Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Trip to the ZOO!!!

Last Thursday we took Emersyn to the zoo for the FIRST time!! We bought a membership after receiving an offer in the mail that we couldn't refuse! We had such a great time, got in a good walk, and Emersyn couldn't get enough of the animals!

The sea lions were our first stop. Emerysn was impressed at how big they were and waved at them.

She was especially attached to Twin, her beloved monkey. She insisted on holding him almost the entire time. Maybe she thought he would protect her from the big animals. It was pretty cute. :)

At the lion exhibit, I asked Emersyn what a lion said and when I roared, she cracked up!

Love this pink coat on her! These pics aren't even edited but the pink is so bright and dynamic!

Admiring the "big kitty". Emersyn squealed and laughed at him/her. :)


Watching the monkeys!

We had such a fun time and the best part was, since we didn't pay anything to get in, we weren't pressured to stay there all day and get our money's worth. We stayed about 90 minutes and it was just the right amount of time for Emersyn and us too. :)

We can't wait for many more zoo trips to come!


New England Girl said...

Adorable photos!! I am glad you got to capture all of these moments on film. Her joy and enthusiasm is so flippin' cute. :)

Sarah said...

We have taken Ellie to the zoo three times now and each time is more exciting. :) We are actually going to go again on Halloween. Figured it is a good place to parade her around in a stroller with a costume on, since she can't say "Trick or Treat."

Glad you had fun! We should take the girls there together sometime. We have a membership too!

Jules said...

I love the zoo, just wish we had one closer than 3 hours away. Her expressions are priceless.