Friday, October 12, 2012

Fill in the blank Friday

1.  My favorite flower is   tulips, peonies, roses....I love wildflower mixes too in bud vases throughout the house. :)
2.  You should never talk about  bodily fluids or functions at the dinner table. The other day we were out to dinner with my husband extended family and for some reason my mother in law was talking about dog poop and how it gets all over the lawn mower wheels. Emersyn was horrified, ha ha. She whispered to me, "why is Nana talking about poop at the dinner table??". I told I wasn't sure, ha. 
3.  My favorite discovery as of late is  Marshalls. I'm slightly addicted...I've found so many great bargains there. My normally brand snob husband will wear clothes from there! I've gotten him several "Paper Denim and Cloth" brand shirts there for $14.99. This is amazing!! This is the man that usually spends $60+ on a shirt. (Though he doesn't buy them very often). I've also found cute shoes and clothes there too!

4. This fall you will probably find me wearing    jeans, hoodies, cardigans, TOMS, and yoga pants at home. 
5. I wish I were  more organized!! And craftier. And more motivtated. Okay, I'll stop there...I could go on and on.

6. My favorite TV show currently is made me cry this week!! Such a well done show, great acting and realistic plots. I also love me some New Girl. Schmidt is my favorite. CRUSHING IT!!! Hahaha.

7.  This weekend I want to  make wonderful memories with my family! Tomorrow we're going on the Mt. Hood Railroad.......SOOOOOO excited!! My kids are going to love it and I love that just my little family is going. We're going to have a blast.

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