Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy 6 Year Anniversary to ME!

Rehearsal dinner...we look so young!!! 

6 years ago, right this very minute, I was getting ready for one of the happiest memories of my life. Brett and I grew up together at the same church, I started going there in 4th grade and he came later in 7th. We weren't friends really at all until after high school. I remember the first time I noticed that he was different then a lot of other guys. We went to a movie with our friend Emily, who at the time he liked and I was trying to arrange their future marriage, ha! Anyways, we went to a movie with her and we talked the ENTIRE time, much to her dismay. That was and still is one of my favorite things about him, we can talk forever. Sometimes, we stay up too late just talking in bed and then have to literally make ourselves STOP talking so that we can get some sleep. Brett and I were truly best friends before we started dating and when we actually did start dating, we knew from day one that we were going to get married. I pray that Emersyn has the same amazingly wonderful and blessed experience that I did and have. 

This is our first anniversary as parents and I have grown to love my husband in a new and precious way. He is the best Daddy that a wife could ask for her child. I am not just saying this, he truly is amazing. Many of my friends and family notice how great he is with Emersyn and how much he loves her. She is the light of his life and he loves their "daddy dates" on Monday. I honestly have rarely had those overwhelmed new mom feelings because of how great Brett is. He had a lot of experience with babies, which greatly influenced how at ease he is with Emersyn. If we ever have a son, we will make sure that he is around babies and is comfortable with them. Brett grew up in a big family with lots of younger cousins and or this, I am SO grateful! I love watching Brett with Emersyn, knowing that she is OURS, a little bit of him and a little bit of me. It is such a neat chapter in our lives and my cup truly runneth over. Thank you Lord for this amazing man and thank you for allowing me to be his wife and mother of his baby. :) 

Tonight I am showing some houses to a buyer that I am working with. I think I have worked on every single one of our anniversary's... in fact, I wrote my very first offer ever ON my first anniversary! I have prayed that the Lord would bless my real estate business though, and He has; I guess I should have been more specific as to when. :) Luckily, I have become friends with my client and she invited Brett to come along tonight to get his valuable opinion on a home we are making an offer on! We are going to officially celebrate our anniversary on Memorial Day, we booked a room at a new resort at the Oregon Garden. I am very excited!!!! Emersyn is coming with, we would miss her TOO much to leave her behind!! 

Thank you honey for marrying me 6 years inspire me to want to be a better woman, wife, and mama! 


Anonymous said...

Happy 6th Anniversary Kids.
Yes, we are also so Blessed to have a Caring, Loving Son in Law. Our prayers were answered when Brett came into your/our lives.
And a great Da Da he is!
We Love you both,
Maj jah and Faj jah

Katie said...

How sweet! What a great love story! Happy Anniversary to you both :)

sister sheri said...

This is just about the sweetest thing I have ever read! I love how you love each other! Being friends is soooo important... Happy Anniversary!