Friday, March 18, 2011

Two in one day, what???? :)

Two posts in one day?? That's pretty crazy coming from someone who's been bad at posting weekly, let alone daily. Perhaps I'll issue a daily challenge to myself in April. I always enjoy doing that and it usually inspires me to try more recipes and find more blog worthy subjects. Anyone else up for a daily April blogging challenge?

This is another tidbit style post...hope those don't get old but if they do, oh well. Sometimes it's the best way for me to organize my thoughts.

*I find that without a doubt, getting out of the house in the mornings makes for a MUCH more productive afternoon for me. I used to savor my lazy mornings simply because I didn't get many of them while I was working. But now they are abundant so it's good to get out. Yesterday we went to an indoor playground that's new in Hillsboro and Emersyn had a great time. I wished it was a little bigger but it was a perfect size for a toddler. After the playground we went to lunch with our friends, then to Petsmart to look at the fishies, birds, and rodents. It was great. Ems took a great nap that afternoon and I got some things done as well. Today I slept in a little and almost didn't make the effort to get to the library storytime like I'd planned but I decided to take a quick shower and go anyways. I'm glad I did. If I hadn't I wouldn't have the burning image in my eyeballs of the three year old lifting up his bra-less mother's shirt and going to town on her left breast Emersyn would have missed out on a fun morning of stories and a little art project afterwards. Now she's napping and I'm cleaning up in anticipation of my in-law's coming over for dinner tonight.

*I figured out why I was SO tired the first days after vacation other then the lack of was also a lack of caffeine. At our resort, you can purchase a cup and it's unlimited refills for the duration of your stay. You can fill it with coffee, tea, pop, etc. Since it was unlimited, I probably drank a lot more caffeine then I should have and I'm certain it contributed to my peppy-ness. Since I realized that, I've been drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and it's helping with my fatigue.

*I took a picture of this, in hopes of it being a "before" picture and if all goes well this weekend, I'll have an "after" picture. We are going to install some hooks in the closet and hope that cleans it up, along with organizing the shoes.

*My BFF in Boise started a fun Friday blog hop of sorts, although it doesn't currently have a linky. It's called Faith Building Friday. I would love to participate but sadly, I haven't done much faith building lately. LAME. I came off such a great women's retreat and was totally inspired but then we went on vacation and the mornings I dreamed of doing my bible study by the beach just never happened. Now that I'm out of the first trimester, I would like to start getting up a little earlier to try to squeeze in SOME quiet time before Emersyn wakes up but the first step to that will be getting to bed earlier, something I stink at. What can I say, I love spending time with my hubs at night. Head over to her blog for some inspiration as we head into the weekend.

*Hopefully on Sunday I'll have a "Emersyn slept through the first night in her big girl bed with no problems and woke up completely potty trained on her own and also doesn't want anything to do with her binky's anymore" post written for you.

Probably not though.

I'll just hope for the first part anyways, the potty training and binky's might be setting myself up for disappointment. :)



LeAnna said...

Oh Em Gee about the kid and his Mom and the lack of an older the shoulder boulder holder. BAHAHAHA!
Hey, Q handled the new bed pretty great, so here's to hoping Em does, too! Now, granted, he has a baby gate on his door so that he doesn't have free reign of the house at 5 a.m. - he hasn't quite learned how to sleep in. As for potty training, I'm no support- Q has practically trained himself, don't hate me! ;) That just means I'll have a heck of a time with Sprig when it's her turn ya know...

Melissa said...

i love posts like this! I'm ok w/ them all the time! in fact, you've inspired me to do one, too! :)

i love the post you hope you get to write for us! That made me laugh! I wish that for you too, patti!

yeahhhh storytime....that's just wow. I know some ppl think it's fine to breast feed till a kid is, you know, older than i would!! But i have said before that if they're old enough to say "i want some titty, mama!" then they're too OLD!!!! Yes, i did hear a child say that in my nanny days... Not one of the kids i was nannying though! I'd taken her to a mother's day out & it was another kid... :)GROSS! So sorry to have that image burned in your eyes!! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I've been potty training and I've gotten NOTHING done. Absolutely nothing! I tried to go to the kitchen and we left the potty chair...and she peed. Oh goodness! If you get that closet cleaned you are my HERO - and this is my first time at your blog!

Julia said...

I'm with Melissa on being ok with more posts like this one, they make me feel better about all my random thoughts! :)

I just wanted to say good for you, Patti, for figuring out what things make for a better, more productive day (coffee & getting out of the house), and trying to make some new routines for yourself! Not always easy, but always good!

I also wanted to say good luck and hang in there with Ems and all her "big girl" training. I think you are very wise to start those things now, instead of waiting till you are closer to your due date, more exhausted, and with lots more to do. It might feel like it's taking forever now, but in a few months you'll be SO happy to have them checked off your list before little brother/sister gets here!

(It is to bad though that you won't still be breastfeeding Ems when #2 arrives...I saw a picture on a parenting blog of a mom breastfeeding her 3-4 year old and her newborn at the same time... Wow. You could even one-up the library lady :) Or not!)