Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just for you Grammy!

Dear Grammy,

I miss you oh so very much. I think of you every single day. Mommy gets out a sippy cup for me to drink and says, "Emersyn...your Grammy got this for you during her last visit" and somehow drinking out of a sippy cup that you bought me makes the water/milk just taste better.

I can't wait to cuddle you and kiss and hug you during our visit in December. I also can't wait to go to the Mall of America with you. I love to shop! I also have plans to terrorize Rusty the dog. I love doggies. I will mostly want to wave at him and maybe pet him but my mommy is teaching me how to be more gentle.

I know you have been a little pre-occupied lately so mommy thought you would enjoy these pictures of me. Mommy took these last night and instead of telling me to say "Cheeeese", she told me to say "Grammy". :) We were playing peek-a-boo around the island in the kitchen. I can't wait to play peek-a-boo in YOUR kitchen!! I love you lots!!!!

Love, Emersyn



Sue and Kevin said...

Dear Emersyn,

Grammy loved your note today. It makes her feels so happy EVERY TIME I read it.
Its going to be exciting and fun when you and your Mommy, Daddy and Uncle come here for a visit. Its going to be so fun to shop at Mall of America and see you ride on the fun rides with your Daddy and Uncle in the Mall of America.

Can not even wait 59 days and less than 18 hours you will be here and we can cuddle and have kisses and play peek a boo everywhere! You can also pick a cupboard where you want to store all your things.

Grammy loves all the picture of you. Your Mommy really knows how to make me happy with all your smiles and and giggles.

I Love you my Sweet Grand Baby,

New England Girl said...

Aw, I loved this note! How utterly sweet. :) And those photos are oh so adorable. I especially love the first one! You have a model in the making on your hands. :)

sister sheri said...

This is precious!