Friday, March 25, 2011

Boy or Girl??

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Psalm 139:13

On Tuesday I had an OB appointment and heard the heartbeat again. Unlike Emersyn, this baby has no problem letting us hear his/her heart. Ems was a little trickier. My doc couldn't find it when I was 12 weeks with E (okay, I need to stop calling her E since both of this next baby's name possibilities start with E....that's going to be hard to get used to!!) but I did get a bonus ultrasound because of that. Can't say I hated that. :) We did finally hear Emersyn's heartbeat at 18 weeks but even then it was hard to find. The last two times I've been to the dr, THIS baby has been super compliant and we've found the heart beat right away. Everytime I hear that familiar swish swish in the doppler, I'm so thankful for the baby that God has given us.

Several friends have asked me what we *prefer* gender wise so I thought it would blog it out.

Initially I was horrified at the thought of having a boy. Not because I don't like boys, I do!!! I just think of myself as a mommy of girls and that's just what I envision for our family because obviously, we already have a girl. :) As my thoughts evolved though, I've grown rather fond of the idea of a boy. :)

My thoughts on having another girl: okay, SUPER easy. We already have EVERYTHING. No literally, like EVERYTHING. Clothes, nursery decor, etc. The only new clothes she would get are the ones that match her big sister. I'm obsessed with matching girls, I think it's just darling and I will so be THAT mom that dresses her daughters alike often and for all special occasions. They don't have to matchy match but coordinate for SURE. I think two little girls would be SO cute and Brett would love a house full of women, ha!! I never had a sister and always wanted one. I think I am equipped to mother a girl and teach her how to be a Proverbs 31 woman, hopefully I'll have it all figured out anyways by the time she's old enough to understand what that is, ha!

My thoughts on having a boy: well, it's something new which is always exciting. Since I *think* we'll be done at two kids, one of each is perfect. I wouldn't worry as much about being able to love a boy as much because he would be my FAVORITE boy and Ems would always be my FAVORITE girl! Easy, right? I have a little brother and although we didn't get along the greatest when we were little, I adore him now. Brett would be so cute with a boy. New boy clothes, new boy room, new new new. It's a fun thought. I've always heard that little boys LOVE their mama's differently then little girls too.

Either way, I'm very excited. Since we were SO not anticipating this little one's arrival, I have no doubts that he or she is going to be very special and the biggest blessing of our lives aside from Emersyn. I was telling Brett the other night that a year from now we're going to look at our two kids and feel like we are the luckiest parents in the world.

My appointment is on Monday at 4:30. I have a playdate that morning, then hopefully a nap and then off to my dr.'s office. I'll send out a text from the dr's office and try to update my blog that night after we go to dinner with family.

On Monday I can start practicing our family signature for Christmas cards. Eeeeek!! :) :)

Have a wonderful weekend. I'm going on a date with my manny tomorrow night! We SO need it....we've been needing it ever since our traumatic flight home from Hawaii. PF Changs (gift card from Christmas, whoo hoo) and movie (also gift card), here we come!!


LeAnna said...

I'm thinking a girl, but I'm always wrong. So....take that for what it's worth. Ha! I better be on that texting list!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

i totally feel ya, i feel the same way about having girls & i want two as well!

but then i think boys are so cute & fun too!! & less drama for most of them haha.

i cannot WAIT to hear what you are having! I know you will be thrilled either way & it will be perfect for your little family. I can't wait to hear these E names! :)


Sherrie said...

I am so excited for you. I have a feeling it's a girl..but a boy would be great too. I love having a boy :) Ems and this new little baby will be so close-Maddie and Ash are two years apart and so cute together. I will be awaiting the text! ~S

Danielle said...

Hey there!
Just started reading your blog three weeks ago and love it..and congrats on your new baby! As for the gender statement, I can assure that little boys are fun as well, so don't worry! I was just like you at one time where I wanted to be a mother of all little girls, being in a housefull of pink, seeing a daddy's girl, the dresses, tutus.etc. I was blessed with two girls so I felt fortunate and lucky and when I found out I was expecting my third baby and first boy, I felt a bit numb and disappointed. It's not that I don't like boys either, but you know what I mean hehe. However, the disappointment lasted only about 15 minutes max because just looking at his ultrasound made my heart melt. My pregnancy with my son was the best pregnancy I had out of all..hardly any sickness or anything, plus I had tons of fun shopping for little boys clothes, all the cute blue and overalls they have..made me go insane to buy them..and now he has a closet full..getting so spoiled ahh! He's 2.5 now and the love of my life no doubt..and I really feel closer to him than with my girls are more daddy's girls and would prefer him than me LOL, but my son tends to prefer both of us the same..I don't why, but he loves us the same and doesn't really show any favortism. He's dead drop gorgeous too it just makes me want to cry. That said, I'm incredibly happy I didn't get my house full of girls because then I wouldn't have my little man, though I am very happy to have girls too(would be so upset if I didn't have at least one). I am pregnant with #4 and am really really really WANTING another boy..and am now fearing I will have another girl!! I love the sister bond between my girls and I soo want my son to have that by giving him a brother because I feel he will feel a bit left out for not having a brother. However, all sibling bonds are very special b/c all of my kids are incredibly daughters ADORE my son and treat their baby brother as if they were his "mammas" too if you have a boy and a girl..the bond will just as perfect as any sibling type ;). Good luck! Either way this baby will be a blessing to your family!

~Danielle G.