Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Traditions

I'm not really sure why but I am obsessed a big fan of annual traditions, especially now that we have a daughter of our own. I always loved doing things with just Brett and I before we became parents but now that we have a little one to make memories for and with, it's just even more fun!!!

Al's Garden Center in Sherwood does this "plant your own" hanging basket event annually. Brett and I did one the year that I was pregnant with Emersyn and thought it would be a great family tradition and such a great spring thing to do. The hanging baskets are really affordable too because you plant your own, you don't buy them already bloomed and full. That's fine by me. :)

I remember the first year that this event came around when Emersyn was about 7 months old. I was kind of sulking that weekend because Brett had to work both Saturday and Sunday which meant that we weren't going to be able to make a basket and I was really sad about it. Then, on Sunday afternoon I looked at my precious baby and decided to just take the plunge and head out to Al's, just the two of us. It was such a memorable day for me because I remember making the decision not to wait around to make memories until all the conditions were perfect, like Brett not working on the weekends, etc. It was a big day for me emotionally.

This year (and last actually), my dreams had come true and Brett went with us! :) Ems was excited to roll up her sleeves and avoid getting dirty!

I love the look on her face....she's thinking "let's do this!".

Picking out plants. Note how gingerly she is holding it, totally avoiding touching any dirt.

This was another one of those "aha" parenting moments. Ems took FOREVER to fill up this pot with dirt. But she did it and I totally resisted the urge to get in there and help her. Sometimes you have to just stop and let your kids do things at their own sweet little pace. Why rush through these fun memory making events? Emersyn was SO proud of herself too and it was so fun to see her scooping the dirt.

Here's Ems with her basket this year and last. I can't believe this is the same child in only a year's difference! I can't bear to think of how grown up Ems will look this time next year and she'll have a little 7 month old baby brother to help as well!

After we made our hanging basket, we headed to a really neat park that isn't too far from the nursery. We went there last year around sunset to take some pictures and figured we'd carry on that tradition as well. :)

I'm so thankful for a husband and a little girl to make memories with and can't wait to see her with her little brother in these pictures next year.

Do you have any fun Spring traditions as a family? :)


Tiffany said...

I have a tradition of trying to make traditions that never stick :( My hubby isn't really into traditions and so it's a lot of work to remember what we did the year before and what to do this year. I greatly desire traditions but I have a hard time with them. I LOVE all of your traditions - so sweet! And next year you will have a little man to help you out too :)

Rachelle said...

Pretty much ANYTHING that we do fun this year, I am sure that I will want to do again next year. There are a lot of fun things we have done this year with Soph that I would LOVE to make a tradition, but we will see how it all works out next year.
One tradition that we have is celebrating (almost) all non-major holidays with some pretty fun people. (I think you might even know them) ;)

sister sheri said...

Patti - I love your comparison photos... and how much you love your family! You make me feel happy!

Sherrie said...

Patti-I love that you have traditions. It will be so fun for your kids to look back and have those memories and create some of their own once they have kids.

Our traditions are our annual Easter Egg hunt at our house, Tulip Festival and spring cleaning (ha ha). ~S