Saturday, October 10, 2009


A little blurry but I love how sweet she looks, like such a toddler!

Yesterday we did a little outlet shopping for Emersyn. We have some really nice outlets about 30 minutes south of us where there are always good deals to be had. I LOVE Carters brand stuff. It washes well, runs true to size and all their stuff is pretty darn cute too. The outlet always has great deals and a good selection too. We got Emersyn a pair of pants, a pack of short sleeve white onesies (a staple I have found for each age), a pack of long sleeved onesies, two fleece rompers to hang out around the house in, a pack of long sleeved white onesies, a hoodie, and two dresses for about $70. Not bad! For some reason, when she gets new clothes, I feel like I got new clothes. I just love having a little girl to dress.

This morning I went through Emersyn's drawers and closet. I put away all her bibs, burp cloths, all those newborn essentials that are now a thing of the past. I put away all her spring/summer clothes and shoes and fondly recalled all the fun days and evenings that we had this summer, enjoying the nice weather. I wonder to myself, the next time I go through these containers of clothes will I be expecting another little girl? Or a little boy and I will be trying to pick out what little gender neutral things that I fun to think of all that the future holds. God is so good.

Emersyn's drawers are now filled with fresh new clothes that I am sure you will all see via pictures over the next 6 months while they fit. We are done with Emersyn's last can of formula, hooray! She seems to like milk. I haven't put away her bottles seems with the sippy cups she will gulp and gulp and let half of it run out of her mouth. When she does this with water, I don't really mind, the water will dry. But it seems like milk could make her stinky and be a waste....any ideas? Do you just transition them into sippy cups and hope they figure out how to drink slower?

Emersyn is napping now and I should get to more important things, like my Bible Study, my book for my book club or cleaning. Brett's parents are coming over to watch Emersyn tonight so there is housework to be done too. I am feeling a little tired today, probably from being out and about all day yesterday. Hopefully this afternoon brings some rest. :) Tonight Brett and I are going to dinner and then a movie, I can't wait!!

Happy Saturday friends!!


Queenb said...

I feel the same way when I shop for Ella! Like they are my clothes or something. I just cleaned out Ella's too, took out all her summer stuff.

BTW, I love her outfit in the pic!!!

LeAnna said...

Ahh, switching out the clothes is such a bittersweet thing for me. I sniffled as I packed up the tiniest of newborn clothes. I did take comfort in hopefully one day getting them down from the closet again. ;)
Hopefully I'll get a girl at some point, they are just so precious to dress.

A.Love said...

I just found you from Thoughs and Whatnots...I love this post. I feel more excited to buy my son clothes than me clothes too. Packing up the boxes of clothes is always bittersweet. I hope when I go back through them I'm dressing another little boy :) Oh, and I LOVE your daughter's name!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Awww... she's getting so big! Maybe she needs a baby brother or sister...