Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thursday Tidbits & Random Pics

*The other night while my mom was in town we went to Best Teriyaki for dinner. We didn't order Ems her own dinner, figuring she could eat off our big portions. When my mom tried to give her some rice, Emersyn said, "It's cheese-bare-ger (cheeseburger) is coming!". I think she grew a little too accustomed to cheeseburgers while my mom was visiting!!

*This week I am feeling a little fried. It's an adjustment getting used to a new schedule with Brett's work weeks. I am realizing the importance of being prepared for the week by the time the week starts on Monday morning. This week I was not prepared, thus we have eaten out every night and my fridge is BARE. I need to be better about scheduling time at home. What can I say though, I'm a social girl. :)

Emersyn and her cousins....
Genevieve, Annabel and Penelope...Uncle Brandon & Aunt Marcy's new puppy!
*A couple nights ago Brett was driving too fast around a corner and Emersyn exclaims, "Oh! Daddy tipping Mommy over!"

*My mother-in-law told me that the other day Emersyn told her "Gigi in Heaven with Jesus on an airplane....Mommy crying...Mommy miss her". How precious is that?

*The other day I was extremely irritated mildly upset with my husband regarding a particular issue (don't get me started....) and expressed my concerns to him on the phone. After I hung up Emersyn goes, "ohhh....Daddy naughty!". Hahahaha.

Emersyn and Estella enjoying the leaves!
*I am making THIS yummy pumpkin bar recipe this weekend for a get together. It's not so much a bar though, it's more of a pumpkin cake but it's YUMMY!

*After years and years (literally) of offering, I am finally going to take my neighbor up on her offer to let me clean and organize my house. I am stoked. Sherrie is an amazingly clean and organized person. I know a lot of people give her a hard time about it but it's only because we are all J E A L O U S!! I think that we all have our talents in life and organizing is NOT one of mine. I'm hoping we can make some progress before the holidays but I'm not holding my breath. Life is busy for both of us. :) You know I'll be taking before and after pic and blogging through the progress!!

Emersyn and baby Sophia

*I am really wanting some grey nail polish. It's all about grey it seems this fall. Is it gray or grey??

*This might be my favorite quote EVER……A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. ~Herm Albright

I love my girl.


Dara Wills said...

You're a DUCK fan! I never knew that! If your neighbor isn't too spendy, I might just hire her to come organzie my house, too.

sister sheri said...

Gray or grey? Really? I feel a bit washed out when I wear grey or gray. But might be interesting on my nails.

Sue and Kevin said...

I Love my Girls too!