Thursday, November 26, 2009

THIS I am Thankful For.....

For my sadly not used enough washing machine; for Emersyn's undying love of rice and kidney beans; a Wednesday babysitter that loves my daughter, cooks and CLEANS...this I am thankful for.

For family near and far; the blessing of two cars; my kitchen island's breakfast bar....this I am thankful for.

For a husband's love that is unconditional; for a daughter whose name is untraditional; for a Lord whose faithfulness is uncomparable....this I am thankful for.

For the ability to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal; for finding Gymboree tights that are a super good deal; for a group of friends that inspire me and keep it real....this I am thankful for.

For a comfortable bed to climb into, a warm place to relax and lay; for showing my strawberry blonde daughter how to fold her hands and pray; for a cup of coffee and early morning snuggles to start off a new day.....this I am thankful for.

For a daughter to prepare a nutritious breakfast for; for a friend who cut out a coupon for a candle I adore; for that moment of enjoying God's creation on Hawaii's beautiful ocean shore.....this I am thankful for.

For neighbors that make us dinner and give us their daughter's hand-me-downs; for my husband's job that he enjoys in a tall building located downtown; for Emersyn's giggles when her daddy tickles her, the most adorably silly sound.....this I am thankful for.

For a friend that offered to pick me up a crockpot at Target on Black Friday; for the Lord's protection as I drive my van down the dark and rainy highway; for my brother's odd obsession with a pop song this summer that was sung by a girl named Miley.....this I am thankful for.

For a community of bloggers that inspire me and crack me up; for the many blessings that seem to overfill my cup; for the God given hope and joy that reminds me never to give up.....THIS I am thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours!


MannMom3 said...

Love it! Happy Thanksgiving Patti!!

New England Girl said...

Love this post. :) I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!