Sunday, May 17, 2009


Emersyn is such a big girl. She can't quite get up on her own but if I help her up, she will stay there and feel quite proud of herself for doing so! :) 

I feel like I am getting used to being a parent all over again. I was talking to Brett about that last night in fact. I don't feel like Emersyn changed our lives that much when she was born, other then adding to our joy and happiness and of course, the nights of feedings and not as much sleep as before. But in general, I could still go about my daily life for the most part, I just had a buddy with me and someone to play with. :) Now is not the case since I have been using her convertable car seat exclusively. I need to run in the store...I look in the mirror that allows me to see her and see that she is sleeping. I used to be able to carefully lift her car seat out of the base and gently place her in the cart where she would continue dozing. Nope, not any more. Now I have to unhook her, go get a cart, undo my amazing cart cover (thank you Auntie Marti), load Emersyn in the cart, grab her diaper bag, grab my wallet, etc. It is crazy. I feel like I am entering a whole new chapter. Other ways my life has changed:

*I vacuum at LEAST once a day, maybe twice. I used to vacuum about every other day. Now, there are Cheerios on the floor every single day that need to be vacuumed. 
*The entire top rack of my dishwasher is now adorned with colorful plastic bowls instead of our drinking glasses, which have now been downgraded to the bottom rack.
*I used to be able to set down my sweet infant in her car seat and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee with friends at Starbucks. Now I hold a crazy baby that wants to grab at whatever she can. Yesterday I signed paperwork with a client at Starbucks and Brett and Emersyn came along. Emersyn tried to eat a magazine. Like aggressively. Who is this nut?? :)
*I can't just run into my office anymore, I have to unhook Emersyn and then plop her down on the floor with a toy while I try to frantically print, make copies, do whatever I need to do. 
*When Emersyn falls asleep in the car, she thinks that counts as her nap. So if I look and see that she is sleeping, I get a glimpse of how my afternoon is going to go. 

I think I was spoiled by her infant seat. Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I never got her out of it when we were out, it was just convenient to leave her in it often for running in and out of places. And to think, I used to unbutton my shirt in order to feed her, easy as that. Now, I am pureeing, mixing, blending, breaking apart, removing mashed food from high chair crevices....I am sure all of you "experienced" mothers are shaking your heads in amusement. :)

I am entering uncharted territory. Wish me luck. :) 

But look at this sweet face....

These are the sleepy eyes that greet me each morning. I love her and all her crazy changes and the little nut that she is growing into.  


Aimee said...

I will be the first to admit that the 6-10 month range has been, by far, the hardest for me, for all the things you describe. Granted, the payoffs are big and wonderful as always, but it was exhausting, much more so than newborn in my opinion. But so far the 10-14 month (Jameo's age now) has been a blast, and I am LOVING it! Good luck!!!

Kelly said...

Oh what I have to look forward to!!! ha!
We went to the dr last week and we are now giving her a quick bath every night but only using soap every 2nd or 3rd night. We have a prescription steriod cream for her creases - behind her knees and elbows were FIRE red and horrible - she would scream when they were touched and now they are creamy white again and we got the equate brand big tub of thick eucerine cream and we put that on her 3-4 times a day and you can't tell she ever had excema! (her skin was bright red from head to foot last week at this point)

Aimee said...

Yep, we are still nursing. I am happy with it, and so is he. Although we are down to nap, bedtime and morning, so its not difficult. He hasn't really tried cow milk, but I am thinking of adding a cup of milk during the day to adjust his tummy to it.

♥..Kim said...

Yes, and just think this is only the beginning for us! Hunter has been getting into everything these days. Guess what, yesterday as I was cleaning our bathroom, I had Hunter in his crib (thought he was going to sleep), when I peeked on him, he was standing up in his crib playing with his mobile. Ugh, this is insane bc just a month ago I could just set him down and he wouldn't do anything but sit there. lol *I am lazy I guess, bc we still have Hunter in his infant seat, like you say, very conveniant* :)

sister sheri said...

Love the sleepy little girl photo... one of my favorite times, too...