Saturday, November 21, 2009

Google Search

SO I have one of those counter thingy's at the bottom of my blog. It's fun to see days when my blog gets lots of visits. There isn't any real point to the counter, kind of just for fun.

The website that hosts the counter is able to provide you will all kinds of info, like how many people looked at my blog each day, what time of day was the busiest, the source of my blog traffic (like from Facebook, other blogs, etc.) and many other fun facts. One of the sources that comes up is "Google searches". So someone has done a Google search using a certain phrase and something in my blog came up for the search. It even tells you the phrases that someone looked up and how they then linked to your blog.

Some of these phrases were interesting is the list of the last 20 keywords (that were searched on Google) that led people to my blog:

1) "baby name emersyn"- well duh, I can see why they were linked to my blog. :)
2) "emersyn grace patti and brett"- hmm...obviously someone was looking specifically for us.
3) "how can i thank my best friend for what she does to make me feel special on my birthday"- ???? what??? I googled this phrase and sure enough, my blog popped up third on the list, it was my post from saying "happy birthday to my best friend" on Brett's birthday.
4) "sunshine chicken catalina dressing"- linked to my recent Cranberry Chicken Recipe
5) "candy corn blessings"- my post on candy corn cupcakes
6) "emersyn"- obviously. :)
7) "THINGS IN MOMMY'S PURSE"- ??? linked to my post on Emersyn walking around with my purse.
8) "why is it good to have a baby brother" ??
9) "birthday scraps for aunty" ??
10) "baby, dryer, brother"- HAHAHAHA, linked to my post about putting my baby brother in the dryer when he was around 6. It was partially his idea too, don't judge me!!
11) "how to win a man"- referred to this post featuring Emersyn's advice. Ha ha, some poor single gal googled this topic and found my one year olds advice...I wonder if any of it worked out??
12) "show me some honey moon photos"- oh my.
13) "life's little blessings plate"
14) "emersyn grace"
15) "biggest 1st birthday"
16) "Emersyn Grace"
17) "have party give blessing for baby birthday "
18) "oregon garden resort stayed room"
19) "blessings to a one year old"
20) "naughty honeymoon photos"- ???!?!?! There are NONE of those on my blog, I assure you of that!! I think my blog popped up because I did put honeymoon pictures up (very G rated ones mind you) and then I always say Emerysn is naughty so it linked the two up. Hahaha!

This was amusing to me. I hope it was to you as well! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


LeAnna said...

Oh my gosh, I'm rolling at the honeymoon searches. People are so sick!!! That's too funny though! Do you have the search engine option turned off on your blog? I think that's what keeps mine from showing up in searches. Entertaining, though! :)

Anonymous said...

I did the "emersyn grace patti and brett" one the other day on James' computer because I couldn't remember your actual site name... mystery SOLVED!!!