Monday, November 2, 2009

Visit to Albany!

On Friday we took Emersyn down to Albany (about an hour and a half south of Portland) to visit some of her Great Grandparents! Last year we took our little two month old lady bug and she was a hit amongst the elderly. I think that this might become a Halloween tradition!

Emersyn loved the organ at Grandma Stanton's retirement home. It was off but she really liked pretending. :)

Her signature "Shrek" face. :)


Emersyn and Great Grandpa Jensen (wearing Emersyn's hat). Note the "E" on her hat...I cut it out of craft foam. Thought it was a cute addition to her foam hat. I was glad we didn't spend too much money on a hat for her, she wouldn't keep it on!

Great Grandma Jensen was all dressed up for the "Trick or Treat" event at her nursing home!

Emersyn and Great Grandma Stanton.

It was a fun visit and despite Emersyn missing her nap time, she was a great sport!


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

It's so fun watching our little ones enjoy family isn't it? How fun for you.

LeAnna said...

I think it's wonderful you guys take the time to go visit the great grandparents. You know it has to mean so much to them!

Queenb said...

lmao, Ella has a face like her Shrek one.

Roxanne Schultz said...

love her shrek face and outfit! Too cute!!