Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Tidbits- Hawaiian Style :)

Hanging out with my mama!


It's been awhile since I blogged so I thought I would take this rainy Kauai morning to post a bit of an update!

*Last weekend I went on an incredible women's retreat that deserves a whole other post of it's own. More to come on that later!

*On Monday I accomplished more in one day then I have probably in my entire pregnancy. I cleaned, packed, shopped, cleaned some more, packed some was exhausting but also I knew that it would all be worth it.

*Tuesday travel day. Woke up at 6:30am, needed to leave by 7:30. I took a shower the night before and all we needed to do was toss last minute toiletries into the suitcase and get Ems up and ready. At 7 I was mostly ready to go so I decided to check us into our flight which I know was ridiculously late but sometimes I think online check in is kind of pointless. Plus, we were going to wait to print our boarding passes at the airport. I got onto my email to get the confirmation code and saw that the airline had sent out the confirmation flight email the day before. I looked at the itinerary and it said our flight left at 8:00am.
8:00am!?!?! Immediately I start to panic and scream for Brett. At this point it's like 7:15 and we feel absolutely helpless. I get on the phone and call Hawaiian Airlines to figure out what we can do and while I'm on the phone I look and see that a couple hours following the confirmation email, Hawaiian had sent out a "my bad" email saying that the previous email was incorrect. UGH!!!!!! It was totally stressful and I seriously was so relieved that it had been an error. However, it was a good lesson regarding the importance of checking on your flight the day before. My incredible friend Caitlin took us to the airport, despite the fact that she had sliced the tip of her thumb off the night before and spent two hours in the ER and her daughter was sick. If there was a test of friendship, she passed. :)

*Emersyn initially was TERRIFIED of the pool. We got her a darling swim suit, hat, life vest, pool floaty, pool toys, etc. She was NOT interested. The first day we went in she screamed on the side of the pool saying she would go to bed, she wanted to cuddle with my mom on the side of the pool, any sort of excuse. It only took about ten minutes of her gently clinging to us for dear life for her to relax and she's LOVED it ever since. There is a pretty big pool at our resort and there's a kiddie pool too. Only we're not allowed to call it the kiddie pool because Emersyn refused to go in it because according to her, she didn't want to swim with "kitty's". Now we call it the little girl pool. :) It's so fun to see her enjoying the water!

Here are some other random pics....gotta love taking pics on the iPhone!

Every morning at 9am the resort feeds the MASSIVE pond full of koi fish! It's incredible sight to see, literally hundreds of fish swarming to eat.

One the fish guy feeds the fish, he brings out a tray of food for the people watching to hand out. Brett puts the food in his hand and can feel the fish sucking it out of his palm. Eeeeek, I couldn't do it! Ems LOVED feeding the is a pic of her feeding them last time we were here...

That's it for now. More to come later I'm sure. :)

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