Thursday, March 24, 2011

A girl, her binkies, and a big girl bed.

Last Saturday we decided that Emersyn was going to be saying goodbye to her binkies and hello to a big girl bed.

We started our morning off with our usual Saturday morning Starbucks visit.

We let Emersyn bring alll her binkies so that she could spend just a little more quality time with them before she said goodbye. For the last year or so, we have only let her have her binkies in bed and sometimes in the car.

Emersyn was lost in thought that morning, clearly contemplating what a binky-less life was going to look like.

We had a heart to heart conversation and Emersyn expressed her concerns over giving up her binkies.

Finally Emersyn agreed it was the best thing to do but asked for some moments alone to savor the comforting pieces of rubber and plastic that she's come to adore over the last two years of her life.

Ems had her usual bagel and water to give her some fuel for the big day ahead.

We went to Build-a-bear where I had decided that Emersyn would surrender her binkies in exchange for a new stuffed animal. Ems picked out a cute and cuddly doggy.

She picked him out and made the long walk to the stuffing machines. You can just see the bravery in her face.

While waiting her turn, she got in some more good sucks.

She gathered up her binkies and prepared to make the trade.

The trade is complete at this point. Daddy forgot to take a picture of the actual trade because he was too emotional and almost teary eyed busy watching Ems and her reaction. I also was emotional and almost teary eyed watching and didn't think to take a picture. The trade was perfect though, no resistance on Emersyn's part at all.

Emersyn helped the lady stuff her new doggy. Also, is it just me or is this the cutest outfit ever?!!

Watching the doggy get sewn up.

Kisses for the new doggy. He's perfect!!!

Time to clean him up!

And then time to name him. We decided to name him.....BINKY!!

Later that night....

Binky gets the big girl bed all ready for Emersyn.

Time for bed!

Good night!!

The morning after.....

She survived!!!

People have asked me if I will do binkies again with this next baby. My answer is absolutely. Though Emersyn turned into a binky hoarder and insisted on sleeping with at least 3 of them in the last few months, they were an instant source of comfort to her in the car, when she was sick, etc. They bought me many nap times, many easy bed times and I really adored them. I think we picked a great time to take them away too. I've heard that you should take these kinds of things away by age 1 but I appreciated the way they comforted her.

The first time that Ems slept in her bed it was perfect, she didn't make a peep. I was SO proud and even got a little cocky thinking, Brett and I really should teach a class on how to make the big girl bed transition because it was PERFECT.

I recalled that thought very quickly the next night though. Ems had a really rough bedtime and was just not being reasonable. The funny thing is, she never asked for her binkies, she just didn't want to sleep in her big girl bed. Knowing my daughter, I think a lot of it was just stubborness. We had a couple rough nights but now we're fine. Initially Brett regretted taking away the binky and transitioning her out of her crib at the same time but I never did. It had to be done and it was very logical that you don't have binkies in a big girl bed. Him and I get stressed over different things, it's kinda funny. :)

Nap times have been okay. I've been bribing her with things that I was planning on doing anyways if she takes a good nap, like doing an art project, going to the store, going on a walk, etc. It's been taking her FOREVER to fall asleep (for example, she's been in bed for an hour and she's singing the ABC's loudly) but she always falls asleep. Today if she takes a good nap she gets to go to Trader Joes, one of her favorite places!! :)

I love being able to go into her room at night and kiss her cheeks before I go to bed. I could watch her sleep for hours, she's just so precious. I know she's going to grow up SO fast when the new baby comes and I'm trying to savor these last months alone with her.

Next step: potty training. I'll probably wait a week or so just so that it's not TOO much change at once for her. I think she's ready, she just needs more patience on the potty. :)


Kristi said...

Way to go Emersyn! Love when they are in the big kid beds. So fun to cuddle with them. Good luck with potty's rough, but you just gotta stick with it! Andrew has been potty trained for over a year but he still wears diapers at nap & bed time. For some reason, he just can't figure that part out!

Melissa said...

WOOHOO! It seems like it went really well! I love how ya'll did the binkies/big girl bed at the same time! It does make sense that a girl can't have binkies in a big girl bed haha! Love it. :) Way to go! I hope the potty training is just as easy! ;) (Not that this was easy but you know what i mean!)

MiMi said...

Love your Blogs!!
Love you!