Thursday, June 4, 2009

Polka-Dotted Princess

Polka-dotted princess pictures please people, primarily Patti.

Petite pampered princess pictures portray perfection.

Patti's pal; precious person; popular photo poser..... & purple paci possessor; padre's petunia; poop producer.....

...parental property; playful piggy; predicted piano player......

...pleasantly plump peanut.


Katie said...

Awesome Awesome Alliteration! Okay, that's all I can do, haha. You did a really good job at that, who knew so many words started with the letter P?

Emersyn looks like the happiest baby on the planet. She seems so easy going and laid back!

I'm still mad about Natalie. I don't see why they would have even decided to air any of her footage knowing that she wasn't in the Top 20 (because these auditions were taped months ago). The PTB had to think that the audience was going to root for her and be angry that they didn't even let her dance for her life!! Ugh, every time I think about I get annoyed, I think it stinks that she had one bad dance and she got kicked off. Especially since they have half as good dancers multiple changes to make up for their mistakes.

Sorry, who'd of thought SYTYCD would produce such strong feelings in me?! :)

sister sheri said...

Proud parent parleys passion. Poignant, Patti!