Friday, November 20, 2009

Emersyn and Ellie

Emersyn and Ellie- November 2008

Emersyn and Ellie- November 2009

On Saturday, Ellie and her mama Sarah came over for a dinner play date. Emersyn refused to nap earlier in the day so she slept during part of their play date. Little stinker. Sarah is a great amazing woman; she is getting her masters, runs marathons and chases around a toddler. If that doesn't qualify you for "amazing" status then I don't know what does. I also value her friendship, very real and no pressure.

It was fun to watch the girls play and I had a good time catching up with my friend. In the past, we have always met at the mall or somewhere but it is so nice to be at a house and just be able to relax and not have to keep that close of an eye on the kids. :)

Sarah, next time we are heading out YOUR way!! :)


Sue and Kevin said...

They are so adorable!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Patti! :) I truly value your friendship as well. You inspire me to stay on path with my faith, love and honor my husband, and laugh along the way. What a blessing to have reconnected with you! :)

Next time, let's get together the 6 of us. I have already told Justin how wonderful the three of you are and he's looking forward to it. :)

Also, I love the pictures of our babies. They are getting so big waaaay too quickly! I am so glad you always have your camera ready!

Have a great day, friend!

Queenb said...

omg how cute they are!!!