Monday, March 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} Nothing much going on this Monday. Having a playdate, cleaning up the kitchen from the aftermath of a fun weekend....oh and FINDING OUT THE GENDER OF OUR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm praying that he/she isn't feeling modest. Boy or girl, I'm jazzed. Last time I was pretty determined to have a girl. Thankfully that worked out. This time I am much less stressed out. :)

{2} Can I just say that 2.5 is the absolute worst age to take grocery shopping??? Seriously. But on the flip side, can I say this is the cutest age for imaginative play.

{3} Speaking of imaginative play, Brett and I made somewhat of an impulsive purchase on Saturday morning. We went to Costco for some medicine and left with a couple other items, including an outdoor playhouse. Costco has carried a playhouse off and on for the past couple of years and Emersyn LOVES it. She loves to go inside and pretend she's cooking, open and shut the doors and windows, etc. As we were watching her enjoy the house, we thought to ourselves, "why not?". We've been wanting to create a space in our teeny tiny quaint little backyard for her but it's hard to think of what to do. The house will be a great place to play rain or shine and I know without a doubt that she will love it. She doesn't have many toys, I mean, she's not deprived in any way but we've tried to be more minimalistic in the toy department. I am so excited to get the house put together and see her enjoy it. It's nice that she's an age where she can be outside and I can be in the kitchen keeping an eye on her and cooking, cleaning, etc.

{4} Ever since I got pregnant I've had much more tolerance and patience for TV. I'm not saying this is a good thing but it's the truth nonetheless. One show that I used to not be able to stand was "Celebrity Apprentice" but now I'm kinda into it even though it's two hours. I really should get into knitting or something though, it's always nice to be productive while watching TV but I guess I am being productive in the fact I'm growing a human.

{5} Speaking of shows, one of my favorite new ones is being cancelled. "Perfect Couples" is on NBC and it's hilarious. It takes place in Portland and Brett and I really enjoy it. They are replacing it with the "Paul Reiser" show. Remember him from "Mad About You"? I'm so irate....who's going to watch a middle aged guy who was famous 10 years ago's show?!? I hope no one watches it so they bring back "Perfect Couples".

{6} Raise your hand if you get super confused by the thrifty and frugal blogs who tell you how you can get 83 free tubes of toothpaste if you just follow 17 easy steps. *raises both hands*

Okay, enough until tomorrow where I reveal what Emersyn's sibling is going to be!!!!!!!!


Tiffany said...

I am raising BOTH HANDS!!!! I am trying to use coupons, but really??? Who needs that much toothpaste?


And I'm really curious if/how/when you are going to change your blog :)

MICHELE said...

Visiting from MM.
I love love love your daughter's name. I just had our boy 10 weeks ago, and know what you mean about being determine to have a girl the first time, but not caring (too much) about the second one.

I just had to laugh about the thrifty and frugal blogs...I am two hands and two feet confused. I just don't see how they do it. I want to, but I don't get it! :)

Hope you find out boy or girl for sure today! Good luck.

Tyler said...

I am so excited to find out if Emersyn will have a baby brother or sister!! I will NOT be waiting until tomorrow ;) I will fb stalk, email, tweet, or do whatever needed! LOL Hope you have a wonderful appointment. So excited

Melissa said...

HAHA! This was cute & fun to read! I'm excited about Emersyn's playhouse! She looks ecstatic!!! :)