Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First haircut!


I've been procrastinating a bit on getting Everett's first hair cut. I knew I wanted to wait until after Halloween. A college football player is usually not clean cut these days and I wanted Everett to fully embrace the character he was playing. I think he did a good job. :) Anyways, I knew I wanted to get Ev's hair cut but wasn't sure when. I decided the day before Thanksgiving was perfect....unfortunately so did a TON of other parents. It was a 90 minute wait!! Thankfully you could put your name on a list and they called you so I was able to go get the kids lunch and run some errands during our wait.

I went to the same salon that does Emersyn's hair, "Pigtails and Crewcuts".

Ready to go! 

"Mom...enough with the pictures!"

Everett was into the movie that was playing. He kept trying to duck so he could see on the haircut gal's arm. 

The end result: SO handsome!!! Emersyn and I were squealing with delight over our handsome boy, I just can't get over how cute he is!! He definitely looks more toddler like now, less baby.

2nd Annual Sunriver Trip with Sarah & Kids!

Back in early November, the kids and I headed to Sunriver with our good friends Sarah, Ellie and Benjamin! Last year Sarah invited the kids and I to go with her and we had a blast. It's so fun having kids that are all the same age. Plus, I adore Sarah....we're totally kindred spirits and have a blast when we're together! So we decided to make this an annual thing and watch our kids grow up together and enjoy vacations.

The big sisters, ready for adventure!!

So much fun playing at the house!

The girls last year on last year's trip. They look so much younger!

We had fun at a park in Bend. It was FREEZING though!

Everett's face in this makes me laugh. He was still a fairly unsteady walker at this point and Ben was running circles around him. Ben started walking when he was barely 10 months.

Love love love these kiddos.

We got an adorable picture of the kids....last year. This year, the boys were just too busy to sit around and take pictures!

Last year....aren't they just precious?? I miss these tiny baby boys!

My beautiful friend since jr. high! 

Rock on!!!

Dancing up a storm.
We were able to stay at Sarah's grandma's Sunriver home which was perfect for the kids. We played lots of games, danced, the boys played with blocks, the girls played hide and seek and with their barbies....too much fun. Emersyn and Ellie got to share a room too and thought that was pretty special!

Cutest boys EVER!

Car rides are always more fun with a friend! 

It was a winter wonderland in Sunriver, something we weren't expecting! It was so beautiful to wake up to this weather. I was able to read during the kids naps and sip coffee and it was just so serene and peaceful. I love Central Oregon.....truly some of God's finest creation. 

I can't wait for our trip next year! :) 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had such a fun Halloween! I bought the kids costumes about a year ago at the Nike employee store when a friend of mine got me passes to go in. I love team apparel and when I saw the darling cheerleader uniform, I thought it was the perfect costume and fun outfit for game days. I also got Everett a 2T jersey, thinking that it would be HUGE on him as a 14 month old. Little did I know, he would be my giant baby. :)

I was torn between wanting to pass out candy and go to our church's harvest party but in the end the party won out. Our weather was rainy and cold so an indoor option was better. I love the little trick or treaters year. :)

 Emersyn got to wear her costume to school. She was very excited about that!

We had so much fun at the harvest party at church too! 

Everett discovered the joy of candy. :) 

 Brett and I went as a cheerleader and football player's mom and dad. I love a good theme. :)