Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Honey!!!!

When Brett and I were about 17ish, he had a very intensive surgery on one of his legs. Brett and I were in the same youth group together and our families knew each other so my mom and I went up to Shriner's Children's Hospital to visit and deliver our get well wishes. When I got to the hospital room, several of Brett's crazy little cousins were running around, most of them climbing all over Brett and wrestling with him. Brett was having such a good time and truly was enjoying them. At this point, I had NO romantic interests in Brett, he was just a guy in my youth group like I said. But I very much remember that day and thinking to myself, "that guy is going to be a great Daddy someday". Little did I know, he would be MY children's daddy...and for that I am SO happy.

I found out I was pregnant on January 2nd, 2008. We had been married for 4 1/2 years and had always looked forward to starting a family. I got that two year itch and was tempted to start trying for a baby but I was still so new in my real estate career and we determined that waiting would be best. I am so glad that we did. Since we had been married for such a long time already, I assumed it would take awhile to get pregnant so we kind of decided to just throw caution to the wind and let the Lord work, thinking if we got pregnant soon, what a blessing and if we didn't, that was okay too. Well, the Lord decided to bestow on us a blessing in a rather quick manner. :) I was late but assumed that it was because of holiday stress. I had taken a test earlier in the month and it was negative, so I figured my cycle was just off. Curiosity got the best of me, however, and I proceeded to buy three dollar store tests on January 2nd on my way home from work. When I got home, I took one and it was positive. I will never ever in my life forget that feeling of seeing those two pink lines. I can't even begin to put it into words. My heart raced and stopped at the same time somehow. I had taken my fair share of pregnancy tests, I mean, the dollar store practically encourages you too with the cheapness factor. If I was like 10 minutes late, I would take a test almost for fun. I was SO not prepared for a positive result. I called my friend Amancia and was like, "HOLY CRAP IT'S POSITIVE"!!!!!! I had been emailing with her earlier and she was 4 months pregnant herself. She said that she was so hopeful that my test would be positive so that we could pregnant together but I assured her, it was unlikely. Amancia was so excited and told me to take the other two tests and I did. Sure enough, a total of 6 pink lines. :) I had about 30 minutes to kill before Brett got off work. I was going to go crazy in my house so I just got in the car, grabbing a small cardboard jewelry box to put the pregnancy tests in on the way out. I called Brett and told him that I had bought some pants at Kohl's (which I had) and I wanted to show him and meet him for dinner at Sonic, which had just opened. I so could have done the cute wife thing and taken him to a nice dinner and had him open the tiny package that contains a onesie with some cute saying about daddy. But I didn't. I feared exploding with excitement during the dinner and ruining it all. Plus, I was NOT hungry! So I sat in my car and waited. My unsuspecting husband pulled into the parking lot and was on the phone. I motioned for him to come and get in my car and he did, still yapping all the way on the phone. He proceeded to talk for like another TEN minutes while I waited for him to wrap it up, the LONGEST 10 minutes of my life!!!!! When he got off the phone I told him that I had something to show him and gave him the jewelry box. He opened it and was like, "really?!!" and just smiled the biggest smile ever. Thus beginning his journey as a father and our journey as parents.

Brett is an amazing Daddy. I seriously couldn't ask for a better partner in raising our daughter. Brett is patient beyond belief. He could soothe Emersyn as a newborn in ways that I couldn't. From the moment she entered our life, his world shifted and now revolves around her and her well being. I do know that he still loves me and that our marriage is still his number one priority. But this man is truly smitten with our daughter and that makes me love him even more each day. Every night we go into Emersyn's room and just stare at our sleeping angel. Those are probably the moments that we feel the closest to each other.

It is hard to appropriately put into words how blessed I am to have Brett as Emersyn and her future sibling(s) Daddy. (Not in the near future!!!!!) I wish I could write some eloquent poem or come up with some profound statement but words escape me.

Brett, thank you for being the patient, baby tossing, diaper changing, stroller hogging, heavy infant seat carrying, fussy baby calming, spit up wearing, baby fashion appreciating, caring, loving, funny, confident, cuddly, and AMAZING daddy that you are!! I love you!!!!


Katie said...

What a sweet, sweet tribute!

Ellie said...

The father/daughter relationship is the most amazing on earth, isn't it?

bp said...

So nice to "meet" you! I am over from Sheri's blog.

This is such a wonderful Father's Day tribute!

Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

All of these words describes Brett exactly. We are so proud that he is your Husband, our Son (in Law) and our Emersyn Grace's Daddy!
We Love you, Brett Christopher
Mama & Pop