Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday!

Ooops, I totally forgot to blog yesterday!! Maybe one of these days I'll get some posts written in advance and schedule them to post but for now, you'll have to take what you can get. :)

Yesterday we celebrated Emersyn's Great Grandma's 95th birthday. I helped out with the party and we were gone almost the entire day so that's why the lack of blog posting occurred. Above Ems is snuggling with her Great Grandma Stanton, who is holding Kennalee, Emersyn's third cousin? It's Brett's cousin's granddaughter...not sure what that makes her to Emersyn. To the right of E is Annabel, Emersyn's cousin. We had a fun day and Ems did great, despite no nap and a LOT of new faces.

Today we had a lovely morning at church, celebrating Palm Sunday. We got up in time to start our celebration at Starbucks too, whoo hoo! It was a sunny morning so Ems and I had to get a picture in our sunglasses.

After church we headed over to celebrate of Emersyn's best buddy's third birthday!! Happy birthday Sanjana, thank you for having us over today. We got Sanji a darling owl purse from one of our favorite toy stores, Piccolo Mondo. She loved it and I was thrilled.

Brett's out replacing our brakes, Emersyn's napping and I surely should be doing something productive but alas, I just don't want to. After nap time, we are heading down to Al's Garden Center to make a hanging basket. We have done one with Ems every year since she's been born and it's such a fun tradition. Plus, it's a beautiful day to be out and about!

Happy Sunday everyone!!


LeAnna said...

That pic with Em and her great Grandma and cousins is just too precious! How sweet that Grandma gets to experience this time with the kids. That is so awesome. Hope you have a great week!

Sherrie said...

Ugh! One of these days I will remember to go to Al's and do a hanging basket! I forget every year. That is such a neat tradition :) ~S

The Journey of Our Lives said...

It's her second cousin once removed. ;) I love family connections. The easiest way to remember, each generation determines the first part. Brett and his cousin are cousins. Brett's child and cousin's child are second cousins. Brett's grandchild and cousin's grandchild would be third cousins. For every time to move off a generation line, you get a removal. So they are once removed. The cousin's grandchild would be Bretty's first cousin twice removed. Confusing I know! But hopefully that helps a little. You were blessed to marry into a large family so I'm sure there's lots of connections there! :)