Sunday, June 28, 2009

10 months old

Emersyn, you are TEN months old today!! You make my life better in every way!

Here are some 10 month old fun facts about you:

*You pretend to be shy when people say hi to you and you give mama or daddy snuggles. It is so so cute. But in five minutes or less, you warm up and start waving or sometimes even reach out to give a hug.

*Often times, when we walk into a large room of people, you do this beauty pagent wave, almost as if you are announcing to everyone that you are there. You did it today at church and you do it often when we go into resteraunts.

*You are starting to really move around. You don't get easily frustrated at crawling, even though you can only do an army crawl. You have figured out how to go from laying down to sitting up and that upper body is getting strong. You have also learned to pull yourself up.

*I mentioned that you know how to pull yourself up...but you aren't sure how to sit down once you are up. :) Yesterday I put you down for a nap and you were babbling away, nothing unusual. Then I hear you start screaming "dadadaddydaddydada". I ran upstairs to your room and you had pulled yourself up on your crib but were shaking in fear because you didn't know how to sit back down. Adorable. I helped you, even though I should have made you say "mama" first since you were calling for daddy!!

*You are a major people watcher. You don't just give out smiles or giggles freely to anyone, you try to figure them out first and if you like what you see, perhaps a smile will occur.

*You are OBSESSED with Jason Mraz. Naughty mommy deleted his SNL performance off our DVR so we were Jason Mraz-less for a couple weeks. But I ordered the DVD for you off Ebay and when I put it on for you, you nearly passed out with joy. You started screaming and waving frantically at the tv. Just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. It is our favorite song for sure.

*We have been listening to some fun Veggie Tales CD's in the car (thank you garage sales) and you seem to want to sing along, talking and making noises. We sing along too so that you hear our voices and you seem to like that.

*I think your favorite place to eat out is Sweet Tomatoes. You eat SO much there and it is funny. You get really really excited when we are there and as soon as we put our tray of food down, you grab a handful of whatever you can. The last time we went you ate kidney beans, peas, cold spiral pasta noodles, mac & cheese, a banana wheat muffin, a teeny tiny ice cream cone, and more that I am forgetting, I am sure. This last time we went you threw your head down suddenly and banged it into the table and started screaming. Your daddy was nearly in tears, he grabbed you and made you feel better. We even offered to give you more ice cream to numb the pain but you weren't intersted, I think you were SO full at that point. :)

I can't believe you are going to be ONE years old in a couple months!!

I love you,


Julieta said...

hi! i'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I don't speak english so well but i'll try to make me understand.
Your baby is so cute!! I saw that you wrote things to Emersyn since she was inside of you. That's beautifull 'cause maybe, one day, she'll see it and realise tha her mommy loved her since she yas very very little.
Well, I hope you don't bother with my comment. Maybe you can let me a message in my blog too!

Juli. :)

Julieta said...

Hello Patti! I found your blog with the option "next blog" in the top of the page. It appears and i fell in love with the picture of your daughter!! Sorry if my english is not so well =) i'm learning!
However, it's nice to meet people of other countries, where do you live? I had never listened your daughter's name, but i love it!
I hope you start a good weekend tomorrow :)
See you. =)