and His love for me.
*Joining the choir again this Fall/Winter..not sure yet.
*Hanging out with my brother this Summer as he lives with us during his break from school.
*Washing my car
*Getting on top of the laundry. This will happen someday.....a girl can dream. :)
*Making my husband lunches more consistently, a huge love language demonstration for him, bless his simple little heart
*Corn on the cob. Yes, I know I already said that. But it is just SO exciting that
I had to say it twice.
*Going to Riley's bday party on Saturday!
*Taking Emersyn to Munchkin Playland for the first time on Friday with
Miss Amancia and my mama!
*Flip Flops
*Enrolling Emersyn in swimming lessons!
*Enjoying life in general. Life is too short to be sad, don't you agree? I am not saying it is easy to be happy ALL the time, but I am sure going to try!
Happy Wednesday!!!

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sister sheri said...

Oh, dear... I am so out of it... I had to search what SYTYCD meant!