Monday, April 4, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} On Saturday night we rented "Morning Glory". I had high hopes for this movie but it only turned out to be okay in my opinion. It was kind of a strange style of movie was one of those movies that had a narrator and I kind of thought that it was just an intro thing but as the movie progressed, the narration continued and I noticed that it was really just stating the obvious, it wasn't witty or anything. Come to find out, Brett had messed with the settings to try to get the picture to zoom in on our PS3 and while he was doing that, he turned on some sort of closed caption style narration for blind people. We were laughing so hard because the narration was driving us crazy and it was in this really monotone female voice and it was just awful and we had endured it for a good 30 minutes. Maybe you had to be there but it was hilarious to us. It also kind of ruined the movie for us, ha! :)

{2} On Friday it was BEAUTIFUL here in Oregon. The sun was shining and it was in the 60's....I nearly busted out the shorts and tank tops. :) (All my southern friends are probably thinking how they would be busting out their scarves and mittens for 60 degrees) Anyways, I foolishly thought to bribe Emersyn with a trip to the park if she took a good nap. Well, she didn't take a good nap. But I still really wanted to go to the park. I needed to be strong though so I went up in Emersyn's room as she was wailing, sat on her bed and told her that she could come downstairs but we weren't going to be able to go to the park. She said frantically, "that's okay...I go downstairs, I don't wanna go to park". I think she was just desperate to leave her room. We hugged and I asked her if she wanted to say hi to baby Everett. She leaned down, kissed my tummy and said, "hi baby Everett..."She paused, looked up at me and them whispered to her baby brother, "I actually do want to go to the park".

We went to the park. I'm a sucker for whispering. :)

{3} Last night I went to the grocery store ALONE. I've always longed to be a woman that wanted to go to the store alone. Back when I was working I could go to the store alone any time I wanted, at that time I WANTED to take Emersyn with me. Now that I get to take her with me whenever I want (and now that's she's 2.5) I much prefer to go alone. I was able to go to three stores in half the time it would have taken with E. Yippee.

{4} Breaking news: this happened AS I was typing out number three...Ems found two binkies in my purse that I confiscated from my in-law's house to remove any temptations yesterday. There were a lot of tears, some shaking, an incident where she put the binky in her mouth and I had to remove it.....basically she fell off the wagon. We're going to Costco right after I'm done typing this so that she can forget about them. Hopefully.

{5} I think we found Everett's nursery theme! Still on the hunt for Emersyn's big girl room theme....


LeAnna said...

I totally laughed at #1, that sounds like something we would do! LOL! Hey, there is NOTHING like going to the grocery store by ones self. What have we become?!?! ;)

Kim said...

If I haven't told you already (which I think I did) but CONGRATULATIONS on having a BOY!! ;) So excited for you! Em's is going to be a great big sis. I find it easier going shopping without my 2.5 yr old as well, so much quicker and oh if/when you find out a solution on getting rid of that binky PLEASE let me know! =) I cannot seem to hide it or take it away from Hunter to save my life. He's attached and I wish he wasn't.Ha. PS: I read ur blog but haven't commented lately. Love reading ur post!! Take care this week ma'am!

Julia said...

OH My goodness that whispering would've totally had me, too. How sweet is that!? Can't you just see the two of them in a couple years, sharing secrets & conspiring together :) What a blessing siblings are! Adorable.

Kinda funny, I rented Morning Glory to help take my mind off another day stuck on the couch, but it never really pulled me in... no narrator though! That's hilarious--I can just see it "WHY did they think this made the movie better?" LOL. I also rented Life or something like it, and LOVED that one. So 1 for 2, not bad :)