Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swimming Lessons!!!

Yesterday Emersyn had her first swimming lesson!! She was sooo cute in the pool. She is in the "Angelfish" class, with 6 other babies of similar ages. We decided that Daddy is going to be in the pool with her on Tuesdays and Mommy gets Thursdays. SO FUN!!!

Getting ready for the class!

Listening to the teacher.

Baby noodle!!!

Chasing the ball.

All done!! How cute is that little terry cloth swimsuit cover up?? I got it for $11.99 + 25% off at Baby GAP. It was too cute to pass up and will come in handy all summer and in Hawaii too!


Scott and Jennifer said...

Absolutely adorable!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Awww... I so wish I had done this when my babies were little like Emersyn! (I posted about our traumatic swimming week, but it's getting much better!) Good job getting that girl in the water!


Katie said...

Just adorable!! Your girl is too cute, and I love that cover-up. When are ya'll going to Hawaii?