Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

*I have a vacation recap post in the works but just haven't had the energy to finish it. I haven't had much energy at all really, it's so weird. I feel like I'm back in the first trimester again. I didn't take a single nap in Hawaii and had almost no nausea. A lot of my time in Hawaii was spent lounging by a pool though which is almost the equivalent to napping really. Coming back to the time zone change plus day light savings was a bit brutal. Yesterday was our first day back in reality and we had a coffee date at the mall which was wonderful. Ems had a tough time falling asleep and was up late so I decided to let her sleep in as long as she wanted and skip bible study if she didn't wake up in time for it. She slept until after 10am!!!!! I got to sleep too and it was wonderful. We got up, had breakfast and then I could barely keep my eyes open which was so weird considering I had gotten so much extra sleep. I put in "Up" for Emersyn to watch and slept for another two hours on the couch during the movie. I guess my body is just catching up on sleep. Hoping it gets better as the week goes on!!

*Yesterday I decided to bake Brett a special treat and they turned out SO good!! I had leftover puff pastry left from my brie at Christmas so I made apple turnovers. They were really easy and delicious. Brett couldn't stop going on and on about them and it made me happy. :) Here's the recipe if you're interested!

*The weather in Oregon STINKS. It's cold and rainy and we are just over it! Poor Ems gets cabin fever so easily and we love to go on walks but it's just not any fun in the pouring down rain. Oy.

*This weekend we are going to transition Ems to her big girl bed. We are going to attempt to take away her binkies simultaneously. We've really been pumping up the "big girl" aspect to her new bed and how big girls don't need binkies, etc. I have a Groupon for Build-A-Bear that we are going to use on Saturday as a new big girl toy for her to sleep. I think she'll like it, she's never made one before! I'll keep you posted on how all that goes. :) Wish us luck.

*Less then two weeks until our big gender ultrasound. I am so excited to find out what we are having...then the planning can really start. I found a quilt that I really like for Emersyn but I'm waiting to see if we are going to have to buy boy bedding first. If we have to buy two new sets of bedding, we'll have to explore some more affordable options. :)

Isn't this darling though? It's from Pottery Barn Kids....oh how I miss my 40% off discount.

*We rented "Life as we know it" this past weekend with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. It was really cute! I love a good chick flick.


Tiffany said...

Is that bedroom set the "big girl" version of what you have? The birds look similar. So cute!

Melissa said...

Ooh, i bet you are tired! When i come back from a vacation, i always say i need a vacation from my vacation! And i'm not even pregnant! LOL. But it is tiring even if the vaca was WONDERFUL! just the travel, ugh. So it's totally understandable that y'all are sacked out! Glad you got some extra rest!

I will have to see Life as we Know It!

LOVE that bedding! GORGEOUS! (I heart potterybarn.)

Sherrie said...

That bedding is really cute. Perhaps it will go on sale?! I want one at PB for our bed-I keep waiting to see if they are going to discount it. ~S