Monday, February 6, 2012

Miscellany Monday

{1} I am almost done with "The Hunger Games" trilogy. I started book one while we were in Sunriver last weekend and got hooked after some initial reservations. It's very entertaining, I must admit. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the third book and it's the slowest book so far. It's probably good it's not as gripping as the other two though. I may or may not have sorta neglected my home and family to read them a few days last week. ;)

Staying entertained at the Superbowl

{2} Saturday was my birthday! Do I sound older and wiser to you? I am officially in my early 30's (thank you for the reminder Caitlin). I had a nice day on Saturday, enjoyed the sunshine with my family, both kids slept in AND took long naps at the same time (a gift in and of itself!!!), and then went to dinner with Brett. It was low key but great. Last night I went out with some girlfriends to continue the celebration and indulged in a pomegranate martini (I can actually hear my mother gasping out loud in MN as she reads this) and it was delicious, every last drop.

{3} I made alfredo sauce from scratch on Friday night for approx. 20 people and it turned out great. I used this recipe here: Chicken Fettucini Alfredo Who knew there was so much butter and cheese in alfredo? Kidding.

{4} I am in complete denial of how old my son is. He is nearly 6 months old....I can hardly believe it. Where is the pause button?? He is teething like cah-razy and I keep waiting for one of the little teeth to bust through.

{5} A friend of mine gave me two big bags of hand me down clothes for ME and I'm jazzed. She is way cuter and more stylish then I am so this really works out for me. I've never really enjoyed the benefits of hand me downs as an adult. I promise to pass the clothes on to someone else someday long as they aren't stained with spit up, snot or some other childish bodily fluid. :)

{6} I wish Brett and I could have a date night every week.

Ems at her first Superbowl. Everett wore the same onesie!

{7} My house smells weird right now and it's bugging me. It's either (1) the trash (2) the fireplace (3) the garbage disposal. Last year when we turned on the fireplace for the first time, apparently a little critter had gotten into the fireplace filter area outside and met a fiery death. My house proceeded to smell like a dead little critter which is possibly the worst smell ever. The remedy was to just have the fireplace on a lot so you can essentially cook the smell away (totally just threw up in my mouth, so sick to talk about and possibly blog post inappropriate but whatever). I'm hoping that it's just the trash and once Brett's get home, he can figure it out for sure. He's a lucky man.

{8} I'd like to apologize for #7 of this post. So gross but so on my mind and it's MY blog so there.

{9} I'm sorry if #8 sounded rude, that wasn't my intention. :)

{10} New favorite show in the world: New Girl. HILARIOUS.


Melissa said...

HA! You crack me up! Welcome to the 30's. I didn't realize i'm so much older than you are! Geez! I'm about to be 34. Okay, so it's not THAT much difference! I miss you!!

P.S. omg. your son is freaking adorable.

Vanessa said...

See! I told you the Hunger Games was intriguing! It's a page turner for sure, especially the second book. I literally read the entire second book in one sitting until 4am. I just couldn't put it down.

Also, your house smell... that's suspicious... and if it's something in your gas fireplace again, call my dad and have him come clean it out! That's why he does!

And I'm SOOOOOO happy to be able to share my clothes with you! I don't know about being especially stylish, but at least YOU think so! ;) haha!

Love you friend! xoxo

MiMi said...

So glad you had a great Birthday Weekend!
Okay, I did read about the Martini twice to make sure I read correctly! All I ask is that you & your gal pals drive after drinking! I love you too much!!!

MiMi said...