Monday, April 18, 2011

MIscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} I decided to get crafty for Brett's Grandma's birthday party and made these tissue paper puffs.

They were just as easy I had heard they were!! I got the instructions from this tutorial: Pom Poms How To.

{2} I hung out with a friend of mine today that I've known since Jr. High. Her daughter and Emersyn are just a month apart and we are expecting baby boys that will be just weeks apart. It was SO refreshing together with her and talk about life with toddlers and pregnancy. Our girls are very similar and so are our parenting styles and that makes for a really fun play date. :)

{3} It is STILL so cold here in Portland. The sun is shining this week but it's not even supposed to get to 60. Would some of my blog friends from sun loving places PLEASE send me some warmth!?!?!?

{4} We've decided to move the dresser that we use as a changing table into Emersyn's new big girl room and get an actual changing table for the nursery. We don't want to buy another white dresser since we plan on doing darker wood furniture for Everett someday so this is a good solution. I have found some good deals on changing tables on craiglist but I have yet to snag one. I've got plenty of time though.

{5} A friend of mine knows how much my brother loves bacon so she sent me this link to make bacon roses! SICK!!

Happy Monday!


OurLittleBlessingS said...

Love the pom poms!!! The bacon looks gross! Lol

Please do try to find me on fbk, im uner jessie can email me if u have problems! Ive been reading your posts daily, just havent had time to comment, sorry! Could u email me a pic of Ems crib bedding please? We are having another girl(!) and i have an idea of what im looking for! Thanks chica, hope u r feeling well!!

LeAnna said...

Okay, those bacon roses? My Husband would probably think I was PURE GENIUS if I made him some of those. He loves bacon. Wish you could have some of our warmth! Please send rain. We're the driest here since The Dust Bowl!

Rachelle said...

Way to tap in on some of that craftyness! I have never made pom-poms so maybe you could teach me sometime (could it be that the student has become the master?!?!?!)
You need to whip up some of those bacon roses to give to David at graduation. Pretty sure he would black out from sheer excitement!

sister sheri said...

Love the pom poms... and the bacon roses, too!

Melissa said...

HAHAHA - bacon roses?! EW!! The pom poms are fabulous!!! And i don't know how to send sunshine to you, but you are welcome to come visit me!!! :) :) Heehee!