Sunday, November 1, 2009

I won!!!

I love Jessica Turner's Blog "The Mom Creative". She is especially inspirational to me because she is a working mama and there just don't seem to be THAT many of us out there! :)

Anyways, last week she hosted "Giveaway Week" and I won on Monday!

What did I win?

Well, the Lord has a sense of humor.....

I won a book called, "Growing Up Organized: A Mom to Mom Guide".

I can hear both my mother and my husband's hysterical laughter even though they are no where near me. In fact, my mom is several thousand miles away.

I struggle with organization. I love the idea of it. Truly I do. And I can somewhat keep organized things organized. It's the actual act of organizing that I can't quite grasp. I get overwhelmed at clutter and thus, draw a blank as to how to fix it. My husband is great at the actual organization process, although I think he is WAY messier then I am. In fact, look what he did to our food cupboard while I was at a movie with my friend one night....

Coming home to this was far better than any bouquet of flowers!

AND he used the label maker. This is my love language. Seriously.

I can totally handle keeping this organized. For awhile anyways.

I am hoping that this book that I have won will solve ALL my organizational problems!

We'll see. :)

Now that I have won a giveaway, I am thinking about paying it forward with a giveaway of my own. We'll see what kind of fun I can think of!

Happy Sunday!


Sarah said...

No fair paying it forward with giving away your new book! :)

But, seriously, congratulations!! :)

Sue and Kevin said...

Thanks for the Laugh of the Day.
Laughed just on cue!
Love you,

LeAnna said...

Don't you just love winning stuff??? You should definitely have a giveaway. Hint, hint, hint. :)
I don't know if I should laugh because you should see MY pantry (um, were you describing me or you???), or because my husband owns a label maker also. Matter of fact, soon after acquiring said label maker, he proceeded to label EVERYTHING. I should have pointed him in the direction of the pantry...

sister sheri said...

I don't know what I'm more jealous about... the book or the organized shelves! Congrats!