Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting to know you Sunday

Once again, another late night post. I think that will just be a weekend thing though. We'll see. :) But I'm blogging daily so mission accomplished. I'm working on my laundry goal too and I bought some great supplies at the Dollar Tree for Emersyn's craft time. April is looking pretty good so far goals wise! :)

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the q's.

1. do you weigh yourself?

Yup, daily before I get in the shower. I like to keep an eye on things. :) Now that I'm pregnant I'm making sure I'm not gaining weight too rapidly!! Before, I was watching the number go down, slowly but surely.

2. what's the nastiest thing you've ever eaten?

Any oyster shooter.

3. snail mail or email?

Thank you notes, holiday greetings and heartfelt messages should be sent via snail mail. Email is my preferred method of communication over phone calls for sure!!

4. do you have any irrational fears...what are they?

Hahahaha. ( know the answer to this) Um, yes. I have too many to list really but basically any time my daughter and husband get into a car together without me, I am a nervous wreck. Any time my daughter is in a car with anyone besides me I am even more nervous. Today after lunch Emersyn went on a walk with her uncle and cousins and they were walking on a path which is high up along a river and even though there was a three feet patch of grass between where Emersyn was walking and the cliff, my heart was beating so fast as I watched her through a window at the restaurant. I know it's not logical that she's going to run and jump off a cliff, she's not even that adventurous of a child at all, but I just fear that somehow she's going to trip and fall. I could tell my in-laws and husband thought that was an irrational fear. :) I don't care though, I totally went out there and made her hold my hand, much to her dismay. When Emersyn was a baby and she slept longer then usual, I would almost faint from anxiety because I was sure she had died.
Yes, I am THAT mom.The crazy one that has irrational fears. :) Now the Lord is giving me a little boy who generally seem more daring then girls. Lord help this weak heart of mine!!!!

5. do you play an instrument?

I played the clarinet in high school and some percussion too. I can fake my way on the piano if I practice and have chords. :)

6. would you rather be bitten by a snake or attacked by a bear?

Um, neither? I think being bitten by a snake would be the least frigtening versus a large bear I guess.

7. do you ever go braless in public?


8. today i am thankful for........................?

My amazing husband who totally pulled over and cleaned me up when I had a massive bloody nose on the way home from dinner today. Sorry if that's too much TMI but I think a lot of men would have just handed over a Kleenex but he totally helped me and it was sweet. I'm also thankful for a little girl who totally knows how to melt my heart by singing songs while she plays. I'm also thankful for my steam mop which I used tonight and thus, am starting the week with shiny clean floors, hallelujah!!!

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Keely said...

i am right there with ya on the irrational fears..i have a lot more than i wrote down..

oh and i'd so much rather get an email than talk on the phone..but i would love to get as many letters in the mail as i get email..that would be fun..except most of them are junk ;-)

happy monday!