Friday, November 6, 2009

Mommy's Assistant

Hi guys, it's Emersyn! Today I wanted to tell you about my part time job as Mommy's assistant in real estate. Because Mommy has such great clients, they usually don't mind when I tag along for certain business activities.

This is me, getting ready to give keys to my Auntie Tori and Uncle Andrew for their new house!! We are soooooo happy for them!

We had to wait a little bit for them to get there. So Mommy busted out the string cheese and camera and started taking my pictures. I told her that she needs to get some business cards for me to hand out to my friends, ya know, all official like saying that I am her assistant. She doesn't think that is neccesary. Rats.

This was my face after I learned that not only do I not get business cards, I also don't get PAID for my services!!!! (Unless string cheese counts I guess)

Uncle & Auntie's big moment.....

Playing peekaboo, enjoying the lovely hardwood floors, aren't they pretty?

Baby bloggers out there, do any of you "work" for your mommies too? :)


The Lenz Family said...

I'm also an underpaid assistant. Mommy takes me on some of her newspaper interviews, and she gets to do most of the talking which can be annoying.

I prefer to be paid in toys =)

Chloe Elizabeth

Aimee said...

Wow! It looks like your baby is growing up!