Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daddy's Girl.....with a cold :(

Yesterday I took Emersyn into the Dr. I thought she might have an ear infection since she was rubbing her ear a lot but she was still sleeping through the night great so I had my doubts. Still, when that mommy instinct says to take your baby in, it is worth that $20 co-pay. It turns out, Emersyn does not have an ear infection (hooray) but she does have a cold (boo) and the start of what appears to be pink eye (BOO). I got some eye goop for her and she should be good as new in a couple days. Poor baby. Everyone at the Dr.'s office kept saying how cute she was and how happy she is, despite not feeling well. That made me happy, of COURSE!! 

I did get to see her weight though, always a bonus for going to the Dr.'s. She is 18.6 lbs That explains why my arms are sore at night! :) 

I am obsessed with trying to teach Emersyn to clap. A couple babies that I know are clapping up a storm and I think Emerysn needs to join in on the fun. This means I am doing a LOT of "Patty Cake" with her and she loves it, she just looks at me and smiles like I am a nut. One of these days she is going to clap though, and I can't wait!!! 

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Tiffany said...

Riley claps best with "If You're Happy and You Know It". If we start singing that he'll clap away. Also, he is always SUPER happy when he's sick and the nurses think it's strange. They have something in common :) Everyone always says they would never guess he's sick because he's so happy. Oh and sorry for leaving a mini blog on your blog about TV :) I wasn't ranting, just talking about my justifications. I'll try and save that for my own blog next tim ;) Love ya!