Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Goals and Blogging! :)

My stubborn little turkey,
refusing to smile for a picture on our way to the big ultrasound! :)

I cannot believe that today is the last day of March. Three months of the year already gone! Wow! A friend of mine Brianne did a monthly resolution for an entire year in 2010 and has recently jumped back on the bandwagon for 2011. Her post inspired me to write out some goals of my own for April! I feel like I'm finally feeling better, my nausea has decreased though not completely gone, and I really need to get back to feeling like my old self and out of a funk. I feel that now I know that we're having a boy, I can really move forward in planning and reorganizing. Yesterday I spent an hour and a half in Emersyn's room, going through clothes, hanging up clothes (hers were mostly in drawers), etc. and it felt SO good to get SOMETHING done. I need to remind myself, getting a little something done each day will add up.

Here are my April goals:

*Blog daily. I haven't done this in awhile and I find that when I blog daily I am always in search of good content which leads to trying new recipes, etc.
*Do two crafts a week with Emersyn. I know this doesn't sound like much but I am terrible at crafts and I think she would really enjoy them more if I was into them. Plus, it's the month of Easter and it seems like we can find some Easter related crafts that would be fun.
*Wash, fold and put away one load of laundry a day. This may seem silly but if I say it in my blog, I will want to stick with it and I am terrible at laundry.

That's it for now. I know that it isn't much but I feel like I've been walking through a fog for the last three months being pregnant and I'm ready to get back to feeling like ME again.

And I still cannot believe that I'm pregnant with a baby boy. I'm starting to feel him move around more too....mostly still flutters but definitely baby. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Rachelle!!

Rachelle, Brynn, and I
Choir Tour 2002
Rachelle, Sophia, Emersyn and I October 2010

Today is one of my best friends' birthday. I have known Rachelle since we were in elementary school, although she was three grades behind me. At this point, that age difference isn't a big deal. But when I was a cool 5th grader, there was no way I was going to hang out with a 2nd grader. :) Our friendship really took off when I had graduated high school and was more involved as a leader in the youth ministry and Rachelle was still a youth. When she was a senior, we started a high school girls small group that was at her house and it was so much fun. I'll never forget some of the memories that we shared during that time of our life. Despite my involvement in youth ministry, I went through a bit of a rebellious time and came out of that needing genuine friendships and Rachelle was that for me. I was able to really share with her things that were going on and she was an encouragement to me. She started teasing me about hanging out with Brett when him and I started liking each other and despite my repeated attempts to convince her that it was nothing, it obviously turned into something. :) I teased her about hanging out with James (her now husband) and whenever Brett, James, Rachelle and I hung out before any of us were dating, Rachelle and I would joke about how convenient it was that we were all such good friends. :)

I give her a hard time but seriously, Rachelle is like THE craftiest person ever. I am totally jealous and threatened but I need to be better about showing her how much I TRULY admire her talent. :) She is an awesome cook and never fails to amaze me with the deals she finds at Grocery Outlet. She has decorated her home beautifully and somehow manages to always look put together, despite working part time as a teacher, raising a baby girl and being involved in ministry at our church. I'm so impressed by her desire to grow in the Lord and inspire those around her.

Our friendship has gone though ebbs and flows, depending on the different seasons of our lives. I've always appreciated Rachelle's low maintenance friendship. We both have the understanding that we love and are there for each other but realize that sometimes, it's not always possible to get together as often as we'd like. Now that we're both married and have kids, we've been able to hang out more then ever and for that I'm so happy.

Watching our daughters play together is a dream come true. I remember a particular Valentines Day that Rachelle and I spent together, long before James and Brett entered the picture romantically and we wondered when/if we would ever get married, have kids, etc. Seeing those dreams fulfilled together through the years has been incredible. I can't wait to see what other things that God has up His sleeve for us in the years to come.

Thank you thank you for your friendship Rachelle!!! I'm grateful for another friend that struggles with the same irrational fears that I do. I pray that I am able to be the encouragement to you that you are to me for the rest of our lives. May this be your best birthday ever!!!!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's a BROTHER for Emersyn!!!!

(Proof that he's a boy!!)

Can you believe it?? I'm going to be a little boy's mother!!!!! It's still all fact, this pregnancy in general is pretty surreal. :)

At 4:30 we headed into our ultrasound appointment. Emersyn sat in the lobby with Brett's mom, my brother and sister-in-law who were anxiously awaiting the good news. The tech asked right away if we wanted to find out the gender and we said absolutely. She got all the goop on me, started rubbing her magic ultrasound wand around and pretty soon we saw it. Brett said, "well that looks like a boy to me" and sure enough, there were no lady parts to be found like in Emersyn's ultrasound. To be honest, I was shocked. Not because I didn't want a boy, but just because I wasn't expecting one!

He was pretty cooperative during the ultrasound, except that he kept putting his little arm over his chest and hiding his heart from the tech who was trying to make sure there were four chambers (and there were).

I'm really really excited. We have some work cut out for us. We will be painting the nursery, shopping for nursery bedding, selling Emersyn's nursery bedding, shopping for big girl bedding, panting Emersyn's room,'s going to be a lot of fun and quite the adventure.

Everett David, your daddy, sister and I love you more then you can even imagine. We can't wait to meet you!!!!

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} Nothing much going on this Monday. Having a playdate, cleaning up the kitchen from the aftermath of a fun weekend....oh and FINDING OUT THE GENDER OF OUR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm praying that he/she isn't feeling modest. Boy or girl, I'm jazzed. Last time I was pretty determined to have a girl. Thankfully that worked out. This time I am much less stressed out. :)

{2} Can I just say that 2.5 is the absolute worst age to take grocery shopping??? Seriously. But on the flip side, can I say this is the cutest age for imaginative play.

{3} Speaking of imaginative play, Brett and I made somewhat of an impulsive purchase on Saturday morning. We went to Costco for some medicine and left with a couple other items, including an outdoor playhouse. Costco has carried a playhouse off and on for the past couple of years and Emersyn LOVES it. She loves to go inside and pretend she's cooking, open and shut the doors and windows, etc. As we were watching her enjoy the house, we thought to ourselves, "why not?". We've been wanting to create a space in our teeny tiny quaint little backyard for her but it's hard to think of what to do. The house will be a great place to play rain or shine and I know without a doubt that she will love it. She doesn't have many toys, I mean, she's not deprived in any way but we've tried to be more minimalistic in the toy department. I am so excited to get the house put together and see her enjoy it. It's nice that she's an age where she can be outside and I can be in the kitchen keeping an eye on her and cooking, cleaning, etc.

{4} Ever since I got pregnant I've had much more tolerance and patience for TV. I'm not saying this is a good thing but it's the truth nonetheless. One show that I used to not be able to stand was "Celebrity Apprentice" but now I'm kinda into it even though it's two hours. I really should get into knitting or something though, it's always nice to be productive while watching TV but I guess I am being productive in the fact I'm growing a human.

{5} Speaking of shows, one of my favorite new ones is being cancelled. "Perfect Couples" is on NBC and it's hilarious. It takes place in Portland and Brett and I really enjoy it. They are replacing it with the "Paul Reiser" show. Remember him from "Mad About You"? I'm so irate....who's going to watch a middle aged guy who was famous 10 years ago's show?!? I hope no one watches it so they bring back "Perfect Couples".

{6} Raise your hand if you get super confused by the thrifty and frugal blogs who tell you how you can get 83 free tubes of toothpaste if you just follow 17 easy steps. *raises both hands*

Okay, enough until tomorrow where I reveal what Emersyn's sibling is going to be!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Boy or Girl??

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Psalm 139:13

On Tuesday I had an OB appointment and heard the heartbeat again. Unlike Emersyn, this baby has no problem letting us hear his/her heart. Ems was a little trickier. My doc couldn't find it when I was 12 weeks with E (okay, I need to stop calling her E since both of this next baby's name possibilities start with E....that's going to be hard to get used to!!) but I did get a bonus ultrasound because of that. Can't say I hated that. :) We did finally hear Emersyn's heartbeat at 18 weeks but even then it was hard to find. The last two times I've been to the dr, THIS baby has been super compliant and we've found the heart beat right away. Everytime I hear that familiar swish swish in the doppler, I'm so thankful for the baby that God has given us.

Several friends have asked me what we *prefer* gender wise so I thought it would blog it out.

Initially I was horrified at the thought of having a boy. Not because I don't like boys, I do!!! I just think of myself as a mommy of girls and that's just what I envision for our family because obviously, we already have a girl. :) As my thoughts evolved though, I've grown rather fond of the idea of a boy. :)

My thoughts on having another girl: okay, SUPER easy. We already have EVERYTHING. No literally, like EVERYTHING. Clothes, nursery decor, etc. The only new clothes she would get are the ones that match her big sister. I'm obsessed with matching girls, I think it's just darling and I will so be THAT mom that dresses her daughters alike often and for all special occasions. They don't have to matchy match but coordinate for SURE. I think two little girls would be SO cute and Brett would love a house full of women, ha!! I never had a sister and always wanted one. I think I am equipped to mother a girl and teach her how to be a Proverbs 31 woman, hopefully I'll have it all figured out anyways by the time she's old enough to understand what that is, ha!

My thoughts on having a boy: well, it's something new which is always exciting. Since I *think* we'll be done at two kids, one of each is perfect. I wouldn't worry as much about being able to love a boy as much because he would be my FAVORITE boy and Ems would always be my FAVORITE girl! Easy, right? I have a little brother and although we didn't get along the greatest when we were little, I adore him now. Brett would be so cute with a boy. New boy clothes, new boy room, new new new. It's a fun thought. I've always heard that little boys LOVE their mama's differently then little girls too.

Either way, I'm very excited. Since we were SO not anticipating this little one's arrival, I have no doubts that he or she is going to be very special and the biggest blessing of our lives aside from Emersyn. I was telling Brett the other night that a year from now we're going to look at our two kids and feel like we are the luckiest parents in the world.

My appointment is on Monday at 4:30. I have a playdate that morning, then hopefully a nap and then off to my dr.'s office. I'll send out a text from the dr's office and try to update my blog that night after we go to dinner with family.

On Monday I can start practicing our family signature for Christmas cards. Eeeeek!! :) :)

Have a wonderful weekend. I'm going on a date with my manny tomorrow night! We SO need it....we've been needing it ever since our traumatic flight home from Hawaii. PF Changs (gift card from Christmas, whoo hoo) and movie (also gift card), here we come!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A girl, her binkies, and a big girl bed.

Last Saturday we decided that Emersyn was going to be saying goodbye to her binkies and hello to a big girl bed.

We started our morning off with our usual Saturday morning Starbucks visit.

We let Emersyn bring alll her binkies so that she could spend just a little more quality time with them before she said goodbye. For the last year or so, we have only let her have her binkies in bed and sometimes in the car.

Emersyn was lost in thought that morning, clearly contemplating what a binky-less life was going to look like.

We had a heart to heart conversation and Emersyn expressed her concerns over giving up her binkies.

Finally Emersyn agreed it was the best thing to do but asked for some moments alone to savor the comforting pieces of rubber and plastic that she's come to adore over the last two years of her life.

Ems had her usual bagel and water to give her some fuel for the big day ahead.

We went to Build-a-bear where I had decided that Emersyn would surrender her binkies in exchange for a new stuffed animal. Ems picked out a cute and cuddly doggy.

She picked him out and made the long walk to the stuffing machines. You can just see the bravery in her face.

While waiting her turn, she got in some more good sucks.

She gathered up her binkies and prepared to make the trade.

The trade is complete at this point. Daddy forgot to take a picture of the actual trade because he was too emotional and almost teary eyed busy watching Ems and her reaction. I also was emotional and almost teary eyed watching and didn't think to take a picture. The trade was perfect though, no resistance on Emersyn's part at all.

Emersyn helped the lady stuff her new doggy. Also, is it just me or is this the cutest outfit ever?!!

Watching the doggy get sewn up.

Kisses for the new doggy. He's perfect!!!

Time to clean him up!

And then time to name him. We decided to name him.....BINKY!!

Later that night....

Binky gets the big girl bed all ready for Emersyn.

Time for bed!

Good night!!

The morning after.....

She survived!!!

People have asked me if I will do binkies again with this next baby. My answer is absolutely. Though Emersyn turned into a binky hoarder and insisted on sleeping with at least 3 of them in the last few months, they were an instant source of comfort to her in the car, when she was sick, etc. They bought me many nap times, many easy bed times and I really adored them. I think we picked a great time to take them away too. I've heard that you should take these kinds of things away by age 1 but I appreciated the way they comforted her.

The first time that Ems slept in her bed it was perfect, she didn't make a peep. I was SO proud and even got a little cocky thinking, Brett and I really should teach a class on how to make the big girl bed transition because it was PERFECT.

I recalled that thought very quickly the next night though. Ems had a really rough bedtime and was just not being reasonable. The funny thing is, she never asked for her binkies, she just didn't want to sleep in her big girl bed. Knowing my daughter, I think a lot of it was just stubborness. We had a couple rough nights but now we're fine. Initially Brett regretted taking away the binky and transitioning her out of her crib at the same time but I never did. It had to be done and it was very logical that you don't have binkies in a big girl bed. Him and I get stressed over different things, it's kinda funny. :)

Nap times have been okay. I've been bribing her with things that I was planning on doing anyways if she takes a good nap, like doing an art project, going to the store, going on a walk, etc. It's been taking her FOREVER to fall asleep (for example, she's been in bed for an hour and she's singing the ABC's loudly) but she always falls asleep. Today if she takes a good nap she gets to go to Trader Joes, one of her favorite places!! :)

I love being able to go into her room at night and kiss her cheeks before I go to bed. I could watch her sleep for hours, she's just so precious. I know she's going to grow up SO fast when the new baby comes and I'm trying to savor these last months alone with her.

Next step: potty training. I'll probably wait a week or so just so that it's not TOO much change at once for her. I think she's ready, she just needs more patience on the potty. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} what was your first job?
It was at Ross MessDress for Less. I was 17. I walked to the nearby shopping center as I didn't have my license yet and filled out an interview, asked to give it directly to a manager and was hired on the spot. :) It was a nice first job.

{two} have you ever seen a stand up comedian?
I've been to a comedy club twice downtown but the comedians used SO much profanity and crude jokes that it kinda ruined it for me. I love comedy though and always enjoy "Last Comic Standing" on NBC in the summers.

{three} when was the last time you played mini golf?
I can't remember!! I think it might have been at a campground several years ago.

{four} what was the last picture you took?
A picture of my sweet girly feeding the ducks!!

{five} burnt food: yes or no?
No. Unless it's fried spaghetti. (Not like deep fried, just like warmed up in a skillet with a little butter.) In that case the burnt pieces are kinda yummy.

{six} if you have a pocket full of change, what do you do with it?
Put it in our cash jar! I want to start a piggy bank for Ems too. She has a couple of them and I think she'd like to start collecting some cash. :)

{seven} can you touch your tongue to your nose?
Nope. And I'm okay with that.

{eight} do you scrapbook?
No, I blog. :) I did a scrapbook once for our first married Christmas that was cute and fun but I'm just too cheap to pay for the embellishments, etc.

{nine} do you buy lottery tickets?

{ten} do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind it?
Behind it… no doubt. Although my husband is a far better photographer then I. :)

Hawaii Highlights

(I realize that this is kinda anti-climactic now that I've been home for over a week but for the sake of memory recording, I'm posting it anyways)

Instead of doing a traditional day by day post for our vacation, I decided to just cover some of the highlights. I love me some bullet points. :)

*My favorite restaurant in Kauai is by FAR Dukes Canoe Club which just happens to be located next to our resort. We had so many fun memories there from Fish Taco Tuesdays to our special dinner in honor of Gigi. The prices are SO reasonable and they have a fabulous salad bar that Emersyn adores, even though her favorite item is the olives. Nasty. We had a beautiful ocean view for all of our meals and it was just so wonderful.

*On our last night there was a rehearsal dinner going on at our resort that I'm pretty sure cost more then our entire wedding and honeymoon combined. There was a buffet, open bar, live entertainment....the works. I started thinking about how magical it would be if Emersyn got married in Hawaii. I told Brett that we should start saving up now, why now? We can afford to save $20/mo. By the time Ems gets married that would be plenty right?? Then Brett revealed that if Emersyn got married at 22 like we did and we were to save $20/mo until then....well, we'd have a whopping $4800 budget.

Sad. Guess we'll have to start looking into other venues. :) We had good laugh over my non-existent estimating skills though.

*Besides the large pool area, there was a kiddie pool with a slide too. For the first few days Emersyn refused to even consider going to the kiddie pool. After some probing, we discovered that she thought it was a pool for cats. Even though she likes cats, she didn't care to swim with them which I totally get. Once we started calling it the little girl pool she was in. :)

*My favorite memory by far of Hawaii was singing in the pool with Emersyn. For some reason she would totally lose all her shyness and totally sing her heart out. There was one day that it was raining but we decided to go swimming anyways. We were the only ones in the pool and we sang Yo Gabba Gabba songs in the rain and it was just so so fun.

*My parents room had a full length mirror that Emersyn had a lot of fun with. She liked shaking her booty at the girl in the mirror.

*We went to a time share presentation at the resort just up the street from my parents resort. As always, it was amusing. I think my favorite sales pitch was that we are really depriving our daughter of life experiences by ONLY taking her to Hawaii and we need to buy our own time share to expose her to more. Brett and I laughed about Emersyn isn't even three yet and she's been to Hawaii twice. I'd say we're doing a fine job of exposing her to life and culture. Another pitch they tried to say was that we probably get tired of travelling with my family because of the obligation. Um, I'm pretty sure anyone would love to be obligated to go to Hawaii with family. Just sayin'. :)

*The plane ride home was the worst experience in my entire life. Emersyn refused to sleep and she was delirious and miserable. I felt the same way, only I wasn't screaming. She never fails to crack me up though....I was talking to Brett for the last 20 min of our flight and I told him that I couldn't believe that E didn't sleep at ALL and Ems leans over and yells, "I'll probably just sleep in the car".

We won't be flying again for a long time. Seriously.

*And now....some picture highlights! :)