Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brett's First Father's Day!

We had a busy and fun weekend! On Friday, Emersyn and I went and signed her up for the Summer Reading program at our library! I am commited to reading (at least) one book a day to her. It is fun to keep track of our progress on the little chart.

When we got home from the library, we web cam chatted with Grammy and Grandpa in Minnesota. Emersyn wanted to show Grandpa her baby "Cheetos". Normally I am not a fan of junk food for babies but these have some nutritional value and we really got them in honor of Grandpa.

Daddy came home and they played "soccer" together.

On Saturday, Ems and I ventured out to go Father's Day shopping for Daddy.

Emersyn picked out a cookie dough scoop for Daddy. He makes the best chocolate chip cookies and has often said that he would like a scoop. We decided that it would be a good gift from Emersyn. Mommy got daddy a shirt.

I wanted to be a little creative, so I decided to decorate the gift bag with Emersyn's hand and foot prints. It was a messy project to say the least. :)

The handprints were almost unrecognizable and a little frightening. Red may have been a bad choice. :) My brother said it looked like a scene from "The Shining".

The footprints turned out a little better.

For dinner, we decided to go try out a brand new resteraunt in our area, "Famous Dave's BBQ". It was a TWO hour wait! We picked up Brett from work and headed down to Tualatin. Emersyn did SO good during the wait. We walked around the shopping center and then headed back to the resteraunt to wait. We had to take some fun pictures while we waited, of course!!

Dancing on Daddy's feet. :)

A nice guy waiting outside with us offered to take a family pic. Yay!

Clearly, we aren't entirely past Emersyn's spitting up issues. :)

"Hmm...what should we get?"

Opening presents with Daddy after we got home!

I love this picture. Emersyn looks so proud of her card. She did help pick it out!

I think Brett had a really good Father's Day and felt celebrated. Mission accomplished!


mosaicmama said...

at your library do you only have to read 1 book a day? i signed up online so i didn't get info in person but i know ours requires 15 hours of reading to earn the 'prizes'. it was easy reading 15 hours to dee because we were reading chapter books, now he reads them on his own. but that will take me the rest of the summer with sanji!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

She's so cute in that little green dress! (and matching hair bow... awww.)

sister sheri said...

I love your commitment to read to baby Ems everyday... it creates a real bond.