Thursday, April 21, 2011


I don't have much to blog today. I'm kind of in a funk this evening. I miss Brett, he was gone Monday night, he's gone tonight, and the two nights he has been home he's either been watching a Blazer game or working. :( It's all good, that rarely happens and I'm thankful that Brett has a job that allows me to stay home but at the end of the day, I miss my hubby. Tonight he is over at my brother's house watching a playoff game and I'm happy they get to hang out together. I would have gone but the game will go until 10 and Ems just can't be out that late, it's not fair to her, especially since she's been waking up at the CRACK of dawn lately. By crack of dawn I mean 7am, I know that isn't early for some of you but she normally sleeps 'til between 7:45 and 8:30 so that's a big change for me, especially when I stay up too late the night before. :)

Let's not focus on the funk though, let's focus on something positive!

*Tomorrow I get my hair cut and colored while Ems goes over to a friends house!
*I get to host Easter dinner this year. I just found out about it today due to last minute circumstances. My in-laws are not planners. This is really hard for me, as if it were my choice we would have all of our holiday's planned a year out. :) It's okay though, we are all different and that doesn't make anyone right or wrong. I'm hoping I have enough time to throw together a pretty table. We'll see. I may be making more tissue pom poms since they're so cheap and easy. :)
*Whenever Emersyn puts her baby's to bed in their playpen, she always prays with them three times, just like we do with her when we put her to bed. It's absolutely precious I would love to figure out a way to video her doing it without her noticing. She whispers the sweetest prayers too..."thank you Jesus for our friends, for all the blessings in our lives, etc.". It's crazy how much she mimicks us and it's such a huge responsibility as a parent to remember that those sweet little ears are recording what they hear.

Okay, it's gonna be a great weekend! Happy Thursday night!


Melissa said...

Hi, my friend! I'm sorry you're in a funk. :( But looks like fun things are coming up! That is so cute, Emersyn praying. Love it!! :)


Rachelle said...

I am so excited to see how Easter turns out at your house! You are such a great host and I am sure that it will turn out amazingly!!!!!!
I am proud of you for stepping up and doing it because I know that you are the ULTIMATE planner...