Sunday, February 26, 2012

6 months

Everett David, you are 6 months old!! Despite my daily pleas to quick growing up so quickly you continue to grow grow grow. I am so thankful for your joyful demeanor. The Lord truly blessed my soul when He gave you to me. You are the light of my life and I love you in a way I didn't know was possible!

Here are your stats:
*You're holding steady at about 16.5 pounds. You had a stomach bug this past week that caused you to lose a little weight (lucky, ha!). When I took you into the dr. your weight seemed to have stayed the same since I took you in for your 4 month appointment (which was when you were about 5 months).
*You wear a 6-9 months size in clothes and a size three diaper.
*No teeth yet, though you are teething like crazy!!
*You enjoy rice cereal and we'll be introducing some solids this week.

Here is a picture of you and your big sister at the same age, do you think you look alike?

I don't really see it as much as I did when you were younger. You guys definitely have the same nose and mouth but very different eyes. One thing is for sure, you're both so darn cute!!

This past month of your life has been an exciting one! You experienced your first Superbowl, the NE Patriots (Daddy's favorite team) against the NY Giants. Sadly, the Giants won.

I bought this Patriot's onesie for your Daddy's first Father's Day when you sister was in my tummy. It was fun to see you wear it again, just like Emersyn did for her first Superbowl. Only for her first Superbowl, the Patriots weren't even playing! I like your tough guy face in the picture above you. It looks so silly on your normally jubilant face.

I loved your little football socks.

You are quite the ladies man, almost always surrounded by beautiful girls. We had some friends over for dinner a couple weeks ago and took some cute pictures of you and Emma. Emma is only 6 days older then you are!

You two are sure to be good friends.

Your favorite person in the world (other then mommy of course) is your sister. Whenever I even say her name your eyes light up. We usually call her "sister". I wonder if you'll call her by a nickname the way my brother did when I was growing up. To this day when David calls me Patti it gives me the creeps....he has called me Sis for nearly 25 years, why change it up now??

You and Emersyn have such a special bond. I love watching you both become better friends and playmates.

Here you are looking darling as ever in the bathtub. You got a LOT of baths this past week with your stomach bug.

You celebrated your first Valentine's Day! Your great grandma Inglis sent you this cute card.

You still love being swaddled and have started falling asleep to your special lullaby CD that says your name in the songs. You like personal space when falling asleep and prefer just to be laid down to fall asleep instead of cuddled. Emersyn was the same way. I miss the days of you snoozing in my arms.

You are so unbelievably handsome.

Mommy nearly blacked out when she saw how darling you were in this hat at "Crazy 8" at the mall. I just had to get it for you and you will wear it for Easter. You haven't had any hats really other then your cute beanies. I need to not try hats on you because I'm pretty sure I will have to buy whatever you try on due to your cuteness!!!

Here you are hanging out with Daddy and laughing at your sister.

I took you to the Dr. this past week for your stomach bug. We had to wait an hour to see the dr. since they were running behond. The dr. was so apologetic, especially since once he finally saw you and determined there was nothing they could do for you since this is a virus. I told him that I didn't mind waiting since I got some cute pictures of you checking yourself out in the mirror. Sometimes you smile SO big that I think your face is going to explode from joy!

I booked the park for your first birthday this past week. I can't believe in 6 months that big day will arrive, wow. I am excited to plan a special celebration for your party. The theme will coordinate with your nursery, just like Emersyn's first birthday party will. I wonder if Miss Rachelle will help me design custom birthday invitations like she did so cutely for your baby shower (just putting that out there early Rachelle!!). :)

I am so excited to introduce you to some of your extended family in California next month. I am sure you will bring them the same joy that you do to your daddy and I. This will be your first trip on an airplane!

I thank God for you every single day and pray that He uses me to be the best mommy I can be for you and your sister. I love you sweet boy!!!

Love, Mama


Rachelle said...

Love the {not so} subtle invite hint! ha! I will totally do something for you... maybe even with the same owl? Hmmm.... we can talk!

Melissa said...

He is PRECIOUS! I mean, sooo stinking cute! Love it!