Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zoo Lights

On Wednesday night we went to "ZooLights" at the Oregon Zoo here in Portland. We bought a membership this last fall and with the membership comes free admission to this exhibit, which is normally about $11/person! Wednesday was the "member preview" night so I was thinking there probably wouldn't be THAT many people there. Also, it was the night before Thanksgiving so I hoped that everyone would be home cooking up a storm. Boy was I wrong! :)

We went to eat at Baja Fresh and then headed to the Zoo.....on the way there, there was a sign on the freeway that said "Zoo Parking Lot FULL. Use shuttle lot". Not a good sign! We parked at the shuttle lot, got out our bundled little baby, stroller, blankets, etc. and prepared to load a school bus which is not easy to do with the bundled baby, stroller, blankets, etc. :)

Emersyn's first ride in a school bus. I don't think she was impressed! Twin came along for the ride too, of course! :)

Finally we arrived to the Zoo! :)

Overall, it was a pretty cool thing to see but let's just say that I am glad it was free. If we had paid full price to see the exhibit, I would have been pretty disappointed I think.

The highlight of the night for Emersyn was watching the live Jazz Band. She heard the music in the distance and started dancing like crazy in her stroller, frantic to get out. I wish I had a video of it! We went over to listen to the band and Emersyn just danced and was TOO cute!!

Watching the Jazz Band with joy on her face! Love it!!

Giving the otter a high five.

I had read that in order to REALLY experience the ZooLights for all it's worth, you had to go on the train. It was $3/person with Emersyn free so I thought, that isn't too bad. It was pretty lame! We waited 45 minutes which for a toddler is like an eternity and for some reason, half the lights along the train route were either out or just not on. FAIL! I don't regret out experience....just am not in a hurry to do it again! :)

I am so excited for holiday things to do this season! Emersyn seems to have caught a bit of a cold and I can't help but think if it is because she was out in the cold for so long that night. We kept her good and bundled up but there is only so much you can do I guess. She needs to build her immunities anyways....we are going to the Frozen Tundra for Christmas after all!


Jennifer said...

We went to ZooLights two years ago and I felt the same way. I'd never been before and I guess I expected a lot more?? I wondered what all the excitement was about? Maybe just the tradition of it all?

Aimee said...

I totally agree with both of you. Zoo lights are just a lot of hype. Peacock lane is so much cooler! Music is always fun though!!

Queenb said...

Awww, looks like Emersyn had a great time tho. And is that monkey in her hands her lovie? It's so funny b/c Ella has a monkey for her lovey. She goes nuts when she sees it and it goes everywhere with us!