Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hawaii Highlights

(I realize that this is kinda anti-climactic now that I've been home for over a week but for the sake of memory recording, I'm posting it anyways)

Instead of doing a traditional day by day post for our vacation, I decided to just cover some of the highlights. I love me some bullet points. :)

*My favorite restaurant in Kauai is by FAR Dukes Canoe Club which just happens to be located next to our resort. We had so many fun memories there from Fish Taco Tuesdays to our special dinner in honor of Gigi. The prices are SO reasonable and they have a fabulous salad bar that Emersyn adores, even though her favorite item is the olives. Nasty. We had a beautiful ocean view for all of our meals and it was just so wonderful.

*On our last night there was a rehearsal dinner going on at our resort that I'm pretty sure cost more then our entire wedding and honeymoon combined. There was a buffet, open bar, live entertainment....the works. I started thinking about how magical it would be if Emersyn got married in Hawaii. I told Brett that we should start saving up now, why now? We can afford to save $20/mo. By the time Ems gets married that would be plenty right?? Then Brett revealed that if Emersyn got married at 22 like we did and we were to save $20/mo until then....well, we'd have a whopping $4800 budget.

Sad. Guess we'll have to start looking into other venues. :) We had good laugh over my non-existent estimating skills though.

*Besides the large pool area, there was a kiddie pool with a slide too. For the first few days Emersyn refused to even consider going to the kiddie pool. After some probing, we discovered that she thought it was a pool for cats. Even though she likes cats, she didn't care to swim with them which I totally get. Once we started calling it the little girl pool she was in. :)

*My favorite memory by far of Hawaii was singing in the pool with Emersyn. For some reason she would totally lose all her shyness and totally sing her heart out. There was one day that it was raining but we decided to go swimming anyways. We were the only ones in the pool and we sang Yo Gabba Gabba songs in the rain and it was just so so fun.

*My parents room had a full length mirror that Emersyn had a lot of fun with. She liked shaking her booty at the girl in the mirror.

*We went to a time share presentation at the resort just up the street from my parents resort. As always, it was amusing. I think my favorite sales pitch was that we are really depriving our daughter of life experiences by ONLY taking her to Hawaii and we need to buy our own time share to expose her to more. Brett and I laughed about Emersyn isn't even three yet and she's been to Hawaii twice. I'd say we're doing a fine job of exposing her to life and culture. Another pitch they tried to say was that we probably get tired of travelling with my family because of the obligation. Um, I'm pretty sure anyone would love to be obligated to go to Hawaii with family. Just sayin'. :)

*The plane ride home was the worst experience in my entire life. Emersyn refused to sleep and she was delirious and miserable. I felt the same way, only I wasn't screaming. She never fails to crack me up though....I was talking to Brett for the last 20 min of our flight and I told him that I couldn't believe that E didn't sleep at ALL and Ems leans over and yells, "I'll probably just sleep in the car".

We won't be flying again for a long time. Seriously.

*And now....some picture highlights! :)


LeAnna said...

Gorgeous pics, girlfriend! Haha, terrible, that obligation to go to Hawaii with family. :P Some peoples are cuhhhrayzee!

Melissa said...

Those pics are so cute! Three things:

1- i cannot believe that sales person told you those things! Give me a break!!!!

2- The kitty pool thing cracks me up! :)

3- i'm a terrible estimator too! i laughed at that!! :)